32 Healthy Store-Bought Snacks


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By Jane Bianchi and Kathleen Corlett,
via Family Circle

When food shopping, picking the healthiest groceries can be tough. Say one bag of potato chips is "baked" while another is "kettle-cooked." Which is the better choice? (Turns out kettle-cooked is more nutritious.) A new system, being used in more than 750 supermarkets across the country, can help you figure that out. NuVal ranks every product in the store from 1 to 100 (100 being the healthiest) by evaluating more than 25 nutrients and other related factors. So we sorted through scores of popular snacks, from chips to cheese, to pull out the best.

Find out how your favorite snacks stack up or get the entire list of healthy snacks, at FamilyCircle.com.

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What is your favorite store-bought snack?

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    I agree with posts below - whole foods and healthy foods make the best snacks. Looks like a sellout to me... - 10/1/2015   8:14:43 PM
  • 28
    I stopped reading when I got to the slide where the Sugar-Free Blue Bunny Fudge Pops rated at a perfect 100. Really? Is this a joke? - 3/18/2014   1:33:26 PM
  • 27
    Lots of poison on this list, which would make even a slow person question motives. I hope SP is not selling out. Is there a kickback per click, for example? I made sure I ONLY read comments instead of clicking. I sincerely, sincerely hope I'm dead wrong. But posting recommendations for poison as being "healthy", is just sooooo wrong, it would make even a slow person wonder what's up with this whole picture. - 7/9/2011   4:02:49 AM
    I don't buy it...they leave off Bananas and have Hostess Cupcakes...NOT!!! - 6/2/2011   9:24:33 AM
    Disappointing list.
    Thought it was going to be an idea list of healthy snacks not a retread of salty chips and the like. And large number of them were sweetened yogurts ? ? ?
    100 calories of nuts is TINY & not really satisfying for me. Not really useful for me. - 6/2/2011   7:17:23 AM
  • 24
    well it depends on what i am in the mood for.
    but if i am to pick my favorite. Orville redenbachers
    microwave popcorn. - 6/1/2011   3:16:32 PM
  • 23
    I'm crazy for snack chips, and NOT sun chips, but we all know, that all of these things are total junk, and really, we shouldn't eat any of them. Eat, fruit, yogurt, etc. - 6/1/2011   11:24:02 AM
  • CANDY-
    This is one of the worst 'healthy' lists I have ever seen? Did Sun Chips sponser it? - 6/1/2011   11:17:49 AM
  • 21
    Why, oh why is Sparkpeople still providing links to other sites instead of just giving us the info in the body of the blog? - 6/1/2011   10:52:12 AM
    I love to run! If I run it clears my head and makes me feel great! Woo hoo! I am off to the road to run!!! - 6/1/2011   9:26:50 AM
    I rarely will go to one of those "partner sites" to read an article, and based on the comments, seems like if was a wise decision this time too. The most healthy store bought snacks? Fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies (and nuts or seeds in limited doses :-) - 6/1/2011   8:51:35 AM
  • 18
    Dried fruit such as pineapple, bananas, etc are a tasty snack. - 6/1/2011   7:50:58 AM
  • 17
    I like Trail Mix. - 6/1/2011   12:41:54 AM
  • LORTHOM2001
    my fave store-bought snacks are: PISTACHIOS, PEANUTS, CASHEWS, PINE NUTS, PUMPKIN SEEDS, SESAME SEEDS and all dried fruit (banana, apples, raisins, currants, prunes, apricots, figs, etc.) I buy them all and snack all I want! - 5/31/2011   1:33:43 PM
  • 15
    This is a mostly sad commentary on how corporations
    drive our eating decisions. With few exceptions, that list
    consists of overly-processed non-foods Isn't the idea
    here to encourage our members to eat real foods in
    healthy amounts? I know that is what has worked for
    me. - 5/31/2011   1:27:52 PM
    Being someone who has learned the value of eating clean, this seems misguided. If the general populace started making their eating choices based on these scores, you might see a weight loss trend for a while. But I don't think highly processed foods with all sports of unnatural ingredients should be called "healthy," that is just wrong.

    I love eating apple wedges drizzled in lemon juice, and then dipped in natural, unsalted peanut butter. Yum! - 5/31/2011   12:59:21 PM
  • 13
    Not sure how all that ice cream can score close to 100. Not buying this one! - 5/31/2011   11:56:58 AM
  • 12
    What an....interesting...mix of real food and absolute pure junk. Pile of chemicals anyone? - 5/31/2011   10:29:00 AM
    I agree with gopheroon; and Jello pudding...really?! If the criterion for making the list is high nutrient content, then I think only the fruits and veggies fit the bill. If it's only about fat and calories, then half of a diet candy bar might beat out half of an avocado. It scares me that there are people misguided enough to make a choice based solely on such factors... - 5/31/2011   10:13:48 AM
  • 10
    dried mangos! - 5/31/2011   9:50:51 AM
    Stacy's Pita Chips!!! - 5/31/2011   9:48:02 AM
  • 8
    I'm loving that Sun Chips is on the list. I was surprised to see that Skinny Cow Ice Cream treats were not listed. An Ice cream addict like me "needs" them, And the fresh fruits and vegetables listed are items I always try to keep handy. Thanks to FB I've started roasting them for a snack that beats high fat low nutrition chips.
    - 5/31/2011   9:44:28 AM
  • 7
    Love the Newman's Own Black Bean and Salsa dip. The problem (for me) is not eating it all at once! - 5/31/2011   9:35:41 AM
  • 6
    Terra sweet potato chips. Yum. - 5/31/2011   9:31:18 AM
  • 5
    Sun chips-gosh didn't know it! Thanks for the knowledge! - 5/31/2011   9:21:35 AM
  • 4
    Love Sun Chips!! - 5/31/2011   8:20:54 AM
  • 3
    Organic Blue Chips. - 5/31/2011   7:51:59 AM
    Good idea, but it feels very wrong that aspartame-sweetened Yoplait non-fat Fiber One yogurt can score a perfect 100. - 5/31/2011   7:15:41 AM
  • 1
    Sun Chips Rock..! - 5/31/2011   6:24:16 AM

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