Poll: Would You Try the Cookie Diet?

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When it comes to weight loss, so many people are looking for a quick fix. They want to lose weight fast, easily, and don't necessarily consider the long-term. Am I making changes I can live with for the rest of my life? Am I creating new habits that are healthy? Those aren't always questions people consider when deciding they need to shed some extra pounds.

One of the latest diet "fads" is the Cookie Diet. The creator claims half-a-million people have lost weight on it. Sounds yummy, but how many have really kept the weight off? That's the statistic I'd be interested to know.

The basic premise is that you eat six prepackaged cookies a day, plus one "regular" meal. The diet claims you can lose up to 10 pounds per month, which doesn't seem unreasonable given the fact that you are eating an average of 800 to 1000 calories per day. (Each cookie contains 90 calories, plus a regular meal that would average 300-500 calories.) The program also sells shakes, tea and nutritional supplements. The supplements are designed to help make up for any nutritional deficiencies you have as a result of the reduced-calorie diet (since there's no way you can get all of the nutrients your body needs on so few calories each day.)

Besides the fact that I don't think it's very healthy (a personal opinion), I have a bigger issue with diets like this. I think they teach you to eat in ways that you can't sustain long term. So as soon as you stop eating the cookies and go back to eating normally, you're very likely to gain all of the weight back. Your best bet is to stick with a healthy diet and make changes that you feel you can live with for the rest of your life.

Would you try the Cookie Diet? I know most people are going to respond with "no way!" or similar comments. But obviously there are a LOT of people who are trying it. The Cookie Diet website boasts over 100,000 members.

With all of the talk about how "diets" don't work, why are so many people willing to give this one (or others like it) a try?

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There's nothing wrong with this basic idea! It's the thing that drives slimfast, and lots of other diets. It's been around for decades! They're kind of just a wimp's version of intermittent fasting, though, so no. I would do actual intermittent fasting instead. Skip the cookies entirely and just eat dinner. There's no reason to graze on almost-nothing. Because if you can handle almost-nothing, you can probably handle nothing! Report
OMG - what will they think of next? My answer is a resounding NO thank you!! Report
no thanks. fruits, veggies, fish, chicken and turkey for me. plenty of exercise and you can keep your cookies. lol Report
I wouldn't mind having the recipes for the cookies to use as a quick breakfast or snack option, but, no. I wouldn't only eat cookies all day. This diet is targeting people who gained their weight overeating treats like cookies. They're not teaching you anything. Just giving you license to eat cookies all day... And I bet they're way overpriced. Report
Nope :o, I prefer the joy of cooking a homemade meal over snacking all cookies throughout the day. It does not seem like it would be very convenient that and I don't see any health benefits gained from eating a supposedly snack kind of food all day Report
No. I can fit REAL cookies into my diet (as in my way of eating everyday, not a plan for weight loss) on occasion and I'm happy with that. I don't want to lose weight for tomorrow or for summer, I want to lose weight for life. Report
No I would not try the cookie diet, I like to eat healthy well rounded meals! Report
No I would not try the cookie diet, I like to eat healthy well rounded meals! Report
nope i love to eat, even dieting i get to eat more then 6 stupit cookies and a tiny meal, even though im new here ive lost alot of weight on my own 210-146 and ive learned to mix my meals so protien and veggies and once you get use to the change of eating healthy processed foods are nasty i cant even eat pasta anymore inless if its fresh because fresh is not only better but it taste better Report
Nope, I would not try this. I find I'm much happier limiting sweets to weekends. Besides, I'm not willing to do anything I wouldn't likely keep doing. Report
Cookie diet? No. too much sweet makes my tummy upset. Now, if someone came up with a french fry diet, I might be tempted........ lol (not really) ! Report
On the lighter side of this issue I've had days where my diet consisted mainly of cookies. The first few were delicious. This eating plan is not sustainable nor healthy. The proof is look at the reason we joined Spark People and decided to stick with it. Report
No, I agree w/the writer, any so called diet (for long term success) needs to focus around lifestyle changes you can make for good. Something you follow only temporarily does not teach you important tools for success once you end the "diet" & start to try and maintain. Report
No, I agree w/the writer, any so called diet (for long term success) needs to focus around lifestyle changes you can make for good. Something you follow only temporarily does not teach you important tools for success once you end the "diet" & start to try and maintain. Report
I know a lot of people who have done the cookie diet but not one of them have kept the weight off. This is not a realistic way to lose weight as people are only eating 1 "real" meal a day. One friend of mine said it got to the point where she could not find a way to eat the cookies, they were too disgusting. Do it the right way, portion control & exercise. Report
I don't believe this diet teaches you anything about living a healthy lifestyle! Report
This is one I'd never try. The only real benefit I see is that I'll be so tired of eating cookies, I won't want them again. Report
I saw the posting by the person who said the cookies tasted like cardboard. That and the expense and the unhealthy habits formed when on something like this diet would make me say-- no thank you. I'm trying to break my taste / craving for sweets and desserts, not encourage it. Report
Nope. But I include cookies in my daily eating when I want them. I go for the ones I really like and wouldn't go for these unless I liked them even as a snack. I like to always get three of the Voortman's chocolate laced oatmeal cookies from the bulk bins at Meijers. I count calories and try to eat a lot of really good for me stuff, that's the only plan for me. Report
There is an expensive, medically supervised "fasting" diet that sounds a lot like the so-called "cookie diet." The key is, it is strictly medically supervised and is for severely obese people. Regular lab tests and weekly meetings and medical appts are all part of the program. An well-known HMO I used to belong to offers this program after it screens people, but it is not covered by the co-pays. It is very expensive but it is a long term program. After the special "nutrition bars and liquids" period, which might take months, they include a long maintenance program, to get people to learn to eat real food again. So it's a mixture of fasting and sensible eating, over the long term. I looked into it once but the limitations of food and costs kept me from doing it.

