We Tried It: ElliptiGO, The Elliptical Bicycle

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Now that the sun is out and spring is in full swing, you might finally be taking to the roads on your long-lost bike that was so neglected over the cold winter months.

Biking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while getting in some heart-pumping cardio, and also offers a fun opportunity to bond with friends and family. But, let's face it: Those narrow bike seats can get uncomfortable pretty quickly, and sitting for an extended period of time might be an issue if you suffer from back problems. You could always enjoy the outdoors by going for a run, but running can be more jarring on the joints than biking. Wouldn't it be great if there was a happy medium between biking and running that allowed you to get some heart-pumping outdoor cardio while salvaging your joints, back, and backside?

Well, guess what? There is! It's called the ElliptiGO.

Here is a description of this awesome invention, from the ElliptiGO website:

''At its core, the ElliptiGO is a fitness device that emulates running outdoors without the associated impact. It was designed by runners to be the ideal low-impact substitute for running. We believe it is the ideal cross-training device for healthy runners and the best replacement for running for injured runners. It delivers an exercise experience that is closer to running than anything else available today.

"The ElliptiGO has some unique characteristics that make it a great solution for a wide variety of people. Obviously, running is near and dear to our hearts, and the ElliptiGO was designed in particular for cross-training and injured runners. However, most of our customers are not runners. They are people who want a comfortable, fun, efficient, low-impact, and weight-bearing exercise that they can enjoy outdoors. The ElliptiGO delivers on each of these conditions in a way that no other device can.

"As a result, our customers range from hard-core cyclists and elite athletes to recreational riders just looking to get fit. It's a customizable experience, enabling you to challenge yourself as much or as little as you’d like.

"What's wrong with the conventional bicycle? There's nothing wrong with the bicycle. It's a great vehicle. In fact, every member of our company has spent a lot of time on a bicycle. The two founders are former Ironman triathletes (a race that includes a 112-mile bicycling portion) and our employees include former professional road and track bike racers and competitive triathletes. We are not trying to recreate or change the bicycle - far from it. In fact, what we've created isn't actually a bicycle - it's a pedal-driven scooter. If it were at all easy to say "elliptical pedal-driven scooter" we'd call it that. We've simply chosen the term bicycle out of convenience, but we're the first to admit that the ElliptiGO is not a bicycle. The ElliptiGO is an exercise device made for runners, by runners. Our goal is to re-create running outdoors without the impact.''

The company graciously loaned us an ElliptiGO to try out here at the SparkPeople offices. We had a blast! Here's what some of our staff had to say about the experience:

Sarah from Marketing says: ''I loved it! It was a little difficult to get started, I think just because it was so different from a typical bike, but once you got going, it was smooth sailing and so much fun!''

Tim from Marketing says: ''I enjoyed it, thought it was a fun change of pace from my normal cardio workouts. I probably wouldn’t be doing any long rides on it, but could see using it on a bike trail, park, etc.''

Tanya from Community Support says: ''There is a small learning curve but once you get the hang of it, it handles and maneuvers easily. It provides an outdoor workout alternative for those that love outdoor activity such as biking or running. It is especially good for those that enjoy the elliptical machine but want to be outdoors.''

Melinda from Editorial says: ''I had to have someone by my side holding onto the handlebars when I first got on (I felt like I was learning how to ride a bike without training wheels for the first time!), but once I got moving, it was really fun and easy to use. It's definitely a great low-impact cardio option, and would be good for cross-training, too.'' 

Does the ElliptiGO sound like a good fit for your exercise needs? If so, you're in luck: we're giving away one ElliptiGO 3C (a $1,799 value!) in your color choice of green, orange, or black!

How would the ElliptiGO help your workouts?

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I see these in Phoenix often. I would love to try one because it seems easier than biking; I can just jump on without much concern about what I'm wearing or saddle discomfort. Report
It looks cute, but I don't think it will go up hills very well. Plus, does it have to be so far up off the ground? Because that doesn't look very safe or efficient. I hope they improve the design and even make one that can easily climb and descend hills. Report
This is a wonderful piece of equipment! Due to back injury and chronic back pain, I have been unable to ride a bike for the past 10 years. I will be looking for one at a local shop so I can try it out. Thank you for introducing the ElliptiGO on your website, and for the chance to get one free! Report
I love this... my only problem is that there are no safe places where I can ride a bike nearby so I don't think it would work for me but this makes me want to move.

