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One of my favorite activities, aside from running, is water aerobics. Some gyms refer to these classes as Aqua-Exercises, Hydro-Workouts or Aquatic Exercises. If you have never taken a water aerobics class, I highly encourage you to do so. Not only will you receive a great cardio workout, but you might be surprised by the strength training benefits you can gain from using the water as resistance. Because of the buoyancy of the water, working out in the pool provides a perfect medium for those who must avoid high impact exercise.Water exercises make it easier for those who suffer from arthritis or for those who find land-based exercises to be too high impact for their joints.

For those of you who may have access to a pool, but not to a class, I have linked you to some good basic water exercises and routines you can do with or without equipment.

A few things to consider when exercising in the pool.
  • Your exercise heart rate will be lower in the water compared to doing land-based exercises. This effect is due to the buoyancy and cooling effects of the water.
  • Water aerobics allows for a greater range of motion, therefore, helping us with flexibility.
  • Because of the water's natural resistance, it helps us build greater muscle tone and endurance.
As with any other exercise routine, just be certain you get medical clearance from your health care provider before taking the plunge.

Top 10 Exercises to Get Fit In Water

Pool Workouts

8 Pool Exercises to Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis

Total Body Water Workouts

Aquatic Exercise

Water Aerobics Exercise Kicks

Pool Exercises

Have you participated in a water aerobics class? What are some of your favorite exercises? If you have never participated in a class, would you consider adding some of these exercises to your workout routine?

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    I love swimming and water routines. - 11/25/2017   6:29:31 PM
    I love my water aerobics class. I love doing the exercises. They don't cause me any pain. When we finish, we do stretches and that always make me feel better. When I get out, I love getting into the sauna. - 11/12/2017   8:07:30 AM
  • 40
    Excellent! - 11/2/2017   6:45:03 AM
    I use to go to the YMCA 3 times a week for water aerobics. It was a great was to get some exercise and it is very low impact on your joints. The doctor originally suggested it after my multiple back surgeries and I would still be doing it if there was a pool where we now live so that I could continue with it. - 10/8/2017   11:52:48 AM
  • PMT530
    love to do aerobics in the water. it feels smooth and light. Rehabed my injured knee in the water - 8/2/2017   5:06:43 AM
  • 37
    Water exercises let you stretch ALL your muscles.