Going back to the "cookie diet", it is being marketed as such even though the "cookies" may be nutritionally sound. No one would jump on board with the notion of a "nutritionally sound and balanced meal bar" diet. It's the old "have your cake and eat it too" appeal. Who wouldn't want to lose weight eating Chips A Hoy or Mrs Fields? Report
My boss did this diet - he lost 30 lbs. Over the next year, he gained 40. Report
It would not work for me six cookies and one meal I would be starving. lol Report
Seem to me this isn't new. I seem to remember something similar in the 70s. The one I tried way back then the cookies were not nice! The protein shake diet is similar in it aim. Report
I would consider the cookies as a meal on the run for people who don't have the time to prepare a proper healthy meal. Report
Not at all - eating only cookies and 1 meal per day is NOT healthy and it is NOT teaching people how to eat healthfully. Report
I love cookies, but I have been a Sparker for three years and I know too much about healthy lifestyle habits and life changes to try this one. I think a cookie once in a while would be fine, but a steady diet? No way! Report
OMG how can people fall for this type of scam. Not healthy way to keep weight off at all. Even the "Full Bars" diet made more scents then this. Report
Sounds like nonsense to me. What happens when you lose the weight and have to revet back to eating healthy sensible meals? The main point is not to diet, but to learn how to incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle. Report
I don't think these "diets" are good for anyone. The only way to make a lasting change is to learn what you are doing wrong and fix it. learn new eating habits. Learn to eat properly with the correct size portions. Pre-packaged foods like this cookie diet do not teach us how to eat properly. I think SparkPeople is so successful because we are making a lifestyle change for the better. It will continue even after we reach our goals. Report
I did the cookie diet and it did work. It was convenient for me to grab a cookie and drink lots of water. The problem is that I gained it all back in a very short time because as many people have said, it didn't really make me learn how to make better choices. Now I'm losing the weight, feeling great and I think this time it will stay off. I do keep some nutrition bars handy in the car so I'm not tempted with the drive-thru if I find myself hungry. Report
hmmm...lots a of comments but i tend to side with the folks that actually tried it. nobody with any sense would say that a so-called "cookie diet" is the way to long-time sustainable habits on the road to good health but compared to SOME of the stuff on the market, this seems fairly benign (personal opinion having never tried it m'self--not that i'm opposed, mind you)... Report
What is this diet teaching you? To eat more cookies and skip the fruits & veggies???? No, I would not try this diet! Report
Too high in carbs, fat and sugar. Too low in protein. Absolutely not! As others have said cookies are a binge trigger for me, so they have no place in my house. I only eat them when others can see me as that acts as a deterrant to binge. Report
I did the cookie diet for a friends wedding and lost 20 pounds. My friend did it too for other health reasons and lost 30 pounds. I thought is was a great way to get the weight off if you are then going to go to a good healthy eating style. They are not really cookies but balanced nutrition for fast weight loss and I felt like it really helped me lose my craving for fast food. I always kept a cookie with me and could eat it whenever I needed to. I wasn't really hungry because you eat other protein as well as the cookies.
Because the calories are so low, you can't really exercise on the diet so that is one drawback, but they have a great transitional plan to get off the cookies and on to exercising and cooking for yourself. If they weren't so expensive I would still use the cookies for breakfast on those days when I am running late. They were pretty good. Report
I have always had a weakness for cookies and am just now mastering my craving for them ...so, no I would not try this diet. It would be a challenge to keep to just the six! Report
I want real food and variety that sounds like feeding animals not humans. Pat in Maine. Report
No. A balanced, healthy diet is the only way to go. Report
I tried something similar, called the Amapur diet. Amapur is a Swiss company that sells a range of organic pre-packaged products, from cookies, bars and crackers to müslis, soups and shakes. Like another poster mentioned, these are not really "cookies" like Oreos or Chips Ahoy. They are more like protein/granola bars in a portable format. The idea behind the diet is to eat a small snack (around 100 calories) every hour, so your blood sugar stays constant. It is only designed for 7 to 14 days and Amapur provides a multivitamin supplement to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need. After the first 7-14 days, you slowly start adding fresh products to your diet, to train yourself to eat the healthy way. Later, you only use the Amapur products as replacement meals or in-between meal snacks to supplement an otherwise healthy diet based primarily on fruits and vegetables.

