20 Healthy Fast Food Meals


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By Sally Kuzemchak, RD, of Family Circle

Burger King: Hamburger and Value-Size Unsalted French Fries

(480 calories, 21g fat)

Follow BK's motto and "Have It Your Way." Order the basic burger without mayo and with extra lettuce and tomato to boost veggie servings. Ask for the french fries unsalted and save 100mg of sodium.

Get more healthy fast food picks at Family Circle.

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  • 33
    I have never been a big fan of McDonald's but especially now that the current administration has given them a waiver regarding health insurance and being favored over other fast food places. - 6/7/2011   1:47:26 AM
  • 32
    the article was interesting even if it got redirected to another site....I believe each to their own.........if fast food is all you eat then chose the better of two evils...have to start somewhere ! - 5/29/2011   7:50:09 PM
    DISAPPOINTED in this blog - 20 Healthy Fast Food Meals and I only saw one before I needed to move to another website that wanted me to join.
    SP please read guest bloggers and if they are soliciting, please exclude them from SP. Thanks. - 5/23/2011   10:27:50 AM
    Chic-Fil-A I feel has by far the best nutritional options for people who HAVE to eat on the go. Whole wheat bun options lots of more nutritional sides than fries etc! - 5/5/2011   8:42:02 PM
  • 29
    If the people who are complaining about the use of "healthy" and "fast food" in one sentence went to the slideshow, they'd see oatmeal, salads, low-sodium and low-fat options. There were also some vitamin mentions in them. Read first, then judge.

    And for the people who complain about the blog being just a link to another website, SparkPeople costs YOU nothing, but do you think it costs SparkPeople nothing? Do you think Coach Nicole, Coach Dean, Chef Meg, SparkGuy, LosingBuddhaBelly and the rest all do this on a volunteer basis? How do you think all this gets paid for? If you're not going to click on the links, then at least don't complain about them. And if you don't like it, find a subscription site to use. - 4/30/2011   10:15:02 AM
  • 28
    Subway offers some healthy choices. - 4/29/2011   11:29:00 AM
    Remember, everything in moderation. If you want an occasional burger and fries, go for it! - 4/27/2011   11:42:55 PM
  • 26
    Sure are alot of "orthorexics" on this web site, one would think they would find their own little world to hang out at.

    Why have french fries at all if you insist on having them unsalted? - 4/27/2011   8:45:59 PM
  • 25
    There is no such thing as healthy fast food. If you want food that is fast and packed with energy, why not get some fruit or a salad with grilled chicken? Grocery stores will frequently have pre-sliced fruit salads and a variety of vege salads in bowls for less than it would cost to purchase any fast food item in a drive-thru. If time is an issue for you these are suitable choices that can take the place of a drive thru. - 4/27/2011   6:16:30 PM
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    Hmmmm...what happened to original posts from SP staff ? When I clicked on this blog I expected to see 20 meals, not one with a link to the rest, which takes you to a slideshow on a different website altogether. I've seen this in another DailySpark blog lately too. Not cool. - 4/27/2011   2:08:10 PM
  • 23
    I think this depends on how you define healthy. I wouldn't consider any of these things healthy. - 4/27/2011   12:06:05 PM
  • 22
    Don't be fooled!! Just going "low fat" doesn't make it healthy!! Many of the suggested foods might be a lower fat option, but they still contain too much sugar! Sodium, too. And many also have hydrogenated oils. All are bad for you, despite that "healthy" low fat selling point.

    Wheat bread isn't any healthier than white bread, as they are both refined. Both will spike your blood sugar quickly once eaten. The only way to slow that down- is to make sure the bread has at LEAST 4 g fiber per serving- which might help slow down the digestion of the bread- but most restaurant breads won't have that much fiber. Subway boasts their lowfat menu- but they are quite high-carb (bready)... and THAT leads to fat gain. So don't be fooled!

    Healthy fast food??? What an oxymoron! No such thing! - 4/27/2011   10:55:57 AM
    There were a few surprises here. I love the McDonald's side salad with the light Italian dressing. Would have thought that the whole wheat bread would have been healthier at Subway. - 4/27/2011   9:19:14 AM
    I have two suggestions. One is a new restaurant in the Colorado area. It's called Garbanzo's and features Mediterranean food. The best choice is to start with the salad and add on chicken and hummus. Pair that with a whole wheat pita for extra fiber.

