5 Workout Songs I'm Obsessed with Right Now


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One of the easiest ways to refresh your workouts is to update the music you listen to while you exercise, whether you use an iPod or still create your own mix CDs. It has been too long since I shared some of my favorite workout songs with you, so I figured the new year was a good time since so many people are fired up and ready to get fit.

There are a few songs that I'm obsessed with lately. And I mean that--I cannot get enough of them! These tunes are so fun and upbeat that I can listen to them on repeat and still get my body moving after weeks on my workout playlist. Some of these hits are new and some are older (circa 1999 for one), but release date doesn't matter to me as much as the fun factor. If it makes me want to move, it goes on my playlist.

Here are the five workout songs I am currently obsessed with are (in no particular order). You can click on each link to listen to a preview and/or purchase the track from Amazon.com.

Britney Spears -- 3
A recent song, this one is catchy and has a nice beat for cardio.

Gwen Stefani -- The Sweet Escape
A few years old, but still a fun song for working out!

Jay-Z ft. Alicia Keys -- Empire State of Mind
This recent hit is a little slower, but I don't mind listening to it while I run or teach Spinning class. It would make a great warm-up or cool down if it's too slow for your workout tastes, but I find it to be motivational (and it makes me think about my brother who lives in NYC).

Lady Gaga -- Bad Romance
Love, love, love this song. It is my #1 obsession. So catchy and I like that it's kind of long, too. After weeks of listening, I'm still not tired of it. In fact, I think I like it more over time.

Naughty By Nature ft. Zhane -- Jamboree
This is an oldie but goodie. My boyfriend has this on his computer and every time he would play it, I couldn't help but boogie down, so I added it to my workout mix.

For more music ideas, be sure to check out the 2009's Top FitHits at FitBottomedGirls.com.

What workout songs are you obsessed with lately? Share your top tunes in the comments below to help everyone refresh their iPods this January!

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  • 316
    I love listening to Klove 89.3 and my workout seems to fly! Plus, I'm doing a little ministering to my soul!

    Have a great week everyone. Finish strong! - 3/24/2016   8:53:09 AM
    Really? I agree with Lady. I would bomb the workout. Miss Movin On and More are my power songs. Then, all worship songs. With God, an hour workout seems like 30 seconds. No joke. - 5/3/2015   11:58:42 PM
  • 314
    Working on a new playlist and this was most helpful. Thank you, all. - 2/19/2014   10:11:23 AM
    I'll go with Lady Gaga and Britney Spear songs. It keeps me moving and shake shake. After my weight loss surgery in Thailand, thanks to PlacidWay who settle my surgery in Thailand, I lost about 90pounds, I am now 180pounds. I really want to maintain my weight, that's why exercising is my priority. - 1/7/2014   11:50:26 PM
  • 312
    Fall Out Boy's "My Songs Know What You Did"
    Pitbull "Feel The Moment" - 10/7/2013   9:18:29 AM
  • 311
    Definite generation gap going on here. I thought all these songs were AWFUL and would find being forced to listen to them a detriment to exercise. Think I will stick to my Credence Clearwater Revival and Eagles. - 7/13/2013   12:56:25 PM
    I love to listen to music when I am cleaning up. - 6/14/2013   3:54:33 PM
    I like some of Pink's songs like "Blow Me One Last Kiss", "Try" and "Perfect". I also like Lady Gaga, AC/DC (great energy!), Black Eyed Peas and Fat Boy Slim. I've been trying to combine these with my Leslie Sansone dvds, as I like her workouts but the music is less than motivating. Like many people, I find that I work out harder with music I like. It used to be that way at a job I had that required a fast pace and lots of moving/lifting things. I guess music has always motivated me. - 3/28/2013   1:12:42 PM
  • 308
    Born This Way and The Edge of Glory--Lady Gaga
    Chelsea Dagger--DJ 90210
    Dakota--Stereophonics - 1/31/2013   11:42:06 PM
    I really need to update my MP3 player with some of these songs! - 11/29/2012   6:54:57 AM
  • 306
    No music for me.

    While I have seen something you can use while swimming, I am not interested. I dont like music while doing ST also. When I use the elliptical or bike I will read the TV. - 11/3/2012   3:34:59 PM
  • 305
    I agree Lady Gaga is catchy and makes me want to move. - 2/3/2012   12:15:55 PM
  • 304
    My favorite spinning songs are "sing,sing,sing" by benny goodman orchestra and Zombie's "She's not there". - 4/21/2011   10:44:15 AM
    Right now, these are topping out my running playlist:

    1) Let's Get it Started (Black Eyed Peas)
    2) Here it Goes Again (OKGO)
    3) Sinnerman (Nina Simone)
    4) Under the Bridge (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

