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Contest Closed: 2 Won a Nintendo DS, Plus Pilates and Yoga Games

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Thank you for entering this contest, which is now closed. Come back Monday for the grand prize contest!

So far, we've given away some great prizes on the dailySpark: SparkPeople gift sets, 5 packs of fitness DVDs, Fit & Fresh prize packs, yoga kits, iPods and now…

This week's gift is like having a personal Pilates and yoga studio wherever you go. Two lucky winners will receive a Nintendo DS, plus a yoga and a Pilates game to help you gain strength, tone your body and increase your flexibility.

(Pilates games not pictured, but they are included in the gift pack!)

To enter this week's contest, all you have to do is leave ONE comment on this blog entry (below) telling us how you feel when you work out.

Multiple comments will not increase your chances of winning, and duplicate comments will be discarded. You must leave your comment between now and 6 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on Friday, December 26. SparkPeople will contact the winner directly, and add a post to announce the winner after 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on Friday, December 26. For official rules, click here.

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Because I have a disability which gets me to fighting with myself to get up and exercise, I feel so accomplished....I mean, really, REALLY accomplished when I get up and complete a 10 minute segment each time. It's amazing how wonderful exercise makes you feel...makes me feel like I can conquer the world....or at least the next 10 minute segment. AMAZING feeling! Report
this looks great!!! Report
That would be AWESOME...I need all the motivation I can get. Report
No one in my family is the least bit athlethic; we are all very academic. I have to force myself to workout, I admit, as I am almost always sore to some degree or other the next morning. However, when I am in "the zone," I get a natural "high," which, in combination with the overall health benefits, makes it all worth it. Now if I can just get in the habit of getting up and getting started more often! =) Report
When I work out I like to combine yard work and walking . It makes it much more enjoyable and I get projects accomplshed also. Report
Wow, that's awesome! Report
Awesome!! Would love to win this. Thanks Report
My entire family could benefit from this gift. What a GREAT motiviational tool!!! Report
oops --- I think I'm too late Report
When I work out, I feel mentally refreshed but physically tired - means I sleep well though and want to do it again! Report
before I work out I usually don't want to and tell myself just 15 minutes is all I have to do. By the time I hit the 15 minutes I want to go longer since I am getting energized and my aches have disappeared and I am just feeling better in general so it is easier to keep exercising. Report
So many times I avoid exercise because of pain. Yoga could be the push I need to get over the hurt hurdle. Happy New Year! Report
I always feel great when I workout, so afterwards, I wonder why I have a hard time being consistent. Report
What an interesting idea. Report
Physically I feel great when I work out. Emotionally, I wonder why I don't work out regularly. Report
I really would love to have this! I have been eyeing it for awhile, but can't afford it just yet!


Wow, that would be so great to have this!!! 'Am I still in time? Am sitting in East Africa, no idea what time it is in East Coast......
When I work out I find that not only do I have energy but notice that all the aches I had before have gone away. Plus my mood elevates and I eat less. I have wanted to try yoga for a long time so this giveaway is awesome! Report
that looks great. Report
Great ! Report
I've not been very good at working out the past few months, so when I am able to get motivated and fit it into my schedule, I feel a sense of great accomplishment to begin with. Then the workout itself always increases my energy level and makes my heart and body feel so much stronger. Report
Working out makes me feel more motivated to eat right and gives me more energy. Report
When I work out I feel strong and confident. I feel worthwhile and deserving of good health. Report
Seems like the first 6 minutes is a chore, then I can begin to 'get into' it . Of course, getting started is the hardest part! Report
sounds interesting,, on the go exercise, what will they think of next. would love to try it. Happy New Year to all,, Report
I always feel energized after a workout. Report
What a unique way to get into exercise. I would love something like this. I would never be able to afford it on my pay,it seems fun. Report
I need to commit to a regular exercise program. I am looking for help in setting and reaching that goal. Report
Working out must be a top priority for me. Everyday, I think of it- and it stays in my head until I do it!
There are days, I feel like I could run a marathon with all the energy I have inside- But the harder days, or rather, the "normal" days, I push myself, challenging myself through every minute, every 5 minutes, in order to reach my goal. It's incredible to feel the accomplishment and the inner strength I get from keeping myself disciplined. I always feel refreshed and really happy that I pushed myself to work out afterward, no matter how hard it is at the beginning.
It's not that working out is always easy, or that it is a "pleasure", it's because of the benefits rewarded from effort and hard work. It still remains true that nothing of value or importance is given away freely, it must be earned.
When I work out, I feel very accomplished and proud of myself. Just starting out, everytime I work out it's one more step toward my goal. Plus, if I work out early in the day, I'm more likely to do better on my intake because I don't want to ruin what I already worked hard for. Report
I would love to get one of these! how wonderful for the winner! Report
When I work out I feel a variety of different things - sometimes I feel a sense of emotional release (super on a really irritating day). Sometimes I feel heavy and as though I can't finish (it's with these workouts that I'm usually the most proud of myself for completing). Sometimes it's something I'm checking off my list - but I'm so happy and proud that exercising is back on my list and this time I plan to keep it on my list for the rest of my life!! I also just know that it's helping me be a better, healthier Mommy for my girlies. Report
That would be sweeeet! Report
I feel relieved that my exercise for the day is Report
when I work out it gives me energy and helps me feel good about myself!! Report
Thank you this is such a nice thing you do for us sparkers Report
I am looking for the motivation to get moving again. Hope this helps someone achieve a new level of success. Report
Working out is making me feel better about my body & I can accomplish anything that is thrown at me :-) Report
My father recently got a Nintendo DS, and I have been really jealous. He just got the cooking program, and it's amazing! Report
When I workout, I feel revitalized and relaxed. All of the day's stress has just melted away. Report
After work out I feel I have done something for me and one step closer to a healther me. Report
That looks cool! Report
I feel like I could accomplish anything. Report
I have a hard time finding the motivation and time to do it. But after I'm done, I feel like I've accomplished something. Report
there isn't an 'edit' so I couldn't go back to add my comment about how I feel, but I feel great when I exercise first thing in the morning, strength and cardio. Report
Sounds great; hope I win. Report
I have such a hard time getting motivated to exercise and I'm not sure why - I always feel so much better after I do. I get this great feeling of accomplishment and I am so proud of myself - you would think that feeling would motivate me to do it more!!! Report
I just do simple stretching exercises which leaves me feeling energized. Report
I feel great after I exercise. I have the problem of actually starting to exercise. The bigger I get the harder it gets and I used to be moderately athletic. Yikes! Report
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