    The second is a brown rice bowl at a place like Toyko Joe's. Include veggies and chicken and for the sauce, choose the Oyako broth. Very tasty and low in fat! - 4/27/2011   9:16:49 AM
  • 19
    Wednesday is my 'splurge' day. For dinner I get a naked burrito at Qdobas.
    - 4/27/2011   8:26:34 AM
  • 18
    Sneaky way to get us to click through to Family Circle. Too many pop-up ads and to long to load slide show. - 4/27/2011   7:18:49 AM
  • 17
    I only allow myself to eat out 1 time a week. It's usually on Friday. It's sort of my 'fix' before the weekend so I can stay on track. I do make sure it's within my calorie range though.. that's very important.. Donna - 4/27/2011   6:06:05 AM
  • 16
    I go to SUBWAY to have healthy "fast food." You get to make the sandwich just the way u want. Just the kid puts it together for you behind the counter. - 4/27/2011   12:36:05 AM
  • 15
    when i go to fast food places which is once in a while.
    i like the arby's 3 cheese angus sub with bacon.
    when i would go to mcdonalds i would get the sausage mcmuffin
    without the egg.
    - 4/26/2011   11:40:07 PM
  • 14
    Good info! Thanks - 4/26/2011   10:57:49 PM
  • 13
    One of the most surprising things I have learned about my 'Healthy" fast food salads is that they are just riddled with sodium. I enjoy the flavor combination of some but I can make them at home with less salt, more and more varied greens/lettuces and veggies and still get that great flavor combo. - 4/26/2011   7:45:21 PM
  • 12
    Of course, virtually ALL food prepared away from home is more unhealthy than healthy - no reason to pick on fast food specifically. That's why eating out (ordering in, picking up, etc) should be an occasional indulgence - like once a week or less.
    I generally can put together a halfway decent meal at most sandwich shops and many other fast food places - it probably helps to be vegetarian, since those options tend to be healthier. - 4/26/2011   2:15:41 PM
  • 11
    To do without fast food is of course the best choice. The calories are unbelieable and you may be surprised at the way in which some items are prepared or the added ingredients that they use to make it taste better. HOWEVER, after saying all of that most of us live a fast paced life where fast food may be the most convient thing available and sometimes the cheapest. SO plan ahead and have those go to items when and only when you have to. - 4/26/2011   12:07:00 PM
    I don't do fast food often, but once in a while. I don't look at fast food or any food for that matter as taboo. Instead I focus on the daily totals. I have not completely given up any food. I manage the daily totals in such a way that it is all about trade-offs. If I get fast food, then I have to have room for it in the daily totals. It's as simple as that.

    To me, it is much easier to do from a psychological perspective if you treat it this way. I have lost the weight, and I am still losing, and I am much healthier. Doing it this way makes it less about sacrifice and denial, and more about choices. Easier to swallow mentally. - 4/26/2011   11:15:12 AM
  • 9
    I try to stay away from fast food but do like Subway I have been eating Subway sandwiches for quite a while and am still losing weight. I just try to limit what I put on my sandwiches and try to choose the less fattening or calorie ridden meats. - 4/26/2011   10:35:18 AM
    I totally agree with ALEXANDRA64, fast food is not the answer. Sometimes its not about the calories, but all about the ingredients. - 4/26/2011   9:47:34 AM
  • 7
    A small side salad with no dressing. - 4/26/2011   9:22:48 AM
    I don't eat much for fast food, but I do find myself having Starbucks oatmeal on the road when I can't get in my usual breakfast. It's pretty filling. I usually pair it with a skinny vanilla latte and skip the add-ins they give you since each packet adds 100 calories each. I add a touch of brown sugar and hit the road! - 4/26/2011   9:02:38 AM
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    My friends and I occasionally hit Burger King or Wendy's. I like my Whopper, but with a salad instead of fries, and if I'm really good, bottled water instead of soda. - 4/26/2011   8:31:26 AM
  • 4
    At least one day per week I am in a situation where I can't pack a lunch and have to eat in the car. I like Wendy's Cheeseburger Deluxe minus mayo and a baked potato. At McDonald's, I LOVE the Fruit and Yogurt Parfait along with a 6 piece Chicken McNuggets. It's surprisingly filling! For those times when you do crave some fast food, there are options... - 4/26/2011   8:19:33 AM
  • 3
    My favorite fast food is the Hardee's Low Carb Burger. It is sandwiched between lettuce instead of a bun and is very tasty! - 4/26/2011   7:51:18 AM
    My go-to fast food meal is a modified Chipotle burrito bowl: no tortilla, half the rice, black beans, chicken, green salsa, sprinkle of cheese, double lettuce and about a teaspoon of sour cream on the side. And noting Alexandra64's comments about how many fast food meals have unhealthy macronutrients, Chipotle uses whenever possible sustainably raised food, including meat raised without added antibiotics or hormones and dairy from cows raised without synthetic hormones. - 4/26/2011   7:50:28 AM
    I personally do not believe the word "healthy" can be ever coupled with the phrase "fast food". I have heard every excuse in the book for not cooking at home. I find that I can cook, eat and clean up afterwards in about the same amount of time as someone running to a fast food establishment, choosing and then purchasing one of these meals.

    However great the overall calories sounds, the macronutrients are not healthy. The meats are generally filled with soy or other additives, the fats come from unhealthy sources and the carbs, don't even get me started. I mean, carbs are fine, I eat a lot of them, but all from vegetable sources like root vegetables, raw dairy and so forth.

    Please, please, please do your research before buying anything even resembling fast food. Those places are about profits and will cut corners in way that is difficult for the consumer to see. Our bodies, though "see" everything. - 4/26/2011   6:53:01 AM

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