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Spring is just around the corner, which means that smoothie season is coming up! We can't wait to dust off our blenders here at SparkPeople and whip up our favorite warmer-weather concoctions. Is your blender in need of an upgrade after its winter hibernation? Well, you're in luck! We're giving away a Blendtec Total Blender Classic Series blender to one dailySpark reader.

Although this blender is a pro at making smoothies, it does so much more than that. Check out what Blendtec has to say:

"The Total Blender Classic Series® is an all-in-one appliance that makes smoothies, fresh juice, ice cream, milkshakes, cappuccinos, margaritas, soups, sauces, bread dough, dressings, salsas, and more! It replaces up to 9 other appliances with one fast easy-to-use machine, at a fraction of the cost. This package includes the new precision tuned 4" blade in the large, nearly 3-quart total capacity BPA-free jar, and the standard nearly 2-quart total capacity BPA-free jar. Two jars enable you to handle larger serving sizes for large gatherings. And the new precision tuned 4" blade / large jar combination powers through tougher blending tasks and larger recipes with ease in less time."

What's your favorite thing to make with a blender?

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A must have for my meal times! Looks amazing.
I used to use mine every day for various food processing like meatloaf, icies, scrambled eggs, milk shakes, ice cream to name a few. I really enjoyed using it and haven't replaced it as it need a new motor. It still works but can not pull a load, only light work now. Report
I never win anything. But I really would love to win this. I've been wanting one of these forever. It is a must have kitchen appliance. And I'm sure it will make a huge difference in the way most of us prepare food.
Sorry folks, but this one has my name written all over it : ) Report
I just made a strawberry-kiwi-banana smoothie on Thursday. After reading the other posts here, I have to agree that I need a new blender to reduce the amount of chewing due to a dull blade or weak motor. I also love making homemade creamy vegetable based soups. Mmmm. Report
Great! I've been looking into the Ninja pro, looks like this is much better. Hope I finally win something! Report
I am feeling like a winner, just mail it to me!!!LOL Report
I would LOVE to win this blender! I LOVE to make smoothies and other healthy concoctions. This would be AWESOME!! Report
Where is this manufactured? I try to make my purchases help create and keep jobs in the U.S.A. Report
I have seen this blender demonstrated at Costco, I would love to have one. My wife and I are making spinich smoothies year around and are on our 2nd blender burnout. If we could aford it we would have had one of these blenders along time ago. even though the way we are burning out blenders over time we will have paid for one without the benefit of owning one. Report
I make healthy smoothies, winter and summer. If I'm in a rush, we'll have one for breakfast, with skim milk, bananas, berries, a greek yogurt, cinnamon, etc. and away we go. I haven't done veggies yet, but I don't know if my blender could handle chopping them. Report
I would so love to win this blender. Like fresh pesto from my garden I am attempting this year and fresh juice and soups. Thank you for giving this opportunity to win this fab giveaway:) Report
Our blender starts our day with a smoothie my husband whips up. It's only the second blender we've had in our 24 year marriage and boy does it ever need to be replaced! Report
I so need a new blender, mine is acting so weird and it's slowly giving up! I love making smoothies the most (recently joined in the green smoothie team). I make at least one a day :) Report
It does not say how many times you can enter, even in the rules. Is it one entry per person? Report
I use my blender primarily to puree soups, mostly gazpacho or soup with potato as an ingredient. - my family likes the smoothness. My cousins love margaritas, and would be lost without a blender. Report
This would be perfect for my spring/summer breakfast that will get me going and keeping cool at the same time.
I hope I will be a winner. Report
Perfect timing for summer time treats!!! Report
OMG! This would totally change my life! No kidding - my cousin has one of these and invited me over to see how it works. I was BLOWN AWAY! First off, she made "green monster" smoothies for her kids who came running the same way mine would if I screamed "ice cream!". My girls eyed the green drink with some hesitation but once the other kids started chugging it down they gave it a try and absolutely enjoyed it. I've attempted 2 green smoothies in my food processor but with less than stellar results. Lets just say if you like to chew your beverage, you don't need a BlendTec. And my girls took one look at my attempt and went to hide under their beds. I also tasted it and agreed, this blender did such a good job, you'd never know there was a bunch of green leafy veggies hiding inside.

Next recipe was Tortilla Soup from the BlendTec recipe book. She told me that in this recipe she used hot water to blend this soup but in most recipes room temp worked just fine - I didn't get her meaning - until she processed all of the ingredients and removed the lid for my inspection. The soup was STEAMING! Yes, the blender made the soup hot on it's own. No additional cooking required. I was so impressed and the soup was absolutely delicious too. Just a handful of raw ingredients produced a rich, velvety tasting dish with very little calories and all of the nutrients remained since it was not cooked for hours on the stove.

