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Poll: Do You Still Use Fitness DVDs?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
In this era of on-demand entertainment, where everything (our phones, our TVs and our laptops) is connected to the Internet to stream whatever we want to watch right when we want to watch it, what does it mean for the humble little fitness DVD?
The first exercise videos were introduced on VHS in the '80s, and they revolutionized fitness. Home workout videos made exercising in your living room a regular thing—cheap, accessible and private, compared to paying to take classes at a gym. I've never known a world without fitness videos (I'll be 30 this year). But could fitness DVDs soon be a thing of the past?
But the way in which we all consume media is changing drastically. People are cancelling their cable subscriptions in favor of Internet-connected TVs, smartphones and computers that let us watch our favorite television series and movies for just a few dollars a month. With a recessed economy, many people are forgoing the gym in favor of home workouts as well, but are they still buying fitness DVDs or are they simply using the many free and low-cost workouts available online or via phone apps?
I recently read two stories that shared somewhat opposing viewpoints on fitness DVDs. The first from Reuters shared some recent trends in the $264 million-dollar fitness DVD industry. While people are buying fewer move and television DVDs, fitness DVD revenue has climbed 11.2% in the past five years and is expected to grow another 9.8% in the next five.
The other story, from CNN, talks about the growth of online or "on-demand" workouts, which are available to paying subscribers for low monthly fees. These are touted as giving more variety than your standard workout DVD, but for a similar out-of-pocket cost. "Nearly 20% of all TVs worldwide will be connected to the Internet by 2016, according to Digital TV Research, which will make it even easier for online fitness videos to infiltrate America's living rooms," says the story.
Me? I don't have cable. I don't pay for any TV or online subscriptions. But I do love fitness DVDs. I still use them and I continue to buy them even though I don't buy other DVDs (like movies or TV shows) anymore. For me, I still see a lot of value in fitness DVDs as useful products that I actually do play again and again. I can't say the same for my library of movies, which hardy ever get watched anymore. I find online subscriptions for workout videos very intriguing and might try them at some point, but I still love having the tangible product that I can pick up and play in my living room—at least for now.
How about you: Do you still buy and use fitness DVDs? Did you ever? Do you think workout DVDs will be a thing of the past in the near future, or that they're here to stay for a while?

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Yep. I have Tai chi, Walking, Aerobics. Report
I started using fitness videos years ago when my kids where young so I could workout. The kids are grown and I have found that I prefer my videos for working out. I have a lot of variety so I do not get bored. My "gym"(my formal living room which was never used) has my dumbells and mini-trampoline and large fitness ball. Report
Living in an apt, I can't do aerobic DVD's or anything that would have me jumping and otherwise disturbing the people below. That said, I do Pilates/Barre videos on a regular basis. Report
I never had any luck working out at home. I do the class at the gym, swim laps in our community pool, and go for bike rides. I get distracted too easily at home. Report
Oregon weather! Still love the convenience of classic, no-nonsense DVDs. I have much more room in front of a TV than the computer. Report
I love fitness DVD's. I can use them at any time & they are pretty cost friendly. I usually buy Leslie Sansone. Report
I buy the dvds when there on sale at my local walmart or half priced at my local goodwill. I also just go to youtube and put in different names and find awesome fitness videos online. I only buy dvds when I can get them for a few bucks. Report
I don't know that I'd work out much without Jillian Michaels and Billy Blanks especially. Report
Absolutely. I don't have the time to get to live classes during the class hours due to three children and an ailing parent that I take care of. Zumba, Jillian Michaels, SparkPeople DVD's, Zumba Wii, Zumba PS3, and EA Sports Active and Wii Fitness are my best workout buds. :) Report
I absolutely LOVE having fitness dvds! I use them everyday. Report
I love having fitness DVDs because they are a sure thing. I don't have to worry about the weather and I don't have to rely on my unstable internet connection. DVDs help eliminate most of my excuses why I can't exercise. Report
Yes, I use fitness DVDs. I would be lost without them. Report
yes I love working out with DVD. I need someone telling me what to do to get a complete workout. I enjoy Nichol's DVDs. I also use Jillian Michaels and Denise Austin. It saves so much time to not have to pack up and go to the gym and drive home. Also better for the environment. I will always use DVDs. Report
I love my fitness dvds. It's my main source of exercising. I don't use online fitness because my computer room is too small to hold all my dumbells and other fitness equipment. I also like a large screen so I can see what the instructor is doing without my glasses. Report
I do go to the gym; Planet Fitness, but I do love to use my Kathy Smith workout DVDs! Kathy is such a great instructor! She explains everything so well!