It worked wonders for me - at first. I lost around 5lbs in one week. But most of it was water, I suppose, so I gained it back when I started eating normally again. I did feel great during the diet, my skin and hair and nails were very healthy, etc., and I had some of the best workouts ever. It also helped me "detox" - i.e. get off caffeine, sugar, high-fat, high-sodium foods. I'm not sure if keeping your blood sugar steady with constant meals is better than giving your pancreas a rest by only eating 3 squares a day without the constant in-between snacking. There seem to be fans of both strategies out there.

I am losing (albeit extremely slowly) with SparkPeople and it is something I can sustain (and actually look forward to sustaining) for the rest of my life. I find the small habit-building exercises and streaks Chris Downie talks about in The Spark much more motivating than anything else I've tried, so I think this is where I'll stay!

Just wanted to mention that there is more to the cookie diet than eating chocolate chip cookies all day long! Report
They are called cookies but to me they are really nutrition bars shaped like cookies and I would not eat them because they do not teach you how to eat but I know people who have used them and so it is a matter of choice. Report
cookies are fattening and not filling -- who can eat just one? Report
I have to say I'm a little surprised at all of the negative comments when MOST of the posters leaving those comments are evidently COMPLETELY ignorant of the facts about the "Cookie Diet"!!!! Did anyone bother to actually research it and find out what the "cookies" actually contain??! Doesn't sound like it! And NO, I don't work for the company and YES I'm one of the "idiots" that tried it. And I'm an "idiot" that is completely taken back by the number of comments that were made with erroneous assumptions about what the diet is!