Recently I've dramatically changed the way I prepare food. I've been looking for a way to transition to raw vegan and this device could prove instrumental in this endeavor. It offers so many options to prepare raw food from the soup and smoothies I mentioned, to home made nut butters and more. If I could afford it I would invest in one today. Even if I'm not so lucky to win one, I'm keeping my eyes open for a used model - this thing is revolutionary and anyone who wants to commit to a natural whole foods style of eating would benefit. Fingers double crossed!! Report
Oh you don't know how many times I go into the stores and check out these blenders and drool. I love smoothies - I make smoothies and then freeze them for an "ice cream type" drink at night. Love greek yogurt, banana, strawberry and some low fat milk. YUMMMMMMMMMMM I got a birthday coming up this would be so cool of a birthday treat. I will be 48 this year and during the last year I can honestly say is the healthiest I've been now that I found exercise along with healthier choice foods. Down 115 lb and 20 more to go - but I will make it and this could be a huge helper - the last 20 has been the hardest. Report
I love to make marinara sauce in the blender. Report
I make green smoothies just about everyday and my blender is getting tired! This would be awesome! Report
My favorite thing to make with a blender is kind of silly, but my adult children still remember it from their childhood. If I was making a special breakfast, I would put the orange juice in the blender and whirl it around for a minute and it would get really frothy. We called this fuzzy orange juice- I didn't add anything else- but the kids thought it was super special any way. Hmmm it really is the little things that are long remembered. Report
My blender is busted and I can't really afford a new one right now. I miss having one!This blender looks amazing - I hope I can win it! :) Report
WOW; what a great product! I would love to make strawberry, peach, banana smoothies with this, creamy broccoli soup, the occasional margarita, and the list goes on. Thanks for this opportunity SparkPeople! Report
Favorite blender treat: Chocolate Banana "Ice Cream"
Combine frozen banana slices with cocoa powder and unsweetened soy milk (or a different milk substitute). Blend to soft serve consistency. Yum!
(If I don't win this blender, I'm clearly going to need to replace my broken one sooner rather than later - sadly it won't be this high quality) Report
This would be so awesome to win!!! I make so much in my blender and food processor, smoothies, hummus, vegan cashew cheese, I think my favorite is a smoothie with frozen strawberries, banana, and vegan protein powder! Report
I have a wonderful blender that I paid $150 for. It will do everything but clean itself. LOL I believe if I told my husband that I wanted to spend $524 for a new blender it would kill him. Report
I have been dying for a blender with the power to make soups. It would be so much easier to get more veggies in my diet if I can put fresh veggies in the blender at lunch and have real soup! Report
I have a ninja blender that i bought for a little more than $100 but now i love it and since i also really enjot the smoothies from Smoothie King and Jamba Juice i know this MUST be AWESOME! Report
Kind of pricy but would't mind having one. Report
I, too, saw the demo at Costco, but blanched at the price! My Ninja does fine for my frozen fruit smoothies, but I would LOVE to win this one! Report
$524 for a blender? you must be kidding right? Report
I love smoothies; I love even more my little hand-held ($19.99) blender. Not into conspicuous consumption, I guess. Report
I love smoothies, but my blender broke, this would be perfect. Cross my fingers! Report
My blender is almost as old as I am! I use mine almost everyday and would love to have this in my kitchen. What a versatile appliance! Report
I wonder if this fantastic blender would work in by 220 volt kitchen here in Germany. I still want it! Report
Sounds like the Cadillac of blenders -- I'd love to have it to make my smoothies with! I have a smoothie at least once a day! Report
It would be easier & help me out a lot to be able to make smoothies in the morning's. Report
We're a Smoothie family!!! OMG.....this would be so fantastic to win. Wishin me Luck!!! Report
I'm not into smoothies. I use my blender for sauces mostly. Occassionaly we make milk shakes. Report
this would be great! My poor old blender even struggles making smoothies anymore. Report
Wow, would I love to win one of these! This is the Cadillac of blenders. I have an old blender that we got as a wedding present (37 years ago!). When I try making smoothies, the poor old thing really strains. With the spring coming, I'd love to make more fruit smoothies! Report
I have seen this at Costco as well. Our old blender is on its last legs and this would be wonderful but, alas, the cost is too much for us. Hoping to win this one. Report
This would be perfect for me, keeping my fingers crossed! Report
wow this looks wonderful...I make alot of smoothies and iced drinks. I dont like anything warm and my poor bullet is about out of steam. i toss in ice cubes and frozen fruit and a small amount of juice or water and sometimes non sugar nonfat yogurt and have breakfast or lunch in a cup!! Report
wow, this machine is fantastic, makes me almost drool LOL
love to have one. Report
Oh my gosh!! I really, really hope I win! I've had this blender on my wish list for years. It would be a dream come true! Since last year i want to buy this blender from costco. But always some thing else come up money wise. Report
Wow, I just saw this demoed at Costco yesterday, I'd never heard of it before! It was amazing, I would love to have one! They were selling it for $350.00. Report
This sounds like a machine I would like to have since you can do so much with it. Report
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