When I first started working out, several years ago, I didn't pay for a gym, I did a Kathy Smith workout almost everyday. She has a huge varity of different workouts & routines!
Now, that I go to the gym & use the treadmill or the gazelle or the elliptical, or the circuit training, or weight machines, etc...., a few days a month, when I do my Kathy Smith DVD, she kicks my butt!!!! I workout muscles doing my DVDs that I don't work at the gym & it feels great!!!!
Kathy Smith Rocks!!!!! Report
Yes I own an extensive library of fitness DVDs. With an 11 and 5 year old at home, going to the gym is not an option for me. My daughter thinks I'm obsessed with buying fitness DVDs but I think they are the way to go if you want variety in your workouts.

When I taught Step & Kickbox I would often borrow shamelessly from the choreography on DVDs. You can only pick up so much info at aerobic conferences before your mind glazes over. Now I buy Bellydance DVDs for the wicked-hard drills & small, brilliant combinations that I can recycle into performances. All Hail the 'old school' DVD! Report
i just recently cancelled my gym membership to start working out at home. with 3 children, 4 years of age and under, it is tough to pack them all up just to get to the gym for an hour. i invested in an elliptical and i also bought a couple of dvds and i love it! the on demand channel for cable is ok, but i can never find anything that i enjoy working out to on it. Report
I just did your 28 Day Boot Camp video today for the first time! I, too, do not have on-demand (poor student!). I really enjoy my DVDs, although I tend to purchase them when they're on sale/discounted. I don't have time to pack up, drive, and go to my school's gym, especially just to wait in line for equipment. I can't afford a public gym membership. I will stick with my DVDs and running routines! Report
Still have them still use them !!! I can put on what I want and work out at the level that works for me that day... I get lots of outdoor execise in the summer but winters are different and being at home inside on nasty days with some good music and exercise the dvd's save me !! Report
I have often done a fitness workout with a DVD, now I have a new one I won in a raffle and am enjoying using it. I think there will always be some kind of 'gizmo' for home use as lots of people enjoy workouts, and can be too busy to go to gym's or classes. So keep them coming Nicole! Report
Yes! I love my workout DVDs. I do buy some other DVDs, but by far, it mostly fitness DVDs. In fact, years ago, I finally went from a VCR to a DVD player for fitness DVDs. Report
I LOVE Exercise DVDs. I refer to them as Exercise for Introverts. And--no drive to the gym or having to go outside in bad weather. And they're so straightforward to use, and I have a rotation of about eight of them that I cycle through. My favorites are Ellen Barrett, Leslie Sansone, and Petra Kolber. Report
I'm a fan of fitness DVD's! They provide an inexpensive way to workout regularly, not matter what the weather, and without the audience of a gym. My favorite is Leslie Sansone's line. Report
I sure hope they NEVER stop making and selling fitness DVD's. I do not have enough wireless MB alottment to watch very many video's of anykind. Watching videos online drains my wirelless really really fast. Useing ON Demand is ok but it will never replace the DVD that you can take anywhere with you and not have to worry if the place I am at has cable on demand. Report
I love Gilad's Step Routine. I've done it "off and on" for 3 years and still get a great work-out (offset with Total Gym and Fitness Walking). On a rainy day, you can't beat a fitness video! Report
I still buy and use fitness DVD's, use them every so often. Report
Jackie Warner dvds are great. I am limited due to my knees and the impact they can take. These are very effective. Report
I use the excercise dvds when my health lets me. My newest ones are from Aussie Fit. I love those. Report
I have a huge library of VHS (taped shows of denise austin & Gillad from the, regular VHS & DVD workouts. I mix them up. My newest one is Coach Nicoles 28 day bootcamp!! Report
Started using Bob Harper DVD's. I could hardly do them in the beginning but have gotten alot stronger just by using them. I really enjoy them because the people in the video are struggling right along with me and that motivates me. Real people, real sweat and real results. An added bonus is that my husband will sometimes join me and that makes us both work just a little harder. Be Blessed. Report
Yes, I use DVDs. Occasionally, but I should much more often. When I lead -- outdoor walks and on the treadmill -- I think I don't really push myself. With a DVD, I'm following and trying to keep up, which helps me move and use muscles I probably wouldn't otherwise. Report
my stair stepper came with a dvd and my son has the whole px90 set, but, i dont really use them, i used to watch denise austin daily and work out with her, and i do still have my richard simmons sweatin to the oldies vcr tapes, but i never use them either. Report
I joined a gym with a video room that offers all kinds of big screen workouts, so I've been ignoring my DVD collection. The gym adds new workouts every month and retires older ones. So it's never boring. Report
I own a ton of fitness DVDs almost all of Jillian Michaels and several of the Shape DVDs. There are some that I really enjoy. I aim to use them more than I actually end up doing though. I wish I could get up earlier in the mornings at least a few days a week and put them to good use. The only thing I don't like is it's way to easy to hit the stop button and walk away unlike a class at the gym! Report
I like exercise DVDs, but I do get bored with the same routines after a while. There's a third option available that's neglected in the article: streaming free fitness programs.
