How You and Your Family Can Get Fit Together


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It's time to get out and get moving! Start a walking workout today and lose those stubborn pounds. And while experts encourage adults to get 30 minutes of moderate exercise -- like walking -- a minimum of five days a week, your kids should get at least one full hour every day. So rally the whole gang and make walking a family affair!

Group Effort

One Day a Week: Transform your family into a "team in training." Head out for a 90-minute (or longer) hike. Walk as if you're a little late for an important date. You'll burn well over 500 calories on this outing, especially if you find some hills to conquer.

Two Days a Week: Break a sweat for 20 to 40 minutes. For kids, this could be a game of soccer or capture the flag. Adults: Power walk, swim laps, lift weights, or try an aerobics class.

Three Days a Week: Make these your easy days. You may "need" only 30 minutes of moderate daily activity, but you'll benefit (and lose more weight) by matching your kids' daily 60-minute goal. Walk the kids to school, ride bikes before dinner, or turn some yard work into a project for the entire family.

End of the Week: Go for a celebratory jaunt. Give a little cheer for the fact that you've blasted an extra 2,000 calories in just six days.

Consult a physician before beginning any new exercise program.
Next: Fun incentives to get kids moving!

Get fit as a family. Some ideas to get you started:
How does your family stay fit together? What is your biggest challenge when it comes to family workouts?

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  • 5
    Great blog. I don't have kids at home any more, but wonder how families fit in 30-60-90 minutes segments. My daughter doesn't have a vehicle right now, so they get family exercise walking briskly to the daycare 3/4 of a mile every morning and evening. Well, that is changing with school starting and the 2-1/2 -year-old balking at walking, but they walk BRISKLY wherever they go! Treks to the store, library, bus stop. I hope folks incorporate 10-minute periods of intense activity whenever they can and don't get discouraged if they can't spend more at any one time. The blog has terrific ideas; I am not putting them down, but I recognize the necessity of being realistic, and 90-minutes of hiking is not feasible for folks I know. My grandson is 6 and runs up and down the stairs running errands for his folks. His sister is a human pinball and never sits still for more than 2 minutes! - 8/24/2011   6:44:05 PM
  • 4
    My adult children do the P90X work out with Tony Horton, but I don't "go there." LOL I get plenty of exercise cleaning house & doing the yard, which they don't want to help with. - 8/23/2011   1:41:25 PM
  • 3
    I don't have kids, but I have two active dogs that need an hour of running speed exercise each day. This was reminded me that playing with them is exercise for me too! Great mindset. - 8/23/2011   12:07:37 PM
  • 2
    My son just participated in his first kid's race on 17 months. - 8/23/2011   8:53:01 AM
  • 1
    I love this entry because it seems like it gets more and more difficult to squeeze in family time, let alone time to exercise (with busy schedules, school starting again, etc.) and these are opportunities to combine the two. - 8/23/2011   8:24:10 AM

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