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Poll: Which Season is Your Favorite for Outdoor Exercise?

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Fall will be here in just a couple weeks, which means we should be experiencing cooler temperatures very soon! During the hot summer months, many people take their workouts indoors to escape the heat, including myself. With the cooler weather that accompanies the fall season though, it's a great time to get back outside for some of your workouts.
After moving from California to the Midwest five years ago, I have experienced the seasonal changes that Californians don't typically experience.  Before living in a place that has such drastic seasonal changes, I never really had a "favorite season" for outdoor exercise . However, now that I live in such a place, I definitely have a preference as to which seasons I like to take my workouts outside -- fall and spring. I love fall the most though, because it not only brings cooler weather, but it is fun to watch the leaves change color and I don't have as many allergy issues to deal with compared to the spring time.
You won't find me doing many workouts outside during the summer here due to the heat and humidity, but as soon as the temperatures start cooling down and fall starts to come in, you will find me working out outside a lot more. Some of my favorite outdoor exercises in the fall include simple things such as hiking, biking and walking, which allow me to get a good workout in and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. However, there are many other outdoor exercises that are perfect in the fall too!
Below is a collection of resources to help you find some great outdoor exercises and activities to do this fall:
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What are your favorite outdoor exercises during the fall season?

Which season is your favorite for outdoor exercise?