I've had problems riding bikes. I was first hit on a bike while standing in the parking lot of a park. I wasn't even moving. Years later, I was hit by a expedition who ran a stop sign. When driving, please be aware that legally, bikes are supposed to share the road with cars. Give them room! Report
Since my injury I had to give up running and put a lot of weight back on that running had helped me lose. I'm sparking again, and exercising as I am able, but I would love a low impact way to run. It sounds like a miracle! Report
would love to give this a try! Report
This would be so cool to take on a bike trail! I would love to have one of these!! Report
I would love to win one of these working 2 jobs and trying real hard to get enough exercise I could ride it to my second job. Working hard to lose 50 lbs 12 down lots to go. This looks like a great way to for me to get really great exercise, enjoyment and fun. It is really important for me to get to feeling better about myself. I have had to deal with years of health issues with my husband and it would be good for him also. Report
If I had one of these, my dog would get a better workout. I can't run with her because I get terrible shin splints. I could definitely keep up with her on this!
(And I just saw a man by the college using one of these the other day and thought, what is that?!) Report
Just what I need now that I'm retired and looking for something fun to do. Report
I would like one of those! *drool* Report
I would love to win this. My husband and I would be fighting over it.
Oh, man, that looks like fun! I can't afford a gym membership, and have been struggling to work out at home. But the ElliptiGO looks like something that would be great to get on and go! I could see everyone in my family fighting for the chance to ride it. Report
Wow this is an amazing invention! I hope and pray I win this and if not I can't wait for EVERYONE to have one and start selling them cheaper so I can afford to get one!!! lol LOVE IT!!!! Report
I workout daily but not outside this would really amp up my workouts. Report
I need to get more Outdoor exercise. This would be perfect!!! I love this invention!! :) Report
I have been struggling to lose the weight I need to lose and maybe this would help. They just opened a bike trailso I could try this out there. Hope I win it, thank you for this chance. Report
Wow that is soooo cool!! Looks like a great way to get in a workout. Report
I sure would like to win this I am having such a hard time getting this weight off. I'm thinking this would make it fun to work out. Thanks for all you SP do for us. Report
Well, looks good on paper but I can only assume based on the price that they don't expect to sell too many....so I have to wonder why.... Report
This would be a great alternative to my indoor elliptical. Would further my opportunities to utilize the bike path behind my house. I would tell everyone that asked about the bike and sparkpeople! :) Report
I'm in nursing school and had started running but my knees are having a little bit of a hard time. I would love to have this to be out and about biking with my kids and my hubby!!!

I soo need this, my only form of exercise right now is walking because of a bad knee I can't even walk in the pool because its too much resistance but doc says the elliptical movement will be okay Report
I am a breast cancer survivior .Exercise and weight loss is one of the best ways to keep it from coming back. I am a teacher and finding time to get to the gym is almot impossible. This would help me in both exercise and weight loss and I would also be able to get outside and enjoy the day !! Report
I signed up to win it. I am hoping and praying that I get it. Trying to reclaim my health and this would help so much! (crossing my fingers). Report
I need one Report
I want this SO badly! Report
Oh, a new toy to add to the garage!! How I wish I would win. Could really extend biking & running training and it would add to the fun! I just read about a woman who is going to cross the U.S. on one of these. Very cool. Report
This would be so much fun!.....and exercise! I wish all of us entering could have one on these. Good luck to us all. Report
It would be nice to have a bike like this, It would be goo for me because I dont have to sit down. Report
Wow.. would love to have one of these !!! Report
I've wanted one of these since I first saw it on Good Morning America! I know I will nevr be able to buy one so I hope I can win one!!! Report
This would be neat to ride on the rail trail near my home. Report
This looks like fun Report
I would love to win this! Who needs a gym when you can ride this outside (of course without hunching over or getting a sore behind!) Report
I would love to win this special bike. The eliptical machine is one of my favorite to exercise on when I go in for exercise. Lately I have been concentrating on finding a job and set the exercise aside. Winning this bike would help me get back in the groove again. My body feels so much better when I get a long enough stretch of exercise for enough days in the week. Report
This looks like so much fun!! I want it not only for myself but my family of 6 also. WE could stay fit and have family fun time also. Hope and pray I win!!THanks for an AWESOME website too. I love it!! Report
WOW!!!! This would be great for me.. I suffer from a condition that prevents me from sitting on a bicycle seat. It is so painful that this is just the solution.
Good luck to me and everyone else!!!!! Report
I saw this elliptigo for the first time today and said, I want this. I entered the contest and hope to win. My home is small so I have to walk and do most activities out doors so this would be the ultimate motivation. Getting up in my age so anything low impact is the way to go for me. Biking is a little tough on the backside. Keeping my fingers crossed. Report
I saw one of these on a local bike path, and now I am immensely curious about it. Report
What a unique piece of exercise equipment! This will definitely keep me more inclined to work out than a plain old (boring) treadmill! And I'm sure my boobs won't collide with my stomach like they go in the jogging trampoline! It would definitely make my day to win this. Report
I would love to win this. I am fighting the battle of the bulge (literally) and I would love to ride this while my grandchildren ride their bikes. I will just have to keep them from stealing it from me. Report
Now that is an AWESOME ride!!! Yes, I would LOVE to have one of these to help me get my exercise!!! Report
Wow, I want to look up the information. I was going to get a bike but I think I would like this better. I always get uncomfy on bike seats and this completely solves the problem! Report
This would be a perfect solution for me. I love to run but always have to skip a day to let my legs and body recover. When I tried running daily my body couldn't handle it. This would be the perfect cross training solution! I really would love this. Report
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis so I have to avoid high impact exercises. Biking is too uncomfortable on my back and hips. I love my elliptical machine but I miss the outdoors when I use it! This would be awesome to incorporate both! Report
Wow! What a fun way to lose weight and stay fit! I love it! Report
I got to test ride one briefly last week. It was pretty dang cool. I ride my bike everywhere, and it was an interesting difference. There is a ton more length to your body on the elliptigo than when cycling. Standing up, getting full extension on the legs... I look forward to taking one or a spin again. Report
This looks awesome! I have trouble running because it's hard on my knees, but this seems like a great solution! Report
I saw the first ElliptiGO on the Price is Right. I kept researching and found nothing. A couple yrs went by and began researching again. I was able to find something. I also found a shop that had one I could try out. I drove 45 minutes away to test ride one. I fell in love ;} I can not ride a traditional bike cause I have a condition that prevents me from that. If I ride a traditional bike my hips lock in a forward position and I am in extreme pain. So I do not get to ride bikes with my family. So when I saw the ElliptiGO I was extremely happy that I might be a part of that again. Report
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