Poll: Would You Consider Cosmetic Surgery?

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A couple weeks back I saw a commercial from a local cosmetic surgery company that caught my attention and surprisingly I am still thinking about it. It was not a new company being advertised but the commercial content was new information and the approach must have contained the right sixty seconds of information.

After hearing the advertisement for a non-surgical procedure that could help me "lose weight from those problem areas for good," I went to check out the company website to learn more.

I have never given serious thought to cosmetic surgery. For people that have lost a great deal of weight leaving excess skin, it makes sense. Since I do not fit into that category, I have never really given it much thought and certainly not as a weight loss method. I have my problem areas like most people. At my thinnest and most fit as a college volleyball player, I had a small lower abdominal "pooch." After having children, it remains my biggest problem area. Additionally, I have a body type where I gain weight first in the mid-section and lose it last from that region. I have really been working on my core this year and have lost a few inches, which is rewarding. However, my six-pack remains hidden in a soft-sided cooler and probably always will.

As a dietitian and an athlete, I have always believed that a healthy diet balanced with an active lifestyle is the best way to manage my weight (although I did battle with disordered eating during my college years). As I have shared before, developing thyroid disease brought the reality to my life that sometimes you can't control your weight using those methods the way you want to. I will also honestly admit that over the years I have thought that liposuction would probably be the only way I would ever see changes in my problem areas. Since that would require surgery with general anesthesia, it isn't something I would most likely ever do. After learning about a new FDA approved anesthesia free, non-invasive procedure called laserlipolysis that is "especially useful for treating areas with localized fat deposits by reducing fat cells" for only a few thousand dollars, I cannot get the question out of my mind. Would I ever consider this type of cosmetic surgery? I am not sure what the answer is for me yet but I would love to hear how many of you feel on the subject.

POLL: Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery? Why or why not?

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CRYSTHND 1/8/2018
I honestly would to tidy up my little spots I can't fix with diet and exercise, but the cost is what stops me Report
KATONTHEMAT 10/25/2017
Probably not, but it’s a personal choice and one can never say never Report
KACEYSW 10/25/2017
I would in a heartbeat! Having lost 210 lbs, I have over 35# of hanging skin that causes me all kinds of issues. My muscle tone is wonderful under the skin, but the skin hanging on itself causes constant yeast infections, pinches in clothing and drives me nuts. Report
Well, how'd it go? Did you do it? Laser lipo or cool lipo? Report
ALUKOWSKY 10/25/2017
Yes absolutely I would, if only I could afford it! However, I am more concerned about the "Steven Tyler" jowls on my face than excess flab on my body. For one thing, I can't cover my face; for another, I am still optimistic that I can improve my muscle and skin tone through exercise. I still have about 20 lbs. to go, after all, and will be working with a trainer to help me tone up once I've reached goal weight. Report
APACHESTEVE 10/25/2017
To date I've lost 105 pounds with some 58 pounds to go to my goal weight of 225. I am seeing some hanging skin now, but at age 55 unless the skin causes some health issues then no surgery for me. My work insurance wouldn't pay for such surgery, even if I do have health issues, or at least no one that I know of has had any luck getting that surgery approved. Even if insurance approves payment, I'd still have considerable out of pocket expense. Nope, not happening. Report
CACUJIN 10/25/2017
Kind of contradicts the "Love the body your in" fad.

