A Year's Worth of Motivation at Your Fingertips


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A recent study showed that when people received motivational emails with pictures of people exercising, they increased their gym time by 54%. Whether it was the image, the email, or just the reminder itself, these messages helped people get more active than people who didn't receive ongoing messages.

For the times when you can't get to the computer, I created the next best thing: SparkPeople's daily tear-away calendar. It's full of my favorite fitness and nutrition tips, quick and healthy recipes, motivational quotes, and goal-setting ideas. One of the most requested items in the SparkPeople Store, we're happy to announce that our 2011 motivational calendar is now available!

For just $12 (that's a few pennies a day!), SparkPeople's calendar can offer you tips and reminders that will help you reach your goals. Put it on your desk, in your kitchen—anywhere you spend time—so that your healthy lifestyle is at the forefront of your mind when you start your day. Keep the pages that you like the most, or tear them off to share with others!

Available only at the SparkPeople Store, get yours while supplies last!

Have you purchased this calendar in the past? How else do you keep your goals in mind each day?

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  • 22
    I'm so sad - I can't find a new daily Spark calendar for 2012 and my 2011 one is quickly running out of pages!! - 12/14/2011   1:00:30 PM
  • 21
    Love It. I will get mine because well it is extra support when your not sitting at the computer but are standing in the kitchen. It helps when you open the fridge door to read it first. - 10/20/2010   10:21:04 PM
  • 20
    i've just started spark in july. this looks like it would be a good motivator to start your day. - 10/4/2010   7:52:10 AM
  • 19
    I just ordered the 2011...have used the 2010 calendar to great benefit. I also have it work and put the current page up on my office door. My coworkers have enjoyed and commented on the quotes and information provided. Yes, the shipping is steep, but I really get my "money's worth" out of it and find it a great way to keep the "sparks" flying. I'm looking forward to another year of motivation! - 9/30/2010   10:07:38 PM
  • 18
    Oh how awesome is that?! I'll definitely be ordering one! - 9/30/2010   6:43:40 PM
    I would love to get this calendar as well as many other things from the Spark Store but I also can not justify the high shipping charges. - 9/30/2010   6:14:19 PM
  • FOX2566
    I am so pleased you are offering these again! Thanks!
    - 9/30/2010   5:26:30 PM
  • 15
    I love this and would get one BUT $7.95 for shipping. I won't be buying one. I love the Sparkpeople items but the high shipping charges keep me from buying every time. - 9/30/2010   12:58:18 PM
  • 14
    Hoping my husband will buy me the calendar as a gift to a year of health. :D - 9/30/2010   10:16:34 AM
  • 13
    I bought my first one last year, and I love it! - 9/30/2010   8:32:21 AM
  • 12
    Love it. - 9/30/2010   12:46:47 AM
  • 11
    I have the 2010 calendar and will buy one for 2011. There is really a mix of things from motivation to quick recipes to just practical advice. I have January 28th posted under my computer and like UPSWife I've taken the sheet for specific days home to share with family from time to time.

    It's a great buy and well worth the money!! - 9/29/2010   3:21:29 PM
  • 10
    I have my SP 2010 calendar on my desk at work for everyone to see. If it's a particularly meaningful tip for me, or someone in my household, I keep it and put it up on the fridge at home.

    Can't wait to order the new one!

    Edited to add: I think I'll take the advice of 60SIXTY and order some as gifts! - 9/29/2010   2:39:39 PM
  • 9
    Sounds like a gift for somebody! - 9/29/2010   1:01:07 PM
  • 8
    I have the 2010 page-a-day calendar. It's great! - 9/29/2010   11:48:24 AM
  • 7
    I'm getting one this year. There's nothing like reading motivational things to keep you focused! - 9/29/2010   11:34:52 AM
  • 6
    I signed up for sparkpeople a few years ago but didn't use my account till last year. The reason I returned? It was because sparkpeople kept on sending me those team digests and inspirational stories. That's probably not the only reason but it was a major factor and without it I don't think I'd be on the weight loss journey I am on now. - 9/29/2010   9:56:59 AM
    One of my all-time favorite SparkPeople tools...today's tip..."Say no to soda"...I am and did for almost 2 years now! WOO HOO! - 9/29/2010   9:26:08 AM
  • 4
    Ha silly me! That is what I get for rushing to finish this post before the end of the day yesterday. :-) - 9/29/2010   9:08:35 AM
  • 3
    Good on the math - I'd be interested in reading more about that study!
    I do hope the calendar works for people - the example page is a turn-off for me... hhmm and again 54%! ;-) - 9/29/2010   9:08:24 AM
  • 2
    Glad I'm not the only one obsessed with the math! Still a bargain. - 9/29/2010   8:10:00 AM
  • 1
    Nicole... It's a few pennies a day (3.28 pennies). Silly bear! - 9/29/2010   6:52:15 AM

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