7 Veggie-Packed Meals for Fall


By: , – Julie Miltenberger, Family Circle
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Easy ways to turn vitamin-packed veggies into healthy, delicious dinners.
BLT Pasta
Makes: 6 servings
Prep: 15 minutes
Cook: 22 minutes 

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Squash and Lentil Stew

Makes: 6 servings
Prep: 20 minutes
Cook: 56 minutes

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Veggie Paella

Makes: 6 servings
Prep: 20 minutes
Drain: overnight
Cook: 25 minutes
Bake: 20 minutes

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What is your favorite fall vegetable and recipe?

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  • 19
    3 is not 7. There are tons of lovely recipes for fall produce out there. This "article" feels like just a click generator for Family Circle. I don't mind Family Circle, just not disguised as a Spark article. - 10/29/2016   8:42:11 AM
    Fall adnwinter isgone nowistimeforme to goon veggies adnfruits but notsaemas forcoldwetehr nmels butlighter eatign forspring salads maybesandwihesalso adn areuchbetter springdnsummermealstofixespecily whn workigthegrdenplots . lst yre hadlotsofsalads adnsandwihesadnitworkedout wonderful - 4/1/2014   7:55:30 PM
    Disappointed! It is a big hassle to get to the Family Circle recipes. I tried 3 times and couldn't get past the requests for personal information pages. Maybe I did something wrong but I'm not going to bother to try to check out any recipes from Family Circle again. - 10/27/2012   7:55:15 AM
    i likethfall adnwinter veggie s tocook.ifnot beanstehnstews mstlyvegges tho potatoes carrots beets espfmakingRussinborscht afavorite adonionsin nearlyevrythg anywy ilove parsnips nothadany inages cuztheprice goencrazy dn ivehadhardtieto hvethjmcoumeupotuofground notbeenabletogrow anyasyet. butilovestes etc incoldwethr . havbeingaverycolddaytoday a dnmysotoeinmytriler but mycomputerishere atsonstrailer .lso mlayebewillfixsoesthng . ifnotisokilfidsothtng. alofhteserecipes lookso yummy. - 10/25/2012   5:25:56 PM
    If you top up six egg whites on cooked vegetable and cook it in microwave for 2-3 minutes, Your protein requirement is complete. It becomes a real wholesome meal having proteins, vitamins and minerals. Make sure the weight of vegetable 100 to 150 grams is a combination of at least six to seven vegetable of different colors and six egg whites per serving. I personally use this as my daily meal. - 10/24/2012   11:29:37 PM
  • ABBYK123
    re:Squash and Lentil stew I added 2 cups corn and one can each of black beans and kidney beans.(all low sodium or salt free)I also put in one tablespoon of cocoa powder ,1 tablespoon of brown sugar splenda,1 tsp. thyme,1tablespoon oregano
    and that about makes it my vegan chili. - 10/24/2012   5:55:25 PM
  • 13
    I have had kidney stones, so I can't eat high oxylate vegetables, like squash, zucchini, spinach, swiss chard. Looking hard for vegs I -can- eat. - 10/24/2012   2:58:26 PM
    I count 3 recipes... where are the other 4?

    I went to Family Circle and couldn't get past all the subscription BS, so aborted that attempt.

    Very disappointed. - 10/24/2012   1:12:17 PM
    I appreciate getting one article but became frustrated when FamilyCircle ad only returned me to registration without allowing me look at the detail for additional recipes. - 10/24/2012   1:03:35 PM
    SQUASH !

    I wasn't much of a squash eater as a kid, but as an adult... I really love it. My squash recipe is really simple. I just boil the butternut squash. then mix it with some cinnamon and a bit of butter. some times I'll add a little nutmeg.

    I love sweet potatoes too. The nice thing about those is that I can get them year round.
    - 10/24/2012   11:29:10 AM
  • 9
    After raising five children, I hate to cook. But, the crockpot is always my best choice. - 10/24/2012   9:15:04 AM
  • 8
    i really don't have one but I am not opposed to eating more vegetables. I do enjoy a good roast beef with lots of vegetables and a salad- it helps to warm one up after a cold day. - 10/23/2012   9:32:48 PM
  • 7
    Looking forward to modifying the squash and lentil stew a bit...a good butternut squash soup or veggie and quinoa stuffed acorn squashes are probably two of my favorite go-to veggie recipes this time of year. - 10/23/2012   4:14:34 PM
  • 6
    I don't understand these comments. All these recipes except 1 are either right around or under 400 calories per serving. I find that to be a very appropriate serving size. They don't claim to be low carb (diabetes) recipes. They are a little high in sodium, but that's easy enough to modify if it's an issue for you. I appreciate recipes that I may not cook verbatim but suggest ingredients that I might not ordinarily use. Now I'm interested in adding a sweet potato to my meatloaf or throwing some bok choy into a stir fry or soup. - 10/23/2012   12:05:55 PM
  • 5
    I thought there were supposed to be 7 recipes. I only see 3 and when I click on the link for family circle it just takes me to the main page, not the rest of the article. :\ -disappointed- - 10/23/2012   11:25:29 AM
  • 4
    Healthy, maybe; low-calorie, no. - 10/23/2012   11:15:32 AM
  • 3
    For great sounding recipes, they are too high in the carb department, even subtracting the fiber. Unless you make smaller portions these are not Low Carb (Diabetes) recipes. - 10/23/2012   11:05:18 AM

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