I Ate It: 100-Calorie Yoplait Delights Parfait

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Yoplait recently contacted us about a new product they've just launched: the Yoplait Delights Parfait. These parfaits are marketed as a 100-calorie treat that is ideal for the times when your sweet tooth acts up. We asked a reader to try these and tell us what she thought. We also gave them a try!

What they say:

"In a recent study, nearly nine out of 10 women stated they were interested in 100-calorie foods that could help them tame afternoon cravings. Helping to make mid-day snacking satisfying and guilt-free, General Mills introduces new Yoplait Delights, a rich and creamy layered yogurt parfait with 100 calories per serving. Yoplait Delights’ unique flavor combinations include Chocolate Raspberry, Triple Berry Crème, Lemon Torte and Crème Caramel. (NOTE: Get a $1 off coupon at the website!)

New Yoplait Delights have two luscious layers, giving a taste experience unlike any other. Each cup will satisfy cravings with 100 calories per serving and 1.5 g of fat. Yoplait Delights is available nationwide at a suggested retail price of $2.99 for a package of four-4 oz cups."

Also, Yoplait has said: "As of August 2009, General Mills has made the commitment to eliminate milk sourced from cows treated with rBST (recombinant bovine somatotropin), a synthetic hormone also referred to as rBGH, in the production of its category-leading Yoplait yogurts."

What we say:
Editor's note: Some people in the SparkPeople office tried these, too. We really liked the Chocolate Raspberry and the Crème Caramel and thought they made a nice afternoon sweet treat. However, only half of us would eat them again because they contain artificial sweeteners. It's just a matter of personal preference and taste. I've noticed that when we review products that contain ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, or inulin, there's a stark contrast in the opinions of reviewers and readers. People will either really like or dislike the food based on one particular ingredient. Not every food will taste good to every person; we want to make sure that you spend your food dollars on treats you'll really like!

Here's what we thought:
"These are nice and sweet. I was expecting lemon pudding in the first bite, and I was at first confused. But as I took a second bite and expected yogurt, I was pleased. I would eat these again."

"I tried the berry and the caramel flavors. I liked the caramel flavor better, but I think that if I ate the berry flavor again, I would add real berries, too."

"I dipped a graham cracker into the lemon yogurt parfait. Yum! These definitely have artificial sweeteners in them, but I don't mind that."

Here's what our reader reviewer thought:

Name: Suzanne

Hometown: San Jose, Calif.

SparkPeople Username: Catarata17

Product name: Yoplait Delights Parfait. I tried the Chocolate Raspberry, Crème Caramel, and Lemon Torte flavors. There's also a Triple Berry Crème flavor, which I didn't try.

Nutrition info:

$2.99 for a package of four-4oz cups
available nationwide

What did you like about the product? I like how creamy they are. The Chocolate Raspberry has a fairly subtle chocolate flavor, pretty typical of chocolate yogurt. The Crème Caramel has a good, mild caramel flavor. My favorite was the Lemon Torte though. It's nice and tangy. I really like the two flavors in one. I thought they worked really well together.

What did you dislike about the product? I rarely consume artificial sweeteners, so I'm pretty sensitive to the flavor. I could really taste the sucralose in these. The chemical aftertaste was the least noticeable in the Lemon Torte, probably because it was already slightly tangy.

How did you eat this product? I had the Chocolate Raspberry for an evening snack. I wanted something dessert-like and it didn't really fulfill my craving. I had the Lemon Torte and Crème Caramel for afternoon snacks with a piece of fruit. They were fairly satisfying and kept me full until the next meal.

Want other ideas for quelling your sweet tooth? Click here.

Have you tried this product? Would you? If you're seriously interested in sharing your favorite healthful food product with the dailySpark and writing a review, send a SparkMail to SP_STEPF. (Serious inquiries only, please!)

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I will have to check these out. Thanks for the feedback!

