We Ate It: 3 New Veg Combos by Green Giant

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One day at lunch, I pulled out my leftover pesto pasta with chickpeas and broccoli. With more pasta and chickpeas than veggies, my lunch was seriously lacking in sustenance. I headed to the freezer, stocked with plenty of healthful choices. I frequently supplement my leftovers with an extra couple of servings of vegetables. There I found three delicious-looking frozen vegetable combos by Green Giant. ($1.88 per 7-ounce box; at supermarkets)

Healthy Weight*: Diets rich in foods naturally containing fiber can help you maintain a healthier body weight.
Sliced carrots, sugar snap peas, black beans and edamame lightly tossed with butter sauce.

Immunity Boost: Naturally rich in antioxidants vitamins A & C to help support a healthy immune system.
Broccoli florets, julienne carrots and red and yellow sweet pepper strips in a garlic-herb infused extra virgin olive oil seasoning.

Healthy Vision: with natural antioxidants lutein & vitamin A to help support eye health.
Sliced carrots, zucchini quarters, and sliced green beans lightly tossed with rosemary butter sauce.

*Details taken from the Green Giant Web site.

Three minutes in the microwave in their fancy steam pouch and these tasty morsels were ready to liven up my pasta. The box says there are two 1/2 cup servings, but I dumped the entire box of Healthy Immunity vegetables in my pasta. Two portions were just 100 calories and 6 grams of fat (plus 4 grams of fiber). We've got other varieties in the freezer, and I can't wait to try them all.

Because these have light (very light—no fake cheese or greasy butter) sauces, they're a great compliment for plenty of lunch dishes. Toss the Immunity Boost mix with some tomato soup (I like Progresso's Tomato Basil), or serve alongside a personal pizza (try the Lean Cuisine Cheese French Bread Pizza).

The Healthy Vision would be great alongside some leftover flank steak or grilled chicken and roasted potatoes.

Mix the Healthy Weight with any grains, rice or pasta.

While the health claims about the phytonutrients, antioxidants and vitamins in the vegetable mixes are true, don't eat them because you're interested in helping a specific ailment. These taste great; the nutritional benefits are a bonus! (Did you know different colors represent different nutrients or antioxidants?)

These are seriously good supermarket finds! Have you tried the new Green Giant veggie mixes? What do you think?

What's your favorite supermarket find? Email editor@dailyspark.com or comment below to share your favorite (healthy) supermarket product. We'll use it in a future blog post!

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Yes I eat them and love them. They are perfect for lunch and to add with leftovers. Report
Immunity Boost and healthy vision..Yumsters! small and easy to prepare. Report
These are very often my daily lunch. I sometimes add the little bit of taco meat that I might have left over and it makes a very hearty meal! Can eat the WHOLE box and feel very satisfied! Report
Great taste and super convenient. Always have plenty on hand. I use the Green Giant but I also use other brands as well. Report
I saw these on a short grocery run and bought a couple. I have yet to try them but seeing them here is making me want to have one with lunch! Report
I have only tried the Healthy Weight mix, which is really good. I normally don't like sauces on my veggies but this sauce is light and makes it very tasty. I am looking forward to trying the other varieties. Report
I will definitely be picking some up to try next time I am at the store. Report
These sound great, will look for them next time at the store. Report
I love veggies , but why do these ones all have a sauce? i will not buy them.
i will by all different frozen veg.w/o sauce , then i mix them as i please.and no sauce. Report
I LOVE the healthy weight blend. It has the edamame and black beans in the mix too. so good.