    "A tight muscle is a weak muscle." - 5/23/2017   6:34:45 AM
  • 36
    I just started doing laps. I looked at some of the equipment at Bed Bath and Beyond for water aerobics. Maybe I could get it as a treat after meeting a goal! - 4/2/2015   8:12:42 AM
  • 35
    I just started doing laps. I looked at some of the equipment at Bed Bath and Beyond for water aerobics. Maybe I could get it as a treat after meeting a goal! - 4/2/2015   8:12:42 AM
    I love water aerobics. You don't feel like you are working out....that is, until the next day!!! If here's any place that I like having a hot flash, it's in the water...lol I've begged at our Y and they don't seem to want to have an aqua zumba class. There are people interested, a lifeguard who will teach it, but they won't do it. Is there anyplace where I can download an aqua zumba class so I can do it on my own? - 11/8/2014   11:08:25 AM
  • CASSIE58522
    I love the way my body feels in the water, light and agile. I can do things in the water that I cannot do on land and it is encouraging. Getting out of the warm water is like taking on 100 pounds. - 6/7/2014   12:54:29 PM
  • 32
    I did an aqua aerobics class, but I prefer vigorous swimming, and aqua running/treading water, but I would like to try aqua zumba, aqua zumba, and even aqua biking. Paddle boarding looks good too, and let's not forget rowing or kayaking, more fun on the water, than on the machine. - 5/7/2014   12:01:29 PM
  • CJD0321
    i looove water yoga classes! they're my favorite, although i don't mind doing more cardio-intensive classes although i have to have my aquajogger gloves from aria (ishoparia.com/Fitness-and-Exercise
    /Aquatic?product_id=106). they're fabulous. - 2/11/2014   2:38:50 PM
  • 30
    I started my water aerobics class a year ago and it is amazing how my body feels, how relaxes I am and my breathing is better as well. Try it, it is worth the drive. - 9/19/2013   6:30:40 AM
    Hi, anyone who has the opportunity should just do it. I love it and have found that it really helps with mobility for those with arthritis. Thanks for the added exercises. - 11/12/2010   3:36:04 PM
  • 28
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Water Aerobics! I do a Deep Water Conditioning class twice a week, and some times do a regular water works class (traditional) at my YMCA. I am Blessed beacuse we are able to go to all four of our local Y's for no extra cost so, if I want to take another class, or miss one I still have an option to run across town, and we do! I love doing crunches! I would not do them... otherwise, beacuse of joint tenderness. I love water aerobics beacuse, if you mess up no one can see, and that you can really workout with out getting too sore. - 11/12/2010   8:23:12 AM
  • 27
    I keep meaning to go to the Navy Base Pool, so this is a real help. I am frugal so I don't want to waste money on paying for a class. - 11/12/2010   2:31:17 AM
  • 26
    I love water aerobics for two reasons. I dont get sweaty despite the tough workout and noone can see if I mess up the moves! - 11/12/2010   12:40:21 AM
  • 25
    I use to do these classes 5 or 6 times a week until my gym stopped them. I changed gyms and about a year later that gym stopped them. I wish they would bring them back. I know you can use the water weights in the pool area but it is not the same as having a group and music to keep you company :( - 11/11/2010   11:32:30 PM
    I was very surprised when I got to my first deep-water aquasize class. It was so enjoyable, there was no feeling of working out - just fun! - 11/11/2010   8:21:16 PM
  • 23
    I love my water aerobics classes! 3 times a week I go to power aerobics, and one time a week it is the new aqua Zumba class. What great fun and hard to believe that it is so healthful! I know that when I hiked up Mt. Vesuvius, that was the first time I really believed the water aerobics classes were doing so much good. - 11/11/2010   8:14:13 PM
  • 22
    Tried AquaZumba for the first time this week at the Y and it was intense - a great workout! A person can put as much into it as wished in the chest deep water.Could easily do jumps that aren't fun on land. Though some of the kicks in the routines were too quick for me, it still had Zumba fitness flavor! - 11/11/2010   6:05:11 PM
  • 21
    I'm determined to check out the water aerobics class at my gym before I decide not to renew. It's the whole reason I chose that gym but I haven't used the pool. How silly is that!! - 11/11/2010   2:21:55 PM
    Come join the Water Aerobics Team to find out more and hang out with the wet sweat set! - 11/11/2010   1:18:48 PM
  • 19
    I was looking for just such an article years ago, when we had a home with a pool. Now we don't have a pool. Sigh - 11/11/2010   11:52:28 AM
  • 18
    I joined a water class over 4 years ago and am still going. There are things I can do in water... like jogging and crunches that I cannot do on land. Plus it is easy to vary the intensity so there is no excuse for not working out. :) - 11/11/2010   9:11:07 AM
  • 17
    I just recently started classes - love them - great work out and for runners since we get those tight muscles - awesome - really helps with recovery! - 11/11/2010   9:01:16 AM
  • 16
    My great aunt went to water aerobics as therapy after a major auto accident, and I was fortunate to go with her several times. Water exercise is a challenge for those of us who have thick hair that takes forever to dry, even though many of the classes do not require putting the head under water. Thanks for links to exercise routines, I WILL try them. - 11/10/2010   9:59:24 PM
  • 15
    We have a heated pool in our park and I go to some exercize classes, but I also like to walk back and forth at the low end of the pool for an hour a day. They tell us it is equivilant to a mile, I walk forward, backward and sidewards, alternating every few trips across the pool. The warm water is very soothing to the arthritic joints! - 11/10/2010   9:52:07 PM
  • 14
    There is a new zoomba water aerobics class at our local pool. Cool! - 11/10/2010   9:02:14 PM
    I LOVE WATER AEROBICS!!! AT 23, I am by far the youngest one there. However, it was part of my rehab from my stress fracture from running. - 11/10/2010   7:50:32 PM
  • 12
    I teach a water exercise class. We have loads of fun and lots of laugh...mostly at me. I can exercise more on water than I can on land. I know I would be in a wheel chair if it weren't for the water. I just love it. And we don't care what anyone looks like in her bathing suit. - 11/10/2010   6:57:03 PM
  • 11
    I love the pool!!! I f i can catch a class, I'll participate, but usually I'm a lap swimmer, or treading, or I do my own class. With myself. - 11/10/2010   6:27:37 PM
    I've never done any aqua classes before. It seems like it would be a good way to change up the routine. - 11/10/2010   5:36:57 PM
  • 9
    I did water exercise classes all throughout my pregnancy, and it really helped. The instructor said that labor was going to be like a marathon, so I needed to train. I think it helped me to get through the whole process and kept my weight gain to a minimum where I didn't have to struggle to lose those pounds after he was born. And honest to goodness, I was actually in the pool while I was in labor. (I just wasn't really aware of it.) - 11/10/2010   4:02:10 PM
  • 8
    I am very big, but getting smaller. I also need 2 knee replacement surgeries.

    Exercising in water is wonderful, because it is cool and refreshing, provides resistance yet holds up my weight so that it is easier to isolate muscles and work them.

    I enjoy swimming laps, but strength training in the water is also a part of my regular pool routine.

    It is wonderful in the pool! - 11/10/2010   3:26:46 PM
  • 7
    I love aqua zumba, and I also did water aerobics, neither was easy. - 11/10/2010   3:16:38 PM
  • 6
    Aqua size is so much fun! I also find that you don't really notice how hard your working out! I want to start going again! - 11/10/2010   3:12:07 PM
    I have been going to shallow water aerobics for a few weeks. My class is a lot of fun and has people of varying fitness levels. I seem to be less sore when I do a step/sculpt class one day followed by a water aerobics class the next.

    My community center also offers deep water aerobics and aqua zumba which I hope to try out soon. - 11/10/2010   3:11:45 PM
  • 4
    I like lap swimming, but I know many with RA that enjoy the warm water water classes. - 11/10/2010   2:44:49 PM
  • 3
    I very much prefer lap swimming instead. - 11/10/2010   2:35:07 PM
  • EMYJG2001
    I have only done one aqua class....I was a little intimidated, to be honest. - 11/10/2010   1:20:41 PM
  • 1
    I love aquasize class! It's definitely a strength workout. Also it is both fun and relaxing! - 11/10/2010   12:26:03 PM

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