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DVD Review: The Booty Barre Workout

By , SparkPeople Blogger
As a fan of both Pilates and dance workouts, I have been dying to try one of the latest fitness trends: barre workouts. Many celebs (including Kelly Ripa) are reported fans of these toning workouts that combine ballet, Pilates, calisthenics and yoga movements into one workout, usually using a ballet barre as a prop—or a chair if you're exercising at home. Some barre workouts use just your body weight, while others incorporate some props like light hand weights or bands. The premise behind these workouts is to trim and tone and achieve the long, lean body of a dancer. They heavily focus on the lower body with focused movements and high repetitions with little to no added weight (besides your own body).

At first glance, these may look or even sound easy, but everyone I know who has ever tried a barre workout has said the same thing: that they are very challenging.

I was ready for a new challenge! So when Tracey Mallett's Total New Body: The Booty Barre ($14.99) workout DVD landed on my desk, I was eager to try it.

This hour-long DVD can be broken up into five shorter segments (warm up, upper body, core, lower body, and stretching), but I did them all together. All you need is a sturdy chair, which you'll lean on for balance, and a set of light weights for the upper body segment (I used 6 pounds; the DVD suggested 3-5 pounds), and a mat for the core and stretching segments. Throughout the DVD, one of the exercisers shows modifications to make the exercises easier if needed.

Tracey Mallett is likeable—not cheesy or annoying the way some instructors can be. Her form is amazing and inspiring, and I felt like she was encouraging without being too pushy. I wish she would have explained a few moves in more detail, but overall, between her cues and the camera angles, I felt like I was doing the exercises correctly and safely. People who prefer more verbal instructions might find it harder to follow, however.

What I really loved about this DVD was the variety of new moves—things I have never done before. If you're accustomed to traditional strength training exercises, this workout will get your body moving in completely new ways. For me, that meant that the hour flew by and I was never bored, even though we did a lot of repetitions of each exercise. It also means that I was using my muscles in new and different ways that really challenged me. To get an idea of what I mean, check out this video preview:

I really felt my thighs, arms and abs burning at various points—so much that I had to stop and rest for a few repetitions and then resume again when I was ready. It was a good level of challenge that didn't make me feel defeated; rather, it kind of inspired me to keep going and try this DVD more until I get strong enough to do the full routine without needing to rest. As another bonus, this toning DVD got my heart rate up to a low aerobic range, too. Based on how I felt during this workout, I fully expected to be VERY sore the next day, but to my surprise, I did not have any post-workout soreness! Still, I felt like it was a great workout and I am eager to pop this DVD in again soon and keep working at it.

Anyone looking for a new and different workout challenge, especially if you want variety in your strength training program, would enjoy this DVD. This workout does require balance, some coordination, and a decent base level of fitness. For some people, the challenge may be too much, but I do believe that most exercisers could do most of these moves; the only difference is that some will have to modify them or do fewer repetitions until they're strong enough to finish the whole set.

Pick up The Booty Barre DVD at or visit to learn more. This Huffington Post article reviews three more popular barre DVDs, too.

Have you ever tried a barre workout? Would you like to?