I buy these from time to time for a work snack. The raspberry chocolate is really good! I usually buy the 32-ounce carotns of yogurt, though, as they are more economical than individual treats. Report
I did it again. I bought another Yoplait product without first checking the ingredients. I'm so sick of Yoplait and other companies using artificial sweeteners in their foods - uggh. Tastes like rat poisoning. These sweeteners have not been thoroughly tested and sadly, it takes the FDA years, sometimes decades to pull them off the shelves - but the damage is done by then. Yet more $$ thrown away since I dumped these down the drain. At least the empty containers went into the recycle containers. Hopefully, I won't make this mistake again!!!! Report
I've only tried the Triple Berry flavor and found it to be quite satisfying. I also love that each cup is only 100 calories. The only downside for me, personally, is that they are sweetened with artificial sweeteners and I'm trying to reduce the amount of them in my overall diet. The flavor is fantastic, though. Report
I loved the lemon one the most! I found the caramel to be quite disgusting! Report
I tried all of them and they were great! By the way, artificial sweeteners do not hinder weight loss. Eating too much of something hinders weight loss. I lost a lot of weight and I always use Splenda in all my recipes. You also have to exercise when on a diet. Report
The lemon is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Report
I've tried the Crème Caramel and loathed the taste. I couldn't even finish the container. I threw it away and gave the other cups to my sister, who loved it. Report
I tried the Chocolate Raspberry one and it was so sweet that I threw it away. Report
I love the Lemon Parfaits Report
My mom loves the Choc. Rasb. and I love the Carmel. Never tried the lemon, my store did not have them. I like then for after dinner snack. Eaten slow with small spoon to make it last longer. Report
I've tried all the flavors and wasnt that impressed. They were just 'ok', I can find better ways to spend 100 calories. The mixture of pudding and yogurt just tasted too weird Report
I bought the lemon and the caramel and I love them!! I want to try the Triple Berry next. I'll pass on the raspberry/chocolate. I've never had a good chocolate yogurt.

Thanks for the recomendations and reviews. I really enjoy reading about the foods you all get to try!! :) Report
These are sooo good! My favorite is the carmel. They only sell them at walmart in my area though. Report
I haven't tried them yet. They sound good -- but for all the worry about the sucralose, the second ingredient is SUGAR! I personally can't eat things with sugar very often; it'll cause blood sugar spike and crash, and leave me overeating later. If you don't have this problem with sugar it may be a satisfying treat.

