In the News: This Is Your Brain on Coffee

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A round-up of the most interesting and thought-provoking healthy headlines of the week.

This Is Your Brain on Coffee
Several recent studies have linked moderate coffee consumption to various health benefits--including lowered risks of developing some cancers and staving off dementia. Get the scoop on what your morning cup (or two) does to help your health.

Hidden, Healthy Fast-Food Finds
It's the sign of a true foodie to order off the menu in high-end restaurants, but did you know that such secret menus exist at restaurant chains, too? These top-secret meals are healthier--you just need to know what to ask for.

Philly helps Chinese takeouts take out some of the salt
Most of the salt we consume comes not from the shaker but from restaurant and processed foods. In Philadelphia, the Department of Health is helping Chinese takeout restaurants slash sodium, partially as a way to help lower-income populations at risk for high blood pressure and heart problems.

Vegetarian diet tied to fewer deaths over time
Hold the bacon for a longer life? A new study found that those who eat mostly fruits and vegetables are less likely to die over a certain period of time. Another study found conflicting results, but it's still a good endorsement for eating your broccoli.

Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes
A cardboard box full of baby supplies offered to all Finnish mothers regardless of income is, some say, a key reason why the Scandinavian country has one of the world's lowest infant mortality rates.

Yoga for Bigger Bodies a Hit
Yoga for plus-size practitioners is catching on, with more classes popping up that are accessible to every body. Find out why--and where you can take these classes.

Sunscreen is not just for the beach: Daily use can protect skin, study says
I have super fair skin that is prone to sunburns, which I wrote about in the blog "Does SPF 100=100% Sun Protection?" I have worn sunscreen daily for years, but I have sometimes questioned whether it was necessary. Now a study has found that regardless of your motivation, be it vanity or cancer prevention, daily sunscreen application protects your skin. (If you're interested, here's a guide to the best sunscreens.)
More TV time equals more sugary drinks for kids, says study
A new study found that the more time children spend in front of the television, the more ads they see, which leads to higher consumption of sweetened beverages.

Nutritional fact or fiction? Dietitians weigh in on probiotics, the microwave and more

Is microwaved food less nutritious? Is sea salt superior to table salt? Is the "three-second rule" legit? Dietitians separate myths from reality.

Which stories topped your "must-read" list this week?

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Good assortment of articles. I like that Yoga Journal is reaching out to larger women. When I started yoga, I weighed about 70 pounds more than I do now, and I was very frustrated by limited flexibility and range of motion and by utter lack of larger yoga clothing (Clerk at LuLu Lemon: "Oh, yes, we have larger sizes. We go all the way up to size 12." Urk.) Then I picked up a card at Kripalu showing a plus-size woman in a difficult pose, and I wanted to keep going. Now at my maintenance weight, I still have that Kripalu card on my bulletin board. Report
I read the article about Finnish babies and really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. Report
Thanks for the news round up. I like this feature. Please do more. Report
I liked the other articles as well. Report
Thank you for the link to the Hidden, Healthy Fast-Food Finds article! I had no idea that fast food restaurants offered so many hidden items! Report
I'm a coffee addict (around one-two full pots per day), but to me, the epidemiological study sounds a little contrived. The numbers coincide too closely with our general increase in longevity to be of any import to me, and the article doesn't mention whether or not those factors have been taken into account (didn't read the original study, no time atm).

The Alzheimer's and caffeine study is very interesting- my one grandfather had Alzheimer's and dementia and was treated with caffeine pills when he was diagnosed. Report
I don't think drinking coffee is healthy for you, but Coffee growers want people to think that to sell their product. Report
My longest living relative an aunt lived 2 months short of her 100th.birthday and until the last 6 months of her life lived in her own home and cooked from scratch.She had no dementia and drank about 2 pots of coffee with caffine in it a day from age 14.Enough evidence for me. Report
Good article. Report
The Finnish Box reminds us that we all end as we start: in a box! ;)
Found it hilarious that condoms are also offered in this box... isn't it a bit late? Report
I've been ordering from Panera's hidden menu for a while now....delicious and healthy!

And I wish that I could find curvy yoga classes around here...from what I gather one on one classes are available here but I would love to just drop in on a group class to try it out. Report
Great articles. Think I'll go pour myself another cup o'java.... Report
Some interesting articles particularly the Finnish Baby Box. What a wonderful thing. I am glad that it was given to all women that way it is not seen as a handout but a helping hand for ALL families. It is also a very clever way to insure prenatal care and a loving tradition. I also liked the secret menu items. I go to Panera Bread sometimes and that Power breakfast bowl looked delicious. Report
Read the article about Finnish babies in boxes..VERY interesting.. Report
Thank you! Report
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