Poll: Would You Gain Weight for Money, Like Renee Zellweger?

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Another Bridget Jones movie is in the works, which likely means that the star, Renee Zellweger, will be bulking up for the role, according to Vitamin G at Glamour.com. Zellweger, who would reportedly earn at least $6 million, gained 30 pounds (more than 2 stones for you Brits out there!) to play the eponymous character.

Gaining the weight isn't as much fun as one would expect, Zellweger said. Her blood sugar's rises and falls caused mood swings--counteracting any joy she had in eating whatever she wanted. For someone who thinks of the gym as therapy, as Zellweger does, gaining weight and being unable to exercise would be stressful.

Losing the weight wasn't so easy, either. "It was horrible," she said. "On one side it's fantastic because you get to go back to taking care of yourself, so you feel wonderful, but the first lap around the track I felt like I had a toddler on my back."

Let's play devil's advocate for a minute and imagine ourselves in that situation.

Would you gain 30 pounds for $6 million? What if you weren't allowed to lose the weight?

Money seems really important to us, but it comes and goes in life. Our health is even more valuable--and you can't buy good health.

What would you do: Gain the weight and take the money or stay the size you are (or continue to lose)?

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I'm almost at my target weight, but since there isn't a caveat, I'd try my hardest to lose at least 20 lbs first then gain the 30 lbs and collect my 6 million. If I had to gain on top of how much I weigh now, I'd still do it in a heat beat. I start to feel uneasy if you tell me I'd have to maintain that weight indefinitely. Report
I used to think I would never do this, but maybe some roles are too good to pass up. I don't want to judge Renee Zellweger, I really like her. It might be worth checking out the movie. Thanks for the heads up!

I would really like it if the movie industry showed more real people, like the disabled, overweight and obese people, and elderly people. This business of people being out of a job when their looks start to fade, or they become disabled should stop. Art should reflect reality! Report
If I couldn't lose the weight, again? Wow! I would NEVER go back to being my heaviest. No way! I LOVE my new self. And yes, I worry about money like most people. And no, I don't think it's wrong for Zellweger to earn that much money for a role. That is how much we, as spenders, are willing to pay to watch her in that role. The free market works, baby! Report
This is a serious no-brainer. I've gained weight (unfortunately, so much more than 30 lbs) for not a dime and have spent hundreds of dollars on expensive groceries and dining expenses - so yes, please "Show Me The Money!" As others have mentioned who would take the money, there are ways to gain it fairly healthily (remember types of calories not all have to sugary high carbs, muscle weighs more than fat, too, and you can buy a lot of support, therapy and massages to help you through the 30 lb gain - if you can't lose it again. Report
Money can't buy happiness, but it can definitely buy thinness!! Report
I would like to think i wouldn't... I find that even when I think of the diets that wrestlers, boxers, and professional dancers put themselves on for their jobs make me cringe. It just seems so unhealthy. Report
There are two separate questions here. 1.Would you gain 30 pounds for $6 million? Yes, anybody would, you can take it off easily with that money. 2. What if you weren't allowed to lose the weight?

This is a tougher one. It's taken 3 years to eke off the 30 lbs I've lost, and I'm still working on removing at least 20 more. In my situation though, I would take the money and the weight. My health isn't great anyway, and potentially could become incapacitating (google Annette Funicello) and with that kind of money, I wouldn't have to worry about care as I get older. I could afford to hire in-home help and I could be fitter as well, with my little indoor pool and personal trainer/physical therapist. Not to mention a weekly massage. I could buy nice clothes that really fit me. Sweetie and I could get a fresh meal delivery plan. We could get a van to carry our scooters and be able to travel a bit. We actually spent a good half hour discussing this poll. Thanks again. Report
Money is great and I could use it. but no because, I think health is more important to me. The love of money is the root of all evil. Money can not buy you happiness. Report
I'd definitely take the money and it would motivate me more to lose as if I gained it, I can lose it. I like that...........I've gained more for free! You can buy a lot of time at the gym for 6M! Report
I do believe I would! I could lose it again, even though it would be hard work. Teaching is really hard work and I never hope to see 6 million dollars. Gainihg and losing weight would be easy compared to what I do on a daily basis.

And as for Renee Z., she looks gorgeous no matter what her weight.

For $6m? Yes!! Of course I would! It's only for a few weeks.

More to the point, should any actor be paid that much for one film? Report
Would I gain weight for $$$? Not on your life! Report
Yes, I'd gain that much for $6 million dollars! I could use part of it to hire a personal trainer to help me lose it. I'm only 5 feet tall. So, losing weight is HARD but shoot, I almost gained that much having my two little ones. It wouldn't be hard to do it again especially with that much money as the payoff. :) Report
I'd sure be tempted. But I'd do it under medical supervision and do as much as possible with muscle gain. I especially like DIVEGODDESS's reply. Report
Uh--yeah--I'd gain weight for less than that. A million dollars may not last that long for some people, but my husband and I could definitely live off that amount comfortably for the rest of our lives. Besides, my husband prefers me with some more meat on my bones. Report
$6 million is a lot of money. Hilary Swank gained 25lbs of weight for her role in Million dollar baby but it was 25 lbs of muscle. I would definitely gain muscle for money and keep it on. She looked so great in that movie but she lost all that beautiful muscle after the movie and went back to being skinny. It's too bad. I wonder why they don't just hire chunky women for these roles rather than making a skinny actress gain fat for the role? I'm sure there are a lot of talented actresses who don't look anorexic, that way more normal sized women can get roles in major movies. Report
That's a lot of money, honestly, yes I'd do it. Report
Wow, I just got spark points for reading this.

