6 Reasons Why You Feel Exhausted


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Some days you know exactly why you feel worn out: maybe a curfew-breaking teen kept you up past your bedtime or your coughing kid has you coming down with something. Other days it's a mystery. "So many of my patients come to me saying they're tired and they don't know why," says endocrinologist and metabolic specialist Eva Cwynar, M.D., author of The Fatigue Solution. The reason may be one (or more) of these six energy suckers. If they have you dragging your heels, we've got easy fixes for putting pep back in your step.
Drain #1: Skipping Sex
When patients go to Dr. Cwynar complaining of burnout, she always tells them: Have good sex. "Making love boosts your body's production of adrenaline and endorphins -- hormones that increase alertness and energy," says Dr. Cwynar. For a rarin' start to your day, set aside some time in the morning. "I know you're thinking that you have to prepare for work, make your kids their lunches, and it doesn't seem like you can find the time," says Dr. Cwynar. But a quickie before the children wake up can be just as satisfying as a longer session on date night, plus it'll give you the get-up-and-go you're seeking. 
Drain #2: Creating Endless To-Do Lists

"Women, moms especially, often try to accomplish 100 things before lunch," says Allyson Lewis, time strategy expert and best-selling author of The 7 Minute Solution. The pressure we put on ourselves to do, do, do is so enormous that we often feel overwhelmed, paralyzed, and ultimately, bad about ourselves when we (inevitably) don't get it all done. Instead, she suggests switching to a "5 before 11 list" of five tasks you want to complete before 11 a.m. The chores can be as simple as whipping up a healthy meal, picking up poster board for your child's science project or even making the list. This strategy works because limiting the number of undertakings lets you commit to small daily activities that keep you motivated to continue working toward bigger goals, explains Lewis. "That feeling of accomplishment is so invigorating," she says.

Drain #3: Sugar Loading

Starting your day with a carb-packed breakfast -- bagel, muffin, doughnut -- can leave you worn out. "When your meal is high in sugar, your body responds by pumping out insulin," explains Dr. Cwynar. "The insulin overcompensates, lowering your blood sugar, and then you crash." This triggers your body to crave even more sugar to keep you going. Stop the vicious cycle by choosing protein from foods like eggs, lean meats, dairy and beans, which takes longer to digest than carbohydrates and helps maintain stable blood sugar levels. "We've become a carb society because it's so convenient and cheap, but I preach protein for breakfast," says Dr. Cwynar. You don't want to nix carbs completely (that's a different kind of power drain) -- your meals should be a mix of protein and carbs.
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  • 27
    Interesting half of an article. I just wish I could finish reading it. I clicked on a link and just got a Family Circle ad.