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DEE107 1/2/2018
thank you will have to wait till the weather warms up too cold right now Report
7STIGGYMT 5/22/2017
Winter is the hardest for me because of the extreme cold. Report
Same here: Spring and fall! Report
Nature and I don't get along. It doesn't like me and I don't like it...especially the creatures and the critters. When I do venture outdoors, it's usually for a walk (amongst the kamikaze squirrels) and my favorite time of year to do so is in the fall. I love the color changing leaves and the cooler temps are just perfect. Report
I enjoy all seasons to be outside. I don't really have a fav. But if I must pick one it would be in the spring and fall. Report
Spring and Winter. We have mild winters and I love to see the pear and red bud trees in the Spring. Fall this year is still hot. Report
Love the cooler temperatures of Spring or esp. Fall. I melt in Summer. Even rain & winter is easier for me than heat!
spring and fall Report
I love spring because I get to watch everything come back to life! Azaleas, crocus, then daffodils, forsythia, and dogwood, followed by iris, tulips, lilacs, and all the blooming trees. With autumn comes the very welcome cooler temps and the delight of watching the trees and shrubs change color day by day. Report
Each season is beautiful in its own way. I feel like for me it is important to experience each season as a runner...I dunno, it just is! Lol. Also, I like the challenge of adapting my body to different conditions...I ran in the 100-degree temps last summer; yesterday the weather app said it was 12 degrees when I got in from my run on the beach. It makes me feel like I can do anything! Report
Because I live in SoCal, all of them are about the same except summer. We often get into the 105-115 range in temps, and that is a little hot to be outside, unless you are in the pool.... Report
Spring and Fall are always my favorites. They both seem like a time of transition that makes me want to clean my house, clean up my diet, and flush out some fat cells! Report
I live in VT and like to be out every season and in all kinds of weather, everyday possible! I am only hindered by darkness and very heavy rain or wind. I go out in snow, rain, heat and cold. Report
We're in Florida, there really isn't any season that you can't do SOMETHING outside. Report
If I still lived in deep South GA it'd be spring and fall but up here in the North Georgia Mountains it's summer. It's the 2nd day of summer and I still had to wear long pants and a long sleeve cover up to walk the dog this morning. I don't like cold! Report
There are great activities that I enjoy outdoors during every season. Hiking and running year-round. Kayaking, swimming, and tennis during warmer weather. Report
spring and summer - longer days and more to do, of course I'll be more active :) Report
my favorite seasons to be outside aren't really seasons, rather they are the changing of each season! Report
I live in Canada with four definite seasons, but I find something to enjoy outside in all of them. It's the extremes I resent - freezing rain with huge winds; unbearable heat with humidity. Other than that, walking anytime, biking most of the time, snowshoeing, skating, hiking... there's so much to do that it's easy to change it up and keep it interesting. And it is a true wonder to see the changes of the season, which I always appreciate! Report
I'm not a fan of the cold, so winter is the only time I don't like to get outdoors for a workout. Spring and fall I love for walks and hiking. Summer I love for swimming! Report
I love fall for hiking and nordic walking, but I love winter for cross country sking and snow shoeing. Report
spring and fall! Report
I must admit I miss the season changes immensely. Living here in SF, I miss change. I find California is so, the 'same'. I am sure there are those who love it for its consistency but I love my spring, summer, fall and winter, with the snow in the mountains of Colorado breathtaking. I love to bike and hike in the spring and fall, river raft on the Colorado River in the summer and ski the always a delight as one seasons gives birth and another takes a well earned rest till next year :-) Report
Spring and Fall are my favorite, however the other seasons are great to motivate me to keep me going. Report
Spring and fall. Spring because the days are warmer and fall because the days are cooler. Report
Fall and Winter. Spring is a lovely season but my allergies doesn't think so. :( Report
I change my activities to fit the season. Summer = kayaking, Fall = kayaking, hiking and biking, Winter = skiing, and Spring = hiking/biking/rafting/kayking. I go to the gym when the weather is extreme during any season or if I really don't have time to do my favorite activities. Report
Spring and fall. Summer too hot and Winter too cold! Report
Spring and Fall. It's too hot in summer and too cold in winter here. Report
Spring, Fall and in Calirfornia Winter is great too! Report
Fall is my favorite season. Report
I live in WNC so fall is my favorite with all the leaves turning and everything. I like spring too before it gets too hot! Report
Spring and fall for me. Report
All the seasons are great for walking. The crisp fall air, the clean fresh winter air, the sweet smell of spring flowers, the cool summer evenings In the mountains after a scorching hot day.
I said summer. I like to exercise after work and the longer days in the summer make that possible. Report
I live in the Phoenix area - so winter! Report
In Barbados it is summer all year round so I don't have any trouble exercising. Report
Spring-when the earth is awakening from her long winter sleep. Report
I love the Fall because it is beautiful and crisp, it is just a wonderful time to be outdoors. I love the spring because of the renewing of the earth, and it is also a beautiful time to be outside, however the allergies that come with spring are very hard on me. That is why I voted Fall. Just for the record I love something about all of the seasons, but I have to say in the south, summer is my least favorite. When I lived in the pacific northwest, summer was my very favorite. Report
I live in Arizona on the river and I can exercise out doors most of the year. Summer is really a challenge - when it isn't too hot, I can do my workouts at daybreak - before 6 or 6:30am. Even then it is hot and sometimes very humid. My favorite seasons are fall through spring. Report
I like to exercise outside both in the spring and fall, due to the cooler temperatures and the growth and change in the scenery. Report
Here, the temperature is almost the same. No problem to make exercises all year around. Report
Fall will always be my favorite; but Spring runs a close second. Report
I live in So Cal. So we don't see a big change in the seasons. I like summer because the days are long and I am off of work. I have more time to be active outdoors and go to the beach, pools, parks, hiking, etc. Fall and winter the days are shorter. I am going to try to be more active this year in the fall and winter. Spring is nice because it is cool and pleasant. Report
i clicked fall, but, i am finding that in the park where i walk, dew hangs around longer in the morning, falling onto the track and making it slick, and leaves falling also on the track, but, i also do not have to get to the track at 6am to beat the, with cooler temps, i can wait til 8 or 9am to walk and give the track time to dry a little....also, i feel more like exercising when its not so stiffling hot. i have always been re-energized by autumn and look forward to longer walks. Report
Spring and fall are not only my favorites because of the cooler temps - they also offer the most beautiful changes in scenery and wonderful smells! Report
I like to exercise outdoors in the spring and fall - not too hot and not too cold! A nice walk on a crips fall morning is a great way to start the day. Report
summer because i can get out earlier and then fall and spring because of the temps Report
fall and spring
Fall and spring - they're both great! Report
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