CONTEST CLOSED: Naturally More Nut Butters!


By: , SparkPeople Blogger

Because you guys seemed to like our Naturally More review so much, we decided to offer a giveaway!

We're giving away three jars of the almond and three jars of the peanut varieties, for a total of SIX winners!

To enter, simply leave a comment below telling how you like to eat nut butter (and specify whether you'd want almond or peanut butter).

You have between now and 6 a.m. EST on Saturday, June 27 to enter!

As always, the rules apply!

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  • RE2BAH
    I prefer almond but peanut butter is good, too. I like it mixed with rice, spread on toast, apples and pears! Have even had it on a frozen banana! YUM! Tastes like a decadent dessert! - 4/4/2010   8:25:10 PM
  • 1912
    both of them on a big spoon! :0) - 10/4/2009   12:38:33 PM
  • 1911
    a tablespoon of peanut butter in with my stifry veges - 10/3/2009   7:39:27 AM
    I love to stir in a tbsp of peanut butter into my oatmeal with fresh bananas and cinnamon in the morning - 10/3/2009   5:31:51 AM
  • 1909
    Love both butters as spread & have used in protein shakes. - 7/3/2009   1:48:59 PM
  • 1908
    Almond butter on apple slices!! Yum!!! - 7/1/2009   10:54:31 AM
  • 1907
    I have never tried almond butter either but I love almonds and love peanut butter! Would love to try almond butter..... - 7/1/2009   8:10:56 AM
    I think that instead of plain butter, an almond butter would be terrific on any kind of vegetable or fruit.I like it on sliced apples.
    - 7/1/2009   5:16:34 AM
  • 1905
    I love peanutbutter stirred into my morning oatmeal! - 6/29/2009   9:39:18 AM
    I have put nuts into quite a few of my meals; I think that instead of plain butter, an almond butter would be terrific on any kind of vegetable or fruit, also in smoothies and slushies. - 6/29/2009   9:21:06 AM
    This almond nut would LOVE a try! Yum. - 6/29/2009   3:07:52 AM
    I love nut butters!! I would love to try these nut butters. - 6/29/2009   12:59:05 AM
  • 1901
    I would love to try some almond butter with celery sticks! :) - 6/29/2009   12:00:40 AM
  • 1900
    Would love to try the Almond Butter on toast with a little cinnamon. - 6/28/2009   11:40:11 PM
  • 1899
    I love the Peanut butter from Naturally more because it is crunchy, sweet and tastes more like peanuts! I like to eat it on toasted Double fiber bread, 100 calorie English muffins, or I spread a little on an apple and top with a few raisins! It is even great on celery, a bananna, or a rice cake! LOVE it! - 6/28/2009   6:37:24 PM
  • 1898
    I don't think I have ever had Almond butter before, but I LOVE peanut butter!! - 6/28/2009   5:08:35 PM
  • 1897
    Never have tried it. But this would be a good time. Either woud be great. LOL
    - 6/28/2009   5:03:39 PM
  • 1896
    I love peanut butter on toasted wheat bread w/ jelly, or with bananas or in a smoothie! I love PB on ANYTHING! So good AND nutritious. Gives that energy boost and leaves me lickin' my lips for minutes afterward. - 6/28/2009   4:52:32 PM
  • KARENN09
    i love peanut butter with celery stick. sliced apples & popcorn - 6/28/2009   3:05:28 PM
    Too late to win, but I LOVE this stuff. I found it about a year ago and thought...ehhh...I'll try everything once. was really good. I've never seen the almond though....I'll have to look around for it. I like it with apples and celery for a cruchy sweet snack, but I've also used it in a savory way in an asian sauce that I then had with grilled salmon. It was VERY good. - 6/28/2009   12:59:04 PM
  • ARIEL227
    I love peanut butter with celery or on a toasted English muffin. - 6/28/2009   11:52:12 AM
  • 1892
    I love Peanut butter especially on pancakes. - 6/28/2009   10:48:10 AM
  • 1891
    I'd like to try the almond butter. i think it would taste great on sliced apples - 6/28/2009   10:42:43 AM
  • 1890
    I like nut butters on my waffles instead of butter and syrup. - 6/28/2009   9:56:02 AM
  • 1889
    I cant wait to find it in stores by me........but if I win I wont have to shop for
    it love peanut butter on whole wheat toast.... with a touch of honey!!!!!
    yummmmmm that is my 10am snack at work..... - 6/28/2009   8:17:17 AM
  • 1888
    I would LOVE to try Naturally More Almond butter, but I can't find it in my area yet! - 6/28/2009   7:54:58 AM
  • THININ101
    I love almond nut butter it is the best. - 6/28/2009   7:25:33 AM
  • JILLY618
    Love Love the nut butters best thing ever - 6/28/2009   6:11:30 AM
  • 1885