I also like plain, fat-free Greek yogurt with berries mixed in, but I add a spoonful or two of Splenda. For me, the negative effects of sugar outweigh any concerns about the artificial sweetener. It's different for others. Report
I doubt I would try this; sounds like there's a lot of aftertaste, which I don't like. Why not just buy the six pack Jello 100-calorie chocolate snack cups and add a couple of tablespoons of raspberry (or strawberry) yogurt? Though it might cost the same, (or less, on sale) you would get more ingredients to make this snack six times. Report
I found the Chocolate Raspberry to be a bit disappointing as it doesn't taste like chocolate at all. I do love the caramel and lemon though. Report
I have tried the Creme caramel and the chocolate Raspberry. I liked both of them. I have tried them as a dessert, but it didnt really cut the craving. As an afternoon snack, this was great. Report
I tried the chocolate raspberry,thought it was ok even though I'm not a big fan of yogurt. Report
I tried the Caramel Creme. Love it..better than the Chocolate Raspberry (and I am a serious Chocoholic). To fancy it up, I would top it with a tablespoon of Cool whip Light. Yummy. I can now say that really like the Yoplait Delights. Report
I tried the caramel flavor and I froze it. I don't think I would freeze the caramel flavor again because the fat came out in it but I did enjoy the flavor and I don't mind the artificial sweeteners. Report
I've bought all 4 varieties but have only tried the caramel flavor so far. It's very good and I can't wait to try the other flavors. Report
I cannot try these since I am a vegetarian and they contain gelatin. I really wish these big companies would stop utilizing this additive in products that don't really require it. There are plenty of yogurts without gelatin that taste fantastic & have a perfect texture. It is always a big disappointment when these "great new products" come out. Report
I am not a fan of the 100 calorie snacks; I find they have more sugar than the "regular" product. I have always had a problem with portion control so buying the regular product and dividing it into portions is one of my goals to conquer this month. To each his own. I have a friend who buys all kinds of 100 calories products- I know she will try these, especially when she can print out the $1 off coupon. Thanks for the review it was very helpful to me. Report
I think they sound really good. Unfortunately, I see on the label that modified corn starch is the 3rd ingredient. My doctor told me to stay away from foods with this ingredient. Report
I tried the caramel and found it to have a weird aftertaste - kind of sour or tangy not what you would expect in a caramel treat. My kids hated them. Report
I tried the Lemon one and it wasnt bad. I dont think I would eat it again. It doesnt seem worth the 100 calories. I might try another flavor first before I make my decision on whether or not I buy them again. Report
My husband actually bought the parfait. He's big on the 100 calorie snacks. He loves pudding snacks and all kinds of cookies. They were a hit at my home. Report
I had the Lemon Torte and LOVED it. I thought it tasted a bit like lemon meringue pie. I really enjoyed it and would definitely buy it again! Report
I bought the chocolate raspberry and I thought it was pretty good. The raspberry had the yogurt taste but the chocolate tasted more like a pudding. I would buy them again. Report
I saw these at Walmart today for $2 so I bought some of the carmel flavored. Guess what?...I ate them all. Not all at once, but through out the day I kept going back for another one. They are really good!...Too good! Report
I bought the Triple Berry flavor...pop one in the freezer for about thirty minutes...oh my, they are like heaven in a cup, lol. Love them, can't even tell it is yogurt!! Report
I eat things with artificial sweetner all the time and usually can't taste the difference. However, these were absolutely gross. I don't know if it was the sweetner, or just the way it was made. I tried the caramel one and thought it tasted so sour. My hubby tried the raspberry one and could definitely tell there was artificial sweetner in it. I will never buy them again, not even to try the flavors we didn't try yet. Report
They sound so good, I want to try them Report
I've eaten the berry and caramel before. I ate them for the sugar taste but the price could be lowered. I like the idea of giving us something for our sugar tooths. I am going to print off that coupon!!! Taste good for what it is. Report
I love the rasp/choco delight, my hubby likes the berry. Walmart in SC has the 4- pk for 2.00. I have one for desert in the evening, not every day, but at least 2 or 3 times a week. Great for me! Report
I have been gone from SP for awhile, and I come back and find this! It's so funny, cause I just ate one this morning.
Saturday when I went shopping, the person in front of me left one of their bags. The cashier didn't notice, and put some of my stuff on top of hers. When I got home, there in the bag with my soup beans was Yoplait Delights Creme Caramel. I seriously considered taking it back, cause I felt bad. But it was only one item, and I was exhausted. So I kept them. And I have to say, I am so glad I did. Perfect snack and I don't feel guilty at all. Except for the woman who didn't get hers. But I know that the store will replace them for her. Same thing has happened to me many time. Report
Awesome! Can't wait to try these! Report
I tried the Chocolate Raspberry last night. I am not a raspberry fan so I was a little leary. It was good. The next time I will try the caramel before I give a yay or nay vote on these treats. Report
I only tried the lemon ..and I loved it. My only problem with these kind of products..its hard to eat just one. We dont eat dessert in our house. I would prefer to just eat the light yogurt with fruit and a granola bar over it. Report
I just loved the caramel ones ........yummy. Report
i snapped these puppies up as soon as saw them about 2 weeks ago. the chocolate raspberry is pretty good....it is very creamy, almost like pudding, but not quite. not overly chocolatey, but it was pretty good as an afternoon snack at work, especially compared to the donuts someone had brought in! will try the lemon next. Report
These are so good. I like to have a little something that doesn't feel good for you before bed this hits the spot. VERY WONDERFUL. Got to try. Report
I might try these sometimes, but I truly have to have a "crunchy-munchier" kind of treat - puddings and yogurts just don't really seem to satisfy me. Report
Haven't seen anything like this locally just yet, but I will be on the look-out! I definitely need something to tame that sweet tooth!! Report
sounds good. the old weight watchers me would love these!!! The new naturopathic diet program me wouldn't touch them. 12g of sugar in one serving. I'm thinking I'd rather eat a twix. Report
I bought one last week, and before I even got a chance to try it, my husband has gone through the entire 4-pack!! And he hates anything labelled "diet" or "100-calorie" or "no sugar"... I guess the packaging must have slipped past him. But he loved it, so now I'm going to have to buy it again just to try it for myself.

I also don't understand what the problem is with artificial sweetners. I use Splenda in place of sugar and can't tell a difference. For me, Splenda tastes exactly like sugar... Report
I won't even try these because the artificial sweetener being used is sucralose. I have had issues with heart arhythmia with that sweetener, so if I use something fake, it is either aspartame or stevia. Report
not really sure what the big deal about the artificial sweeteners is....i use splenda everyday in my coffee, tend to stay away from premade anything...but occasionally have to have something sweet & thought i was better off with splenda/sweet& low/equal than sugar! Report
No I would not purchase these because of the artifical flavoring. Report
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