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The winners are:

This giveaway is now closed.

We're choosing three winners for this week's giveaway from Me & The Girls. Their organic beauty products are the perfect way to protect your skin from the harsh winter weather. Don't miss this opportunity to pamper yourself!
Here's a chance to try all of the intensely moisturizing and therapeutic products from the Me & The Girls Collection. The Mini Beauty Luxury Trial & Travel Set (retail price $60.00) includes mini versions of Limonum Body Scrub, Lavandula Revive Softening Creme, Moon Anti-Aging Night Facial Moisturizer, Moon Serum, Lavandula Revive Foot Scrub, Signature logo travel bag.
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What do you do to protect your skin during the winter?

To enter, click here! Don't forget to read the rules. This contest will end one week from today.

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    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!! Usually this time of the year, my heels feel like sandpaper :( I am trying to keep ahead of the dryness this year by using a vitamin E lotion on my far, so good! - 12/21/2013   12:51:19 PM
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    I apply coconut oil to my dry skin and it's done wonders to my skin. I also apply a facial honey mask twice a week. - 12/21/2013   11:31:18 AM
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    I have shea butter and coconut oil that I've mixed approximately half & half. I put the container in front of my small space heater and start my shower. By the time I've showered and blotted off, it's gotten goopy enough to apply all over. No more dry skin on my legs or arms! I smear a little of the residue from my hands over my face and into my hair. - 12/21/2013   10:15:28 AM
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    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! I'm liking the Avino 24 hour lotion right now, use Neutragena oil free on my face daily, summer and winter. My feet and hands really dry out and I use something intense and change it up all winter long! - 12/20/2013   8:23:51 PM
    I just keep lotion on my body. Don't put anything on my face. - 12/20/2013   6:52:57 PM
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    I use CeraVe AM moisturizer during the day and at night I use CeraVe PM moisturizer..for my body I have a lotion from Bath and Body works my MIL gave me!! - 12/20/2013   10:46:57 AM
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    I've been interested in these products. I'm getting ready for a long international flight, these would be fun to try! - 12/20/2013   8:57:08 AM
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    In the winter, I buy Rainbath non-scented oil and put it on just after my shower. It really helps my skin from becoming all dried out. I also place a decorative bowl of water next to my heating vent - this allows just enough moisture into the bedroom without all the mess and mold of a humidifier. - 12/20/2013   8:10:01 AM
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    My winter skin care is petroleum jelly and or I will mix a bit of scented body cream with the petroleum jelly. PJ definitely helps with the dryness of the winter elements. For my face I keep it simple, a 3n1 cleanser moisturizer and toner from Avon, followed by a moisturizing replenisher. - 12/20/2013   6:38:52 AM

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