    Does SparkPeople get commission when people subscribe to Family Circle? - 3/25/2014   5:07:34 AM
  • 26
    nice article.......Love the sex idea.........I do try and do a protein breakfast and that does help. I make sure my breakfast is high protein........and light carbs. WOW what a difference it has made. I do know that sleeping right sure does help too. I do struggle with that. - 4/29/2013   10:20:35 PM
  • 25
    a lot of times i feel tired right after i eat - 4/25/2013   7:34:58 AM
    Some great and simple ideas! - 4/16/2013   2:43:29 PM
  • 23
    Am thinking the wrong link was used. When I got to the Family Circle web site had no article or request to subscribe. However was in the wellness section so clicked on wellness and had a list various articles come up. The article was listed and it can be found at familycircle.com/health/emotional/w
    - 3/27/2013   1:40:39 AM
  • 22
    Cheers to the lady that said "you should post the whole article or not at all." - 3/17/2013   12:31:19 AM
    This is an answer to prayer. Once I know where to make cuts, it's up to me to follow thru. Thanks and have a blessed weekend! - 3/15/2013   3:49:36 PM
  • 20
    I knew sugar could drain energy but sure never thought about the other two draining a person of energy. - 3/14/2013   1:27:56 PM
  • 19
    I know this isn't anything to do with the blog but Dr Cynwar and I were neighbors when we were children. - 3/14/2013   10:43:55 AM
  • 18
    It didn't even mention the real reasons that someone could be exhausted all the time, try low vitamin D levels or a thyroid or other hormone issue. It could be a serious medical condition. Lack of sex is not the problem, can't get in the mood if you're really that tired. - 3/14/2013   10:19:25 AM
  • 17
    I learned one thing....remodel and paint your home for 3 months and you will wake up refreshed every morning. hehhe . - 3/14/2013   1:25:31 AM
    Doctors say that sleep apnea is a culprit alot of the time with the exhaustion symptom. So many of their patients come in complaining of being so tired that they just can't cope. That happened to my husband and he's now feeling so much better with being on the sleep apnea machine. Just another symptom to be aware of. I loved your article though. Your thoughts of being aware of, are so good and true too! - 3/13/2013   4:52:03 PM
  • 15
    i'm too tired to comment.. - 3/13/2013   3:10:03 PM
    Please include the entire article - or simply don't post the article. - 3/13/2013   2:16:24 PM
  • 13
    When I exercise, I do have more energy. It's just getting it in. - 3/13/2013   12:41:02 PM
  • 12
    Add me to the list of people frustrated at not being able to read the rest of these articles. Also, the sites we are being re-directed to for the rest of the list are SPAMMY with ads all over the place (not just for the magazines). If you are going to re-print the information, please re-print ALL the information, and ditch the linking! - 3/13/2013   11:26:22 AM
  • 11
    Yes, thought it was just me..... would love to know the other 3 reasons without having to subscribe to a magazine. - 3/13/2013   10:55:21 AM
  • 10
    unbelievable waste of time - thanks for the link - please copy and paste that other 3 ANYONE that can get there.

    I see there is a spot to report inappropriate comments - can we report an inappropriate blog ....bad form to send us to a link that needs us to sign up and there is no 'go to destination' option on that site. - 3/13/2013   10:19:20 AM
    When you go to the site it does give you a screen to sign up. However, at the very top of the screen is a button that says "take me to my destination". There's no need to subscribe. - 3/13/2013   10:04:16 AM
  • 8
    So much for reading the rest of the article unless I want to subscribe to the magazine. - 3/13/2013   9:59:43 AM
  • 7
    I could not find the other suggestions either. SP must have a deal with Woman's Day (among others) whose articles they feature here as a tease to get us to go to their site and subscribe, but personally I find that a little irritating. There are only so many links I want to click on to read an article! - 3/13/2013   8:40:02 AM
  • 6
    I couldn't get to the other 3 on the list of 6. It sent me to a site to subscribe to a magazine. Not nice. - 3/13/2013   8:35:13 AM
  • 5
    I had carbs for breakfast, 1 serving Total cereal with a banana, 1/2 cup blueberries on it and 1 cup 30-calorie unsweetened almond milk, and I felt GREAT afterwards. I went on my treadmill for 30 minutes. Maybe too many carbs, but it works for me. - 3/13/2013   1:05:23 AM
  • 4
    Some of this answers , actually 2 out of 3 I would have thought maybe , however; this affirms it.. :)) great info to know. - 3/12/2013   11:52:49 PM
  • 3
    Can we please stop having to go to a different website to finish reading an article?
    Regarding #1 - HAHAHAHA, no. That just makes me sleepy afterwards, and even less motivated to get up!
    I hope morning exercise was listed somewhere in the last 3 pointers on the exterior site. I definitely feel invigorated after working out before work!
    Oh - and a great tip: don't give up coffee for Lent. ::cries:: - 3/12/2013   11:53:43 AM
  • MAGGIE101857
    I can't - I am exhausted! I'll keep working on it! - 3/12/2013   7:46:12 AM
  • 1
    When my children were young, I would put them to bed early then i would unwind for an hour then hit the sack.. now i aim for eight hours sleep. that usually does it for me! - 3/12/2013   7:32:48 AM

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