First of all, I am an RN, my husband was a pharmacist but now is a patent attorney who works for a MAJOR company that manufactures nutrition products (as well as healthcare products) -- thus we know ALOT about nutrients/ingredients in food etc. WELL -- those "cookies" are NOT COOKIES for one thing -- in fact I think "Smart for Life" does their company a HUGE disservice by naming them that as evidenced by the type of comments posted on this page!! Those "cookies" are made with mainly organic ingredients and have very balanced nutrition, believe it or not! They're much more like a "breakfast bar" or some such vs. a true cookie.

No, this is not a diet that you should remain on for very long but it's a GREAT way to "jumpstart" your weight loss and it's VERY convenient! I am a very busy mom with little time for myself and I struggle with my weight. Thus at the beginning of the year, I decided to check into various weight loss programs to try to get back on track. They're ALL expensive and MOST of them are NOT healthy ways to lose weight. However, when I had my husband analyze the nutrients/nutrition of the "cookies" he was VERY impressed! And that's saying ALOT -- my husband is VERY health conscious, is a runner, doesn't eat much meat, etc etc etc. AND he "knows his stuff" when it comes to nutritional products, given his job!! SO for HIM to say the "cookies" aren't bad, I tend to believe HIM -- not the posters on here making random, uninformed comments! Plus, as a mom, being able to toss a package of those cookies into my backpack, into the car, etc was a HUGE plus and extremely convenient!!

Now, again, I wouldn't recommend it for everyone, and it isn't cheap, but if you're one of those people who gets easily frustrated if you don't start losing weight, I wouldn't pooh pooh the "cookie diet" so fast! I found it very motivating to lose quickly initially (and it's not extremely rapid -- but faster than what I'm doing now with SparkPeople and my dietician). But, as I had intially planned, I only utilized that diet for about 2 months, then moved onto something I can sustain for my lifetime eating "normal" foods -- so I think that diet should just be viewed as a "stepping stone" into your weight loss journey.

Most "fad" diets are NOT worth the money and are NOT healthy -- but don't count the "cookie diet" out quite so fast without at least researching it FIRST....

Oh, and the picture attached to this article is NOT what the "cookies" look like -- VERY misleading. The Smart for Life "cookies" are square and look much like the "breakfast cookies" that Quaker puts out.... Report
No way I learned my lesson about fad diets years ago. Report
I could never do something like this. I need variety. I would get sick of cookies real quick and would spiral down and probably munch on everything in site lol. I like the sparkpeople way. It's working for me and I'm seeing the results. No need to buy into all the different diets. With sparkpeople, it's not a diet. It's a healthy lifestyle :) Report
No!!! I am so tired of those "diets" and will NOT buy into again. To seriously be fit and healthy you've got to learn the right ways to eat which SparkPeople is doing for me each and every day. I am active and becoming fitter each time I just get up and do something. THANKS SPARKPEOPLE!! You guys fully understand what's reality and not fiction. Report
No, I think it is really stupid for the obvious reasons you mentioned and I also think the creator made it to make piles of money off of desperate people trying to find a quick fix weight loss. One more snake oil salesman. Report
I would definitly try it but cookies as a diet ..LOL no way would that work I'd get way way way more addicted to sugar/junk food than I already am! Report
LOL! No I would NOT go on that diet! All that will do is make people addicted to cookies. LOL! That's not enough nutrician at all. Report
My husband is on this diet. It's very expensive and extremely silly in my opinion. He's been on it for about 2 weeks--I think he's already tired of the cookies!!! Report
I wouldn't try it. Eating like that doesn't help instill any new habits related to food and meal preparation, and while the severe calorie restriction may help with immediate weight loss, I think the pounds would surely return once challenged with eating normally. Report
It hasn't convinced me! And, wouldn't you get sick of cookies all the time? Everything in moderation! I need more variety than just cookies no matter how good they taste... Report
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