10 Steps to a Clutter Free Home


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Keep countertops free of items that don't belong there. Sort and file mail every day and hang up garments after taking them off. Encourage your kids to do the same with their clothes and toys, says Regina Leeds, author of One Year to an Organized Life.
Spend Just a Few Minutes a Day Decluttering

Brooks Palmer, author of Clutter Busting, suggests setting a timer for at least 15 minutes to help you keep disorder in check. "Start small and do it on a regular basis," he says. For example, sift through a stack of papers on your desk for recycling or deep-six that jumble of expired spices. And if you have to stop mid-project, go back to it the next day. 

Carve Out a Place to Store Bulk Items

Instead of cramming multiple rolls of paper towels into a kitchen cupboard, add a shelf in your garage or clear out a corner in the hall closet for back stock. Only purchase what you really need and have plenty of space to store.

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