    Sometimes, I'll run in slow motion to Chariots of Fire... - 12/30/2010   4:30:54 AM
  • 302
    I have to have music to work out to, I'd never get through my cardio if I didn't. To me, different music makes my workout different.
    I love lady Ga Ga. Also, Carry Out by Timbaland and Justin Timberlake is my current fave.
    Music makes me want to keep going and gets me through my workout - 6/7/2010   3:36:48 PM
    I LOVE THE 80's . I can do this.... - 4/21/2010   9:26:33 PM
    My husband served as a marine. We both have started working out and getting fit. I just started for the first time in my life running and I find I do it best to music with a similar beat to what I'm running. The better the beat the better I do. But I have trouble just jogging. So I got on his list and found a whole list of cadence stuff. One is even called "i love double time" hahha. So I'm gonna try that plus I added some from this list. It is funny I love the music I put on my player but it doesn't take long for it to get old and I have to have something else. SO a new list is always great. I have some "clubland" on mine darren stiles is one of my favorite at the moment. - 4/9/2010   7:20:22 AM
    Sorry to jump in so late here. Im new to Spark People. This is one of the most important needs when it comes to cardio workouts. Without the music or my Ipod dying from not charging it, I cant get through a sucessful workout with good music.
    Here are my current top 5:
    1. Dancing with Myself-Billy Idol
    2. I Gotta Feelin-BEP
    3. My Life Would Suck Without You-Kelly Clarkson
    4. Baby Im A Star-Prince
    5. The Pretender-Foo Fighters - 4/9/2010   1:21:53 AM
  • 298
    This is tough...I don't know if I can pick just five.
    I think for high energy aerobics club music is perfect:Club Mixes, Lady Gaga, Lola's Theme by Shape UK, Anything by BT, Paul Oakenfold, Ibiza Club Mixes, etc.
    For lifting weights, older school dance with an edge:Moby (Bodyrock, Southside w/Gwen Stefani), Chemical Brothers, Crystal Method (The Name of the Game is my JAM!), the Prodigy, Fatboy Slim
    OR old or new hip hop: Jay Z, The Game, Ludacris, Q-Tip, L'il Wayne, etc.
    Fun thread! - 3/29/2010   10:32:23 PM
  • 297
    I recently updated my mp3....
    1. Telephone by Beyonce and Gaga
    2. Workout Gucci Mane
    3. Eve Tambourine Remix with Missy Elliott
    4. New Boyz Tie Me Down

    Just to name a few.....
    - 3/29/2010   10:09:48 AM
    "Got a feeling" by Black Eyed Peas.
    "Feel It (in the air tonight)" by Naturally 7
    "Jai Ho" either by Pussycat Dolls or soundtrack to Slumdog Millionaires
    And after the cardio for stretching I like "Hallelujah" by k.d. lang
    - 3/16/2010   6:58:31 PM
    Right Now Van Halen - 2/6/2010   10:11:12 AM
  • MELLY723
    my ipod has seemed kinda boring lately...Can't wait to put some these on there!! - 1/30/2010   12:13:27 PM
  • 293
    This is my playlist on YouTube for ZUMBA aerobics music.

    - 1/28/2010   10:04:39 AM
  • 292
    Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (gets me in a good mood no matter how bad I feel)
    Eminem - Lose Yourself
    Beyonce - Put A Ring On It
    Eminem - We Made You
    Almost any 80s dance music works - 1/27/2010   4:21:35 PM
  • 291
    I keep checking the list to see what new ones have been added so I can mix them into My list. - 1/27/2010   9:14:05 AM
  • RUNNER419
    Rhianna - Hard - 1/21/2010   7:20:51 PM
  • 289
    Sexy back! Justin - 1/21/2010   9:52:33 AM
    Agree that the right workout music is totally critical. Feeding the playlist is an obsession. One excellent site:

    Complete & Total Asskicking Music
    http://www.asskicking-music.com / - 1/21/2010   4:11:48 AM
  • 287
    i love using "I gotta feeling" for my cardio warm-up! by the time the song takes off im ready to go! - 1/20/2010   3:33:37 PM
  • 286
    The right song while exercising is very important to me. I need to have the upbeat music to keep me going. The more upbeat the music, the more I push myself and seem to get more out of the workouts. Thank you for sharing your songs. I will forward to listening to them. I currently have 1 of your favorites on my playlist already. :) - 1/18/2010   9:15:13 AM
    I'm so glad to hear that other people get motivated by the line in Fergalicious! I also like listening to DMX (specifically "Slippin'") , Eminem (Lose Yourself, How Come, Say Goodbye to Hollywood, and others), and every time I listen to Beyonce's "Put a Ring on It," I get up and try to imitate the moves from the video. - 1/18/2010   8:19:04 AM
  • 284
    I discovered a band called The Bloodsugars and all of their songs are great for me - perfect beat for jogging or running, and the lyrics are cryptic enough that they give me something to think about as I go round and round the track. I also like the idea of listening to classical music. I'll try it! - 1/18/2010   5:46:17 AM
  • LNR567
    Thanks for all the new music ideas! I enjoy updating my work out playlist. Here are a few of mine that I always like to listen to while I work out.
    For warm ups and cool downs:
    1) Superstar - Lupe Fiasco
    2) Flashing Lights- Kanye West
    3) 2 Hearts- Kylie Minogue
    For working out:
    1) Anything by The Killers
    2) Creator- Santigold
    3) Heard 'Em All (Remix)- Amerie
    4) On To The Next One- Jay Z
    5) Cowboy Casanova- Carrie Underwood - 1/17/2010   10:33:08 PM
  • 282
    I like the old school dance music. Also trance and techno. Most of what I have on my mp3 player are hits from 1990's - 1/17/2010   9:38:08 PM
    I'm an odd duck, in that music does not help me work out; on the contrary it fouls me up. Either the beat messes up my cadence (you try finding thirty minutes of songs which all have the same meter), I lose the music in the background, or I listen too closely and forget to move at all. What does work for me is a timed visual thing and let my body develop a constant cadence without my mind interfering. It's called zoning out, I think, right?