    Nut butters are terrific. A very tiny bit packs an enormous amount of flavor, and the creamy texture is so satisfying. I like all the standards - on an apple slice, on celery, on a great sprouted or whole grain bread. I also like to make peanut sauce to drizzle on chicken (how often do I eat chicken now!), and even put a teaspoon on a low fat muffin or in my oatmeal. Peanut butter and almond butter are both terrific and I eat them both. - 6/28/2009   4:10:22 AM
    I love almonds and crunch and flax seed and very happy to see it is low in sodium. - 6/28/2009   12:40:33 AM
    I mix 1 tbs of nut butter in hot or cold skim milk and enjoy it as a drink.I have never tried the almond one,so I will prefer the almond nut butter.Thank you. - 6/27/2009   8:48:49 PM
  • 1882
    I love reduced fat peanut butter. I have never tried almond butter....I would LOVE to have the chance to win some. - 6/27/2009   8:29:36 PM
  • 1881
    I love both. I eat them as a dip for celery, carrots, apples or pear slices. I also love it on English muffins and whole wheat bread. My favorite is by the Tablespoon! I'd love to try Naturally More Almond Butter. Right now I have to go across town to get it at Whole Foods. - 6/27/2009   8:25:03 PM
  • 1880
    I love peanut butter. would really like to try it or the almond butter , - 6/27/2009   6:15:12 PM
  • ANNIEM923
    The nut butters sound great! I have never tried them but am a huge fan of peanut butter. A spoon a day is the sparkway! :) - 6/27/2009   5:25:13 PM
  • MYGIRLS19944
    When I was pregnant, one of the only proteins I could eat was peanut butter. I love to eat it on celery. I also like peanut butter and mustard sandwiches. The salty and sweet tastes together are wonderful. I also like it on bread with a slice of home grown tomato on top. I also make pickled jalapeno's stuffed with peanut butter. Cut them in half, scrape out the seeds and spread some peanut butter on them. YUMMY!!!! - 6/27/2009   3:21:28 PM
  • 1877
    I love natural nut butters! - 6/27/2009   1:20:17 PM
  • 1876
    I love peanut butter :) mmm good
    I eat it everyday on whole wheat toast or with a banana - 6/27/2009   12:12:28 PM
  • 1875
    I love peanut butter, cashew butter, and tahini and use them interchangably in recipes but have never tried almond butter. Strange because I do love almonds. I think almond cookies made with almond butter would be delicious so I hope to win a jar and come up with a recipe! - 6/27/2009   12:06:29 PM
  • 1874
    I grew up eating it on a spoon like my dad. This has been passed on to my 4 year old as well. But we also enjoy peanut butter on bread with jelly or honey. I love it with bananas, apples, and celery. And I like it on toasted bread or bagels in place of butter. YUM! - 6/27/2009   12:03:59 PM
  • 1873
    I would love to try almond butter on a banana with a glass of skim milk! - 6/27/2009   10:26:57 AM
  • 1872
    I am a peanut butter lover for sure!
    I eat peanut butter like people eat ice cream, by the spoonful! - 6/27/2009   9:36:23 AM
  • RAGDOLL555
    nut butters are probably my favorite food! yum:) - 6/27/2009   9:24:01 AM
  • 1870
    I definitely like peanut butter, and since becoming a vegetarian peanut butter has become an even more important staple in my diet. Both the almond and the peanut butter sounds good, but if I must choose, Iwould be more interested in trying the almond one. - 6/27/2009   7:43:35 AM
    eat only freshly ground nut digestive system thanks me for that. my absolute favorite is the almond butter. would really appreciate the opportunity to try this new brand. - 6/27/2009   1:19:41 AM
    I would like to try the peanut butter. I enjoy eating peanut butter on a bagel, with four-fruit preserves. Yummy. - 6/27/2009   12:04:22 AM
  • 1867
    Peanut butter on celery - yum!
    And even though it sounds gross (and I don't indulge often), but I love peanut butter and bacon on wheat toast. - 6/27/2009   12:03:05 AM
  • 1866
    i had never heard of this product until i joined Spark People. i had to do a lot of searching to find it in Ky. I love, love, love the peanut butter which is all i have been able to fine. the almond butter so good alson. - 6/26/2009   11:20:50 PM
  • 1865
    Peanut butter on a banana, almond butter on whole wheat toast...yummy! - 6/26/2009   10:53:17 PM
  • THENEW30
    My MIL told me when I married my DH as long as I had peanut butter in the house he would be happy. She was sooooo right. He takes PB & J sandwiches to work every day. I also love PB but would really like to try the almond butter :-) - 6/26/2009   10:39:41 PM

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