No. I would not consider having surgery for looks alone. It is bad enough when one must have surgery for maintaining health. Report
SUSIEMT 10/25/2017
After losing over 100 lbs I did have excess skin removal and if I had to do it all over again I would do it. That is if I had the money. Insurance won't pick it up since it is an elective surgery. However, if you had continued rashes etc. It might. Or if you had weight loss surgery Your insurance will probably pick it up. So keep those things in mind. Good article. This is the first time I saw it and I've been on Spark since 2008. Go figure! Report
MICHELLEM60 10/25/2017
Would love a tummy tuck but am afraid of the side effects. Have seen patient's get infections and spend weeks in the hospital. Report
WANNATHIN 10/25/2017
I did have cosmetic surgery to improve my breasts several years ago. It went horribly wrong, leaving me deformed and with scars I hate. If I could go back in time, I would still have done it but would have researched the doctor more and possibly saved up for longer to be able to afford someone better. If I won the Lottery, it is one of the first things I would do, so YES. Report
Yes, just to lift things up a bit. Report
I never thought I would. BUT, I have sagging skin that causes rashes and the occasional infection - and a great deal of discomfort. So, Yes, I would. Nobody would notice and I am the only one that would know, so there would be no cosmetic gain - except in my head which is where the true value is. Report
Not if I had the belly in the picture attached to this article! But yes, I would- in fact, reading the comments here makes me think that part of my journey should involve saving money for when I need to have excess skin removed. Report
I would love to have some areas done, but financially, just don't ever see it as being feasible - plus my husband would never agree with it. So my answer is a reluctant "no". Report
Yes, for excess skin removal, ONLY if it is safe for me to do. Report
Yes. Report
I would. After two C-sections and a hysterectomy, my belly hangs odd and I really don't like it. That's really the only place I would get it. Report
Tanye Jolliffe, if you didn't try it, check out SculpSure. My friend is an account manager for Cynosure and they created it. It's very similar to SmartLipo except it only takes 25 minutes for a treatment and is noninvasive. Clinical trials indicated very good results for people with an area of stubborn fat. It's more for people who are fairly fit with an area or two that won't go away despite diet and exercise. I've seen some great results on realself dot com... Report
Yes. My chest is very uneven and it makes it impossible to find a bra that actually fits, and it's embarrassing to wear a swimsuit. I've had several other required surgeries (back, gall bladder, etc.) so I'm not nervous about being put under. I think I would feel much more confident about myself, especially being single, if I was even. (Not larger, just even.) I don't think people should judge other people for what they do b/c usually no one knows the real story... Report
Yes! But it's only since I've gotten older that I've decided it's something I would do to feel better, not perfect. I've been embarrassed of my much larger than average legs since I was 12 and weighed nothing. Why go through my whole life feeling that way? I mean, I might. But then again, if I can eventually afford to fix the one thing I despite about myself, why not? Report
No. I live in California and it disgusts me. I love watching old TV shows like "Perry Mason"--to see great old cars, and to see real people! NOTHING is more beautiful than a good heart, regardless of how you personally ascribe a beauty status to it's vessel, the body. That said, I think the body should not be neglected. My faith teaches that the body and the soul are intertwined here on earth, and are meant to fill a higher purpose--so to neglect one damages the other. Save plastic surgery for congenital defects, removing tattoos (if so desired), and repairing injuries. If you have been very overweight, lose that weight and have excess skin--that to me qualifies as an injury. Report
Yes. And, speaking from successful experience, many U.S. women need to research safe and competent doctors outside the USA - NOT the quacks! There are certain countries where the doctors are known for excellent surgical care, at a fraction of the cost in the U.S. But this MUST be researched extremely carefully. Also, do exchange info with women who have had successful procedures in other countries. If a procedure were not safe, or were too cheap, I would NOT do it. Bad operations also are done inside the USA. Report
10 years ago? Nope. But now, as skin is beginning to sag (weight loss), breasts not "perky" or even pointing upward... YES.
Yes. I have the right to feel good about my appearance. I have the right to give my girls a well-deserved lift... my tummy a tuck... to lose excess skin.
Yes. Report
No, it's messing with a God Given image of yourself. That's only my opinion. Report
Totally. It's my body, I can do what I want with it. There are certain things I would never change because they define me (like my nose, which is the same as my father's and his mother) but there are other things I would consider if I had the money and/or they'd come up with a procedure for it yet (I'd really love to be a couple inches taller :). ) Report
Yes. I think it's good for our mental health, to change that which makes us feel bad. although, many times, talking with imaging professionals, can help us out party and find our strengths, without surgery.
In case of illness or an accident, we are in our right to regain our image, as intact as possible.
Finally, if you're careful diet and exercise, it is logical that once you get to your weight, the excess skin must be fixed .. Report
