Poll: How Do Weekends Affect Your Workouts?

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I may have a job that I love, but I thoroughly look forward to the weekends. I like to relax, sleep in, spend more time with my boyfriend, and do as little as my heart desires. Each day promises freedom and potential to do whatever I want!

Most of us have more free time on the weekends. Sure, we have laundry to wash and groceries to buy, but we usually plan some much-needed football watching, naps and friendly socializing in there, too.

When it comes to eating healthy and exercising, the weekend could either help or hurt your efforts. You probably have more time to plan and cook healthful meals on the weekend, but you're also more likely to dine out on these days. Likewise, you probably have more time and freedom to work out on a Saturday than on a Monday, but many of us prefer to use the weekends as rest and recovery days.

Since I've been tracking my workouts more diligently this year, I have noticed certain patterns in my behavior. Earlier this year, I learned that I don't like to exercise on Fridays (a habit that I have since changed!), but I've also noticed how the weekends affect my own workouts overall.

This led me to wonder: How do weekends affect your workout routine?

I like to take advantage of the extra time that weekends provide. I do two shorter runs during the week because of time constraints, so I will do a longer run each weekend, knowing I can go as far as I want because I don't have to rush to get to work. I also tend to do more lifestyle activities, like working in the yard, playing tennis, walking around the neighborhood or going for a hike in the park. In the summer, I like to take my bike to a nearby trail and ride for a couple of hours—something I never take the time to do on a weekday.

Don't get me wrong—my weekends aren't filled to the brim with exercise; it varies. But I do try to stay active and do a planned workout at least one of the two days. For people who struggle to fit in workouts during the week, whether because of school, work or childcare commitments, the weekend may provide the time that you need to squeeze in exercise consistently, taking the pressure off of always trying to fit in workouts during the weekdays. You can involve your family and friends in your weekend workout pursuits, too. My best friend and I like to go hiking together—instead of just heading out for dinner or drinks—so we can catch up (and burn calories).

How about you: How do weekends affect your workout routine? Do you exercise more or less during these days?

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I have to FORCE myself to workout on the weekends after working all week. Most times my form of a workout is cleaning house. Report
Not too much because my boyfriend motivates me on the weekends. I do good on my own during the week, but we do good together on the weekends. It's also exercise that's not really under time constraints so more relaxing. Report
I still workout on weekends but it's a lot less formal than during the week. I may go for a long walk instead of a run, bike or practice some new Zumba routines but I always get some physical activity. Report
I like a little downtime on weekends so usually exercise one of the two days. During the week I am fairly consistent so I don't get hung up on the "day off". Report
Same here, I don't really do exercise on Friday - whether because I plain don't want to or because usually on Friday, my focus is mostly on finishing the week job or at least reduce the workload as much as I can. Trying to change this habit! Report
My weekends are pretty much the same as my weekdays...I work so I get a lot of walking done up and downs stairs and going twice around the property is one mile so I do one lap every hour....but Sundays all I do is the walking at work and no more but that is the day I also eat more healthier because I don't want to mess up my eating habits....Fridays is the day I chose to enjoy whatever I want to eat for dinner but I still do all my regular exercise route in the morning and evening Report
My workouts on the weekends tend to be intense. I have a Tae Bo advanced 2 tape that I do on the weekends because it is very intense and takes alot to do and I can wear myself out and not have to worry about performing any job duties that day. Also I have started doing my workouts in the morning instead of the evening. The first Monday I got up at 5 and did my workout and went to work by the time I got to work I was tired and did not want to do anything. So I use Sunday as my first 5 am day, do my workout and get dressed for the day. The only thing we do on a regular basis on Sunday is church and lunch with the in laws. Then I can come home and be as lazy as I want to be. Monday morning I get up easier and since it is the second day I am more energized. My weekends start on Friday. My usual workout on Fridays are hip hop ab videos on youtube. They are alot of fun and tend not to feel like a workout. Report
I hate working out on Sundays for sure....that is my day of rest. If I busted my butt all week I would take Saturday and Sunday but with my work schedule its been hard to take both days off. My Saturdays are normally my easy day so its NOT too bad! Report
Weekends are MY time for ME. I'll spend up to two hours at the Y on either Saturday or Sunday. One of those days is a more strenuous workout, and the other day is a simple walk of some sort. I really like having Saturday or Sunday to really punch up my workout. Makes me feel really good to be so tired! Report
I don't work out on weekends, I only work out when no one is home. Self-conscience. Report
The weekends are when my nutrition and fitness trackers are neglected. I just want to relax on Saturday and Sunday. However, I'm vowing to change that mostly because I tend to eat a little more reckless on the weekend also so some exercise could help offset those additional calories I'm taking in. Very good article. Report
I love the weekend for doing my long run, which I do on Saturday, have a group of girls that I run with, keeps me motivated. Hard to cancel when you meet with other people. Always feel good when I am done. Report
i exercise at a fitness gym 3-4 days a week then on the off days i do it at home when i can weekends i do friday and sunday usually saturday is a day of rest or light exercising for me but the other days are vigorous gym or home exercising. I have the Wii and just got the Wii fit plus with 3 exercising games to do also. I have the big stability ball, 3 flexible bands kit, exercise mat and stationary bike to keep me busy at home. Food is hard on the weekend to eat well because we usually go out to eat at least once plus the holidays are bad when going to family's houses to eat because they are not vegetarians like me or eat better like me. So i would say weekends are hard too to keep fit. Report
I exercise every weekend. Sunday is a hectic day but, I still get it done. Mondays are my off day. Report
Since I have more time on weekends, I tend to fit in quite a bit MORE exercise on weekends. Now that I have more options for home exercise available, I like to de-stress on Friday evenings before I even start making dinner. Not only does that help put me in a better frame of mind, I find that I'm not so ravenous when dinner comes around.