I gained 30 pounds for free, 10 years ago. :-)
I think that if a healthy lifestyle is a default habit for you, deviating from that to change your shape is just that: a deviation. The actors aren't gaining weight because of lack of healthy eating habits. So I doubt it's quite the same for them to lose weight as it feels for someone like me, who is working to build brand new habits and break some longstanding bad habits.
Gaining and losing that weight, once, for a role that would be rewarding to play? Sure! You have to work pretty darn hard to get offered the opportunity, though. Most A-list actors work very, very hard to do what they do. Report
I don't think I'd do it if I couldn't lose it afterwards, but $6 million buys a lot of personal training sessions and time at a fitness resort, would pay off the mortgage, buy me a new car (mine died with no way to replace it). I could even get a cabin in the mountains! Let's be realistic. Report
Sure, I'd gain 30 pounds for $6M (roughly $3M post-tax) but only if I could lose it again after the role, and I don't think I would enjoy the process of gaining, either. I'm pretty confident I could lose it again (I've learned a lot about doing so successfully) but I don't like the thought of eating the way I would have to in order to gain.

I guess this is, for her, literally a case of "no gain, no pay". :) Report
I would gain weight for $6MM. I would not do it if I could not lose the weight again...there is a price that I wont pay and that is to be permanently unhealthy.
This is a good question to ponder! Report
No way! It's tempting, but that 30 lbs could cost me my life! Just imagine what you'd do to your body in order to quickly gain that weight. Report
Of course I would gain 30 pounds for 6 million dollars!!!
Losing it later would be easier when I could afford to hire a personal trainer, go to a spa, purchase all sorts of healthy and organic foods without looking at the price tag, workout whenever I wanted because I wouldn't have to go to work...
Sign me up! :) Report
I have worked on developing the fitness level of my dreams for several years. I am 55 and have never looked better! Even though I am unemployed now and have been for a few months, I wouldn't gain 30 pounds for $6 million dollars! Rene is younger than I and it is more difficult to lose weight as you get older. If she can do that, fine, but not me, no thanks. :-) Report
No Way!! I know I've gained it for nothing before, but it's so hard to lose,and I never want the extra weight. After all the hard work of losing- the money isn't worth it. Report
You bet i would. Its $6 million!! Report
You bet I would. Come on, it's 6 million $. I would loose it later if I felt sick or was not comfortable in my body, but be honest, does Renee as Bridget really look sick? To me, she looks beautiful, and more natural than in her "skinny" self. Report
No way. As much as I would love to be financially free, my health just isn't worth the risk. What's the point of gaining all that money of you end up having an early death due to weight related health issues? Report
yes i would. then I'd have two problems, how to lose the pounds, and how to keep my money Report
I would do it! I would be getting paid $200,000 per pound. I'm fairly certain it would cost much less per pound to lose it. If Renee doesn't want to gain the weight, she could pay me half and I could be her body double. I've already gained the weight. Lol. Report
I would gain the weight "only" if I had the money and the resources (personal chef, personal trainer, lipo, etc) to get the weight back off. Report
No, I hate being over weight all ready. Report
Yes i would, but only if allowed to lose it!!! Report
The weight she was when she was Bridget Jones looked healthy. In her other roles she looked anorexic. Report
Yes, I would put on 30lbs for $6million. I'm currently 60lbs overweight, and I did not get paid to do it!

But I would use the money to hire the best personal trainers (more than 1!!!), a personal chef and the best gym equipment.

I would do a reality show on losing the wieght - the publicity would keep me motivated, and I would donate money, food, etc for each pound I lose Report
Sure I would! For six million!!! Just hire a trainor after the movie is finished and sweat it all off. Report
Yes! I'm guilty :) Report
YES!! Report
You bet I'd gain 30 lbs for 6 million! Report
It's worked for Oprah!!! Report
I would gain 30 pounds for $6 million. I've gained more than 30 pounds for $0 before. I would just make sure I'd get help to get it off afterwards. I'd hire a chef to help me learn to cook healthy meals and a personal trainer to motivate me and workout with me each day. I'd also gain the weight by eating more of healthy foods (not processed foods or anything goes). Report
I would do it, if and only if I were allowed to lose the weight. For the question of doing it for the money if you aren't allowed to lose the weight- no way. What is the point of having all that money if I can't feel confident enough to cruise around the world in a bikini??? Report
Yeah, because I could afford the personal trainer and chef to help get that and more off. Report
Maybe not 100lbs for 6 million, but I dinitely would take on a additional 30 lbs for $6,000,000. Report
That is crazy. I love the money idea and she would have the cash to get a trainer to get her back in shape.
I think they should bulk up her clothes or add layers or something. That is to much for your body to go through. Report
I would do it for 6 million dollars especially if i had personal trainers and a personal chef to help me with it. Report
LOL - I already gained the 30 extra pounds! Where is my $6,000,000???? Report
No-No No------ Its just too hard to lose it! Report
6 million dollars I can afford to go to the Biggest Loser Resort. Of course I would. Report
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