The market isn't huge right now but I've been using the reasonably professional It has varied workout programs & most of the shows are streamed/recorded daily so I can get out of the doldrums of doing the same Yoga workout without getting angry at the host for not shutting his yap. (Yes, I'm looking at you Tony Horton.)
Granted, it's created by a resistance band company, but many of the programs really don't require weights/bands for the workouts to be effective. Report
No I get so bored with dvds I actually get up and walk away.
I use my DVDs almost exclusively. If I have the option of a large television, why would I exercise using a puny computer screen for guidance? There is no on-demand workout channel from my cable provider. Report
I *love* my DVDs. I have a wide variety so no matter what mood hits me, I have something to cure my itch. My latest obsession is Zumba Exhilarate. I'm too cheap to have fast internet or better cable w/ on-demand or DVR so my DVDs are perfect. Although I do find myself using more & more of Coach Nicole's videos. :-) Report
I much prefer dvds over On Demand. My preference would be to stream my computer through the TV, but so far I haven't figured out how to do it. I prefer not to rely on cable. Report
Oh yes--I do. I love Leslie Sansone. I'm (soon to be) 54 years old and Leslie helps me get in shape without being too hard. I feel like i have really accomplished something after I do them. Somedays I work harder than others and because she has them segregated in miles I can do exactly how much I have time for. Wouldn't be without them. Report
I can't afford a membership nor have the time/luxury to leave the house to workout. I love my DVD's - I have a broad range of workouts to choose from (boot camps to yoga to dancing) Report
I love my workout DVDs. I use them all my work from home days when I don't have access to the gym. Report
I need to continue to use my dvds MORE Report
love my dvds! there's really no excuse to get moving. i've got a dvd for almost any kind of workout, plus depending on the weather and my mood is the work out I choose. Report
I can't imagine life without my fitness dvd's and vhs tapes. I have lost many pounds and inches with their help. I am not a gym rat. I don't need the support of others and am very motivated to work out at home. I started in the early 90's with Richard Simmons' "Dancing to the Oldies" and the old "Abs and Buns of Steel" with Leisa Hart. Those two tapes rocked my world! Now I have dozens of different dvd's and vhs tapes including many of Kathy Smith, Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, Denise Austin, Supreme 90 Day Challenge and many others. I have dvd's for cardio, ST and for circuit traning, yoga, callanetics and kickboxing. I mix it up to keep myself and my body from getting bored and most days I enjoy my workouts. I admire people who go to the gym but I am not one of them and I don't think one needs the gym to lose weight and tone up. It's just a matter of personal preference and this girl prefers to sweat at home! Report
I love exercise DVD's. I have the Spark People video's, Leslie Sansone, and Denise Austin (I've been using her video's since the 80's). I believe they add variety to my exercise routine. Report
I have a collection of about a dozen exercise DVDs that I use during inclement weather. I would be lost without them and the variety that they provide me. When we go on vacation I pack one in my luggage and know that I'll have a good workout whenever and wherever I want. Report
I recently purchased the fitness DVD Brazilian Butt lifter and I love it. I have purchased other fitness dvd's in the past and they really help since I do not really have time to go to the gym as much as I would like to. Report
I've tried a ton of fitness tapes and DVDs over the years. You name it; I've tried it. However, there is one fitness instructor that has kept my attention for over 5 years, Chalene Johnson! I love everything she does. Even after 5 years, I still use my Turbo Jam DVDs and I've just started Chalene Extreme. Report
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