I used to have more "off" days than "on" days, but I've been gradually changing that. Now I only miss a day here and there. If I know I'm going to have a busy (or a lazy watching TV) evening, I make sure that I get up early and work out, even if it's only for 15 minutes. A day without exercise is like...well, it's like a day where the pounds try to pack back on me! Report
Good article! I'm usually "so-so" about exercising on the weekends, but my eating habits are terrible. Obviously, that is something I need to change. Report
Weekends are the best for workouts. Full time working, mothering, "wifing" wipes me out during the week.
I use the weekends to fit in extra exercise. I don't usually have time to do it on Fridays b/c of my schedule, but I have stopped making weekends my "cheat" days when it comes to my eating habits so it has balanced out better. The best thing about the weekend is that I can relax AND still fit in a 2 hour workout without sacrificing my entertainment or friend time. I am very grateful for slow weekend afternoons! Report
Weekends are one of my favorite times to exercise! Nice article! Report
I love going to the gym so it rolls over into the weekends. I do wish I did other things than my "norm" 45 minutes on the treadmill. I have the time but I opt out. I keep promising myself that I'm gonna get in the pool or do some weight training. It always seems busy when I get there so I just pass instead. Nevertheless, I'm still there!!!! My only problem on weekends is unstructured eating. I can't seem to keep my mouth closed.... Report
I don't get to do anything on my Saturdays. I work Saturdays and my gym closes earlier on the weekends so I could get in there, but of course, I don't. Sunday I will fit in at least something, but I'm always running around getting ready for the week. So, as much as I enjoy being off on Sundays, I kinda dread them. Report
Our family recently has been active on the weekend, partially to support my weight loss. Last week we went hiking on Saturday. It was long and hard, I was happy to see everyone being so supportive. Report
cool Report
I struggle on the weekends. I am really disciplined and prepared during the week but the weekend comes and it seems like everything goes out the window. Report
I exercise Mnday through Saturday. Sunday is my day of rest. Reading, and enjoying my family takes priority Report
Weekends almost seem to be my workhorse for workouts. Yeah, I can get a couple miles of walking in on weekdays, but my time is so scheduled around work and school (not to mention homework!) on weekdays.
I'm not a gym member, since I don't have the money, so instead I'm going to start exploring parks in my area that offer circuit training.
I will admit - weekends are rough in the fact that everyone is home - and eating whatever whenever. But even then, I keep thinking that saying "nothing tastes as good as thin feels". I've lost 5 pounds so far, and I'm only a couple weeks in to REALLY exercising and counting calories. Report
My workout never changes because with my chronic health conditions, all I can do is walk. The only day I try and FORCE myself to rest is on Sunday. I'm a Christian and I try to do things like read my Bible, pray, watch Christian programming to keep me filled for the coming week. I read my Bible and pray daily, but I try to keep what I consider the Sabbath to be Holy as God has asked of me. Report
I try really hard not to workout on weekends unless I've missed 3 or more days of working out during the week. Report
I workout Mon thru Thurs and bowl on a league Friday night and take the weekend off most times to rest. If I miss days through the week I will workout on the weekend to make up. Report
Weekends are often my only days when I'm at home and have time to spend with my husband. So no exercise, although we do a lot of walking at weekends anyway. Report
I normally ride 20 miles per day M-F and rest over the weekend. But I kind of like the idea of shortening the weekday rides and adding a couple of longer rides over the weekend. I could ride 12 miles per day M-F and then do a 20 mile each weekend day and get the same mileage. Maybe I'll try that out and see how I like it. Report