I will need it when I get off the excess fat, I will have a lot of excess skin in the mid section, thighs and upper arms. But like most cost will be the issue, not afraid of being cut, just don't know I will ever have the money? Report
IF I could afford it, definitely. My difficulty would be ranking it as my top priority. I have lots of places to put my money before a tummy tuck--but would be great to have one. Report
Yes, I absolutely would consider having cosmetic surgery. I see nothing wrong with the choice to have or not to have cosmetic surgery if it makes a person feel better about themselves. Report
I do have excess stomach skin but I think the only way I would do it is if I was having some other surgery. I don't think I would just do that electively. Report
No, I would never consider it. The most I will do is have the dermatologist remove a small mole on the face, but nothing more. I'm afraid of complications, have become a devout coward after 2 knee replacements, and want no more pain. Besides, I'm so lucky that my husband says he loves me no matter what. He's a jewel, no snarky remarks about my weight. That makes me want to lose weight for myself even more so I'll be healthy enough to stick around for as long as possible. Health trumps vanity. Report
I have a lot of excess skin, especially my "lunch lady" arms. I would love to get that removed and a boob lift but not only is the cost a factor, but I'm a little freaked out about being cut.
Honestly, if I had the extra cash I would do it! Report
If I have excess skin then yes I would have surgery. Report
Yes, I would. I'm saving my pennies to get a nip here, tuck there done when I see how much excess skin I wind up with. Report
Since it is a non-invasive procedure, absolutely ... YES! Report
I would do it all. If I could afford it that is Report
i would have my tummy over hang removed nothing else Report
If I had the excess money, I would consider skin removal once I reach my goals. I know I'm going to have excess skin. It's a given, and I've taken steps to minimize that but you can't loose 100 LBS without being loose in places you don't want to be. For me, that's the area under my arms (right there on my sides) and lower tummy. I know it's going to be loose.
That's not stopping me from trying to finish what I started, mind you... but it's not something I'm looking forward to. I'm taking a year out of my life to get fit and healthy and give myself the body I want; the excess skin is going to be a painful reminder. I would absolutely get it removed; any scar left over would be a small price to pay. Report
Actually ... YES....
I have told my DH that when I am close to goal.....55 pounds from now I am going to take a nice but firm look at my tummy & will probably get some help to feel more positive about this physical feature. Report
If I had the money I'd surely have a tummy tuck and while I'm at it, let the surgeons do something about my sagging cheeks. Report
Never say never I guess, but for now I think I will stick with no. Report
Yes definitely... Have it on my wish list... But read you should be within 20 pounds of your goal... True? Report
I would definitely consider it if after my weight loss I had left over skin. Report
Yes i would in a heart beat and have done so after losing my weight my stomach just didnt look so good to me so my insurance paid for me for a tummy tuck and i just love i!!!! Would do it again. Report
Yes as I am trying to lose over 100 pounds and after losing 35 I already see that I have hanging skin to deal with. It would be nice if there was a way to shrink the skin as you loss weight but so far I haven't found it. I am like DLOSTEN, it would be nice to have the money given to me so I could get it done. Report
I am a retired nurse. I once had a patient who was probably the most beautiful woman I had ever met. She had an absolute perfect body. She was a tall natural blond. The only problem is that she was in a long term coma. She had multiple plastic surgeries and the last one was a liposuction. She had a fatty embolism to her brain during the procedure. We are what we are. Learn to live with it. Everyone has something beautiful about them. Report
Yes, I can see areas I where I would like to see improvements, or restoration. Like an old Victorian house, a nice lift to brighten it right up. Report
Me, too. A big "A" Absolutely. I would consider it to lift the parts of me that's going south, but I wouldn't use it to lose weight, like liposuction. So, I would do a breast or but lift. Of course, someone else would have to pick up the tab. The cost is what really keeps me from doing this. Report
absolutely! after all the effort I'm putting into getting healthy, I won't feel I've reached my goal until I look the part. Report
considering I am very petite build but was rather large during pregnancy, especially the second one.... yes. My son was nearly 10 pound but 30-40 pounds was just water retention and high blood pressure effecting me. I was so tight I looked like I was going to pop, was put on bed rest... 50 pounds fell off the first week or 2, the rest took time... that 30-50 pound was killer.... it stretched me so bad. I don't look bad, but the skin around my stomach is so lose that I can grab it, and when I bend over you can see it. BUT I have found a way to sorta cheat till surgery is an option.... hot baths with sea salts and Epsom salt!! it tightened my hips and stomach better than any exercise, better than dry brushing etc... it brings circulation into all those areas and when in a bikini you almost cant tell.... guys... try those baths! 3 a weak, very hot for at least 15- 25 minutes with tons of salts. ;) Report
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