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KATHYJO56 5/14/2017
I think I may buy this DVD. It looks like fun Report
Looks different and fun. And challenging! Yep, I'd try it. I added it to my wish list on Amazon for a future purchase. Report
No. Report
It looks like a routine for someone who wants to do ballet. I imagine it's a good lower body workout though!!! I already do some of the upper she shows, but would never go that fast. I have elbows that couldn't handle it! Report
I used this workout for the first time yesterday and I liked it a lot.
I got through the warm up and felt tired but kept going through some of the leg work. It's hard because I'm not use to being up on my toes and my calves were really burning. Going to do it again tomorrow and keep doing pieces of it until I can get through the whole workout with the legs. It's fun and I like her! It's not boring like Tracy Andersons workout. At least there is music and this Tracy does talk to us through out the whole thing! I haven't done the arms or the core yet. Once I'm stronger I'll tackle those too! Report
Ive never heard of it, but it sounds great! I may have to pick up the DVD and give it a go. Normal strength training kinda bores me, so I dont do as much of it as I should. Report
Thank you for bringing this kind of workout to my attention. Due to arthritis in my big toe, I have been handicapped in doing aerobics classes, and I don't have a lot of space in my house for exercise equipment - but I do have chairs & weights. Getting this video ASAP! Report
Thanks Coach Nichole. My next reward is a workout DVD, I think I might try this out. Report
I have never heard of Barre workouts but I could use some new strength conditioning workouts, I've been doing the same ones for probably 10 years I'd guess. I think I should change it up. Report
My gym just started offering barre workouts. I've gone to one so far--I could tell that it worked by legs really well. However, it's right after a pilates class and I don't always have time to do 2 classes the same day. Even though I liked it, I'd probably pick pilates over barre. Report
I bought it yesterday! Thanks! Report
I hope to someday reach this level. Right now it is too advanced for me. But it looks interesting.
Saw the video. A bit advance for me but I did so doable moves. Report
When I was young I did ballet. Great workout maybe I can try it out. I love a good DVD workout. Report
It looks and sounds great. something that I might be able to do as I get more exercising in. Thanks for sharing. Report
Looks like something I might like to do!
Going to add this workout to my wish list!
Maybe for the summer!
Watching the video was really helpful, thank you! Report
This just looks like a very fancy way to fall over to me! I'll bet I'd need that chair for sure! Report
Will try it out. Have had some serious tendonitis problems in my so have had to take a break from running. Looked like it might be fun and something that I can do til I get back to running. Report
I am down to try it! Report
Looks amazing! And you are right about the moves being so different. It would be a great addition to my library of exercise DVDs. Report
Never heard of barre workouts...but it sounds interesting...i LOVE working out my legs...and I love dance workouts...i may have to get this one.. Report
Definitely going on my list. I'm always looking to add a little variety to my workout dvd collection. Report
I want it! I had heard of barre workouts before, but didn't see any classes in my area. And I am so skeptical of DVDs because, as you said, most of the instructors are annoying. But this DVD looks so promising! Thank you for sharing! Report
Looks like a great challenging workout. Report
It looks great! I would try it but have had knee surgery so am thinking I may to skip or modify some exercises here. Report
This sounds great - and I was just looking for a new challenge. Thanks for the review/recommendation! Report
This looks like a great new way to mix up my workouts! I'll have to look for this dvd and maybe give it a try. Report
wow! Thanks for sharing! I am going to check it out! Report
I danced for eight years in elementary school & junior high, then switched to cheerleading then gradually got out of it- but I miss the toning that dance was REALLY good for- this DVD looks awesome! Report
Never heard of it but it does look interesting and challenging at the same time. Report
This is the first I have heard of this. After reading your review, I will have to find a copy. Thanks for the info! Report
I thought I'd prefer a class, but after seeing the preview, this might be fun to do "in the privacy of your own home" for those of us shy about trying moves like this in public or a group. One benefit of class (besides the instructor correcting form) is the mirrors, to help you see if you are doing it correctly. Report
Sounds great. Report
I've never taken a dance class in my life, yet I have the VHS of The Ballet Workout and adored it! Barre workouts are fun, challenging and make you feel like you could be a dancer, even if you're at 225 lbs (like I was and even higher prior to my recent restart of weight loss). I would love to give this one a try! Report
Looks like a great workout. Report
Looks fun! Report
I do barre workouts all the time. They have totally changed the way my butt, thighs, and calfs look. They look so nice and they developed lots of strength at the same time. My arms have slimmed down and I have lost lots of inches all over. It helps greatly with improving flexibility and cardio endurance. Depending on the barre dvd, most are no impact like Physique 57. Those are my favorite workout. Report
We have a Cardio barre studio here in town and it has intrigued me! I am definitely getting this DVD to try it out. Thanks for the review! Report
I will have to give this a try! Report
Can I still get a booty at 67??? Report
I would love to try this DVD. I used to dance and a few of these exercises that I saw in the video were warmups we would do in class. The ballerina in me is screaming at me to buy this! Report
I am going to try this DVD! I've taken these types of classes at the pilates studio and it is great!! This will help me to continue toning at home!! Report
Looks interesting... Report
I've never worked out using a chair. Definitely different and worth giving this DVD workout a try. Report
Looking forward to getting to a fitness level that I can do this! Report
I was able to try a bar workout class as part of a free series offered by a Lululemon store. I am convinced that the moves could have been used as a type of torture. Ughhh I really didn't enjoy the leg shaking which they encourage. The instructor was a tiny unassuming woman who pushed us to our limits. I would probably try the video though since you can go at your own pace. Report
I have never heard of this type of workout but would love to try it. I was giving up on home DVD's because I hated the way the instructors would talk to you or the those performing the exercises with them. Report
One of my teammates blogged about this video this week , so this was very
synchronistic, this looks like a great workout, challenging and eventually doable and challenging. Would love to have a class like this at my gym not just a DVD. Report
I would love to as I think it's a good thing to challenge your body, to see how much you can take and then, take it to the next level, thanx! Report
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