I have a difficult time exercising on the weekends since everyone is home and my hubby always stays up late watching TV in the living room where he inevitably falls asleep. I can only exercise in the living room...maybe I should go running on the weekend...hmm, since the whole family usually sleeps until like noon anyway. Report
I find that I exercise more on the weekends, and it's easier to get outside. I usually do 2 workouts on Saturday, and 1 longer workout on Sunday. My time during the week is much more limited, so I'm happy for the chance to workout more than 30 minutes a session. Monday is my "rest day", because I don't like Mondays in general, and can't seem to muster the enthusiasm or focus enough to exercise on that day. Report
I always intend to workout on weekends, but oftentimes, I wind up not doing much. I hope that's not the end of the world since I have upped my weekday workouts to four of five from three days, but I still feel sometimes like I have to start all over again Monday. It's not so bad when I get in a 5k though. Those are usually on weekends. It's easier for me to find time to do something like that. Report
..other then a few holidays or if I am sick week ends are a must. Tuesday is my day off. grant it i have all that I need down stairs and I only do about 30 t0 35 mins. a day but I feel good when I do them Report
I work normal weekends, but my weekend is Wednesday/Thursdays(yay, so todays my friday!), I find that I clean the crap out of my house on wednesdays(like break a sweat cleaning), and relax on thursdays. My fiancee and I love to go for walks, sometimes up to two hours, so I guess I do exercise on my weekends, just not a normal workout Report
Weekends are our "BIG" workout time. Since we own our own business and typically work a 10 hour day, it's hard to work exercise in during the week. We usually spend about 2 hours at they gym on Saturdays and Sundays unless we're working or traveling. When we don't work out, I really miss it. Report
I may fit in a workout on the weekends. I usually do other things to get my heart rate up. I mow the yard, rake the leaves, paint a room, clean the house at a fast pass, walk the dogs, garden, wash the car, and work in the yard. That way I kill two birds with one stone, get my heart rate up and move around and accomplish a task that needs to be done. Report
Definitely an increase in physical activity on the weekends. Longer hikes, bike rides, and more free time. Plus all of the other physical activities like mowing grass, gardening, other yard work help. Report
It's Monday where I tend to feel the need to put extra time into the job! The weekends let me focus on what's important to me as a person, and that includes workouts. Report
i use saturdays to get in 2 workouts and sundays are my days to take it easy doing stretching, yoga, pilates or taking the whole day off all together. i like to ease into my work week. Report
I work week-ends so don't always work out. Report
I hike with my kids if the weather is good on weekends or walk with my daughters...I always find a way to exercise that includes them sometimes it's yoga or a dance video. Report
I have a problem with eating and exercising right now. Am going through Radiation treatments right now. Feel to tired and nauseated to do much of any thing Report
I'm just trying to get myself geared emotionally to start walking and some light exercise. I use to be a die hard about it, but my knees are needing work as are my attitude these days. I admire those that have it together. They deserve a pat on the back and more.
BurningThyme/Gloria Report
I would love to work out on the weekends, but I can't because my baby sitter takes the wekend off, plus I go to church on sundays ... : ( Report
I love working out on weekends. I do a class Saturday morning and one Sunday morning, and I feel energized for the rest of the day. It also helps me feel better about eating out. My rest day each week is Friday. Report
I don't work out on the weekend. I know i should but to lazy Report
Great blog. I come to find Sunday is my lazy day. During biking season I'll be gone for hours on Saturdays, but now I'm trying to spread those hours out over the week. I find on the weekends that if I don't get up and right to exercising it gets pushed aside by all the "honey do's." Report
To me, weekends are a time to kick back and do "informal" exercise--physical play. Report
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