    Whether it's a taped drive, hike, cartoon or whatever, as long as my mind is busy not thinking about exercise I don't notice the time and can keep a cadence. It's pretty easy to run, say, thirty minutes of a bike ride on the treadmill or watch two back-to-back Spongebob episodes (two times eleven minutes, or use three for a thirty-three minute workout).

    Look, I never said I was normal... LOL. I hope you enjoyed this post, and every word of it is true. - 1/17/2010   9:00:56 PM
    Like your songs! here's a few more ideas:
    Fire Burning- Sean Kingston
    Sexy Chick - ?
    Womanizer- Britney Spears
    I gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
    Party all the time- black eyed peas - 1/17/2010   8:34:08 PM
  • 279
    I Love all the ideas, I need to get started with a new playlist and shake it UP! - 1/17/2010   9:07:47 AM
  • BIANCS413
    I just got some more great ideas reading this post and the comments after! Thank you! - 1/17/2010   12:24:29 AM
  • DESTINY142011
    Two of my workout songs Survivor by Destiny's Child and Push It by Rick Ross! - 1/16/2010   11:56:21 PM
  • 276
    I agree - 3 & Bad Romance are on all of my playlists. I also love:

    1. Beyonce featuring Lady Gaga - Video Phone
    2. Moulin Rouge Soundtrack - Lady Marmalade
    3. Linkin Park featuring Jay-Z - 99 Problems
    4. Danity Kane - Damaged (Global Factory Remix)
    5. U2 featuring Mary J Blige - One
    6. Eminem - Stan/Lose Yourself
    7. Madonna - Take a Bow
    8. Wyclef Jean - Gone to November
    9. Christina Aguilera - Candy Man
    10. Beyonce - Get Me Bodied (Extended Remix) - 1/16/2010   11:19:12 PM
  • 275
    Lately, I've been obsessed with Fergie's song "Fergalicious". It's another "older" song, but my name ends with an -ie, and has six letters in it, too, so whenever she spells or says Fergie, I imagine it with my name instead! This song is loaded with positive body images, too, like "my body's so vicious, I be up at the gym just working on my fitness." I know this is totally cheesy, but it really motivates me! - 1/16/2010   9:23:55 PM
    Riverside (Let's Go) by Sidney Sampson, excellent beat! - 1/16/2010   3:15:19 PM
  • 273
    I love nickebacks new song "Burn it to the ground" is awesome for getting heart pumping!! - 1/16/2010   11:00:36 AM
  • 272
    Great suggestions all I am def. going to be buying some when I get home. Some of mine right now are
    1) Back in the 80's Aqua (for warm up)
    2)F*ck You Lilly allen
    3)Dancing Queen Abba
    4)Holding Out for a Hero Frou Frou with David Bowie
    5)American Pie Remix - 1/16/2010   10:06:25 AM
    I actually like a techno song Blade its about 10 minutes long and for me its one of those songs that gets me movin' its kinda fun to do while on the eliptical.
    its from a movie - blade - I think its from one of the movies- Trinity( the 3rd in the series) - 1/15/2010   10:55:57 PM
    Thanx for all the song ideas... looking to put music on my MP3 player and this is loads of help... - 1/15/2010   2:11:40 PM
  • 269
    Thanks for sharing your workout play list! I've been working on mine for about a week now...adding songs as I get referrals or remember on my own :). The two I recently added are from ROCKY (the movie) --Gonna Fly Now by Bill Contin and Eye of the Tiger by Survior --great songs for that 'push through' phase! - 1/14/2010   4:24:37 PM
  • 268
    I really enjoy the song "Uprising" by a band called Muse. Really good beat. - 1/14/2010   4:23:16 PM
    "Hang On" by Plumb. Pick one of the many dance remixes. The lyrics are just what I need when I am ready to give up.

    hang on when the water is rising
    hang on when the waves are crashing
    hang on just don't ever let go - 1/14/2010   2:27:34 PM

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