Edamame is one of my favorite things, so I'll try almost anything with it in the mix. Report
Love, love, love these! Report
Immunity Boost and Garden Medley are my favorites. These are great, only 100 calories and never more than $1.80 at the store. Report
I have tried these, but find them really WAY too expensive to eat on a regular basis! I have steamed veggies in the steamer bag with just as much taste, for alot less money! Report
I absolutely love these frozen veggies offered by Green Giant! Report
I love these. I find that I eat vegetables more often. I like the combination of veggies in each Report
These are terrific! I have had them in my freezer to pop in my lunch for work for quite a while. Love the fiber and taste. Usually have them after a soup (home made) for lunch. I put them in my cooler bag and they defrost some by the time I pop them in the microwave..... Report
Green Giant healthy combos helped me make the transition from almost no fruits and vegetables to fresh... They were good, and helped me develop a taste for the fresh stuff. Report
These are great for a Shepherd's Pie, too. Use ground Turkey instead of beef and reduced-sodium / no fat veggie broth. It's killer! Report
Absolutely love them! I usually crumble a boca burger with one box of the veggies and have it for lunch. Report
I think they have a different name here in Canada. But I love them. Two servings of veggies I just have to throw in the Mircowave for a couple of mins. No dishes or fuss. Great for the single gal. Report
Dummy me...I was straining the sauce, eating 1 serving as specified and adding 2 tablespoon of Quinao...you mean I can eat more of it? I love you guys...gals. Report
I've tried them and they are as good as any other boxed frozen veggies. Just don't overcook them. Report
I have never heard of them. I will surely check them out the next time I go to the store. Just a little concerned about the price. I usually buy generic. Report
I eat these has a lunch at times. I also mix them with lean ground turkey and place the mixture in a whole wheat wrap. Pretty simple and healthy. Have a healthy day everyone! Report
I love veggies so these will be added to my grocery list. They would be great for lunches at work.

Thanks for the report. Report
Love these! Very good! But it's not quite enough for a dinner side for 2 people and a little too much for 1 person. Also don't like the whole microwaving in plastic idea but they do taste great! As long as your not eating them daily I would think we'd be fine! Report
I hope the important phytonutrients and other goodness of the veggies aren't canceled out by the horrible plasticizers released when you steam them in the plastic steamer pouches in the microwave. Frozen veggies are great, but I avoid using any plastic of any kind in the microwave. Report
This is an excellent alternative for me, because I live alone. I don't have to cook the family size boxes. Report
I've been adding the Green Giant singles to my Healthy Choice Simply Steamer Bowls. I'm glad to hear there are some additional options. Thanks for the tip! This is very helpful. Report
I love these for eating on their own or in cooking. They also make varieties with potatoes and rice that make a good entree. I stock up on them whenever they go on sale at my grocery store (11 for $10!). Report
I am definitely adding these to next weeks grocery list . . . thanks for the suggestion! Report
I just tried the Healthy Weight one last night for dinner with corn, roasted new potatoes and a whole wheat dinner roll. They were fantastic. So easy to make in the microwave and great for one person. I just divided up one serving and I'll have the other later for leftovers. This was my first time to try edamame and I think I'll start buying that as well for another veggie side dish. It was also so filling! Report
I have been buying frozen green giant veggies for a while now and LOVE them. I buy them more then the canned veggies since they are so easy......just heat and eat. I haven't mixed them with grains or pasta but can't wait to try it. I usually have them as a side or if with the cheese sauce I put them on a baked potato. mmmmmmmmm good stuff!!!! Report
I wish they made these without the sauce. But I will pick one up in next week's grocery trip! Report
I LOVE THESE. There are a couple other varieties as well and I love them all. YAY GREEN GIANT! :D hahaha. Report
We eat these all the time at my house. I love that I can stock up and always have something healthy to eat ready in minutes. Perfect size for my husband and I. Report
I have tried these Green Gaint products before; I love vegetables. I haven't seen them at the store lately. Report
I loved the healthy weight one. I put it alongside some lemon mahi mahi and my son and I ate it right up. Delicious! Report
I loved the healthy weight one. I put it alongside some lemon mahi mahi and my son and I ate it right up. Delicious! Report
I love these, they are a little spendy, at my safeway they are 2.00 a box on sale. But they are very easy and tasty. Report
My favorite breakfast lately is a egg white omelette with the Immunity Boost veggies as the filling. The broccoli florets, julienne carrots and red and yellow sweet pepper strips are perfect for 2 omelettes. Report
I buy these three regularly and I ove them paired with a baked potatoe. If you havent tried them, I would suggest you do. They are so good. Report
I just found these in my grocer's freezer last week. I tried the immunity boost and healthy weight. I loved them both and I ate both servings since they were such good calorie/nutrient dense foods. I will definately be adding them to my shopping list for healthy veggies. They combinations are great and with just a tad of healthy fat fo satiety. Perfect choice. Report
I've never heard of these before, and they probably don't sell them at my grocery store, but I'll check our Ralphs or Albertsons for them and would definitely give them a try. I always prefer fresh veggies, but sometimes its just easier and more convenient to use frozen. Report
I just wish they had it so that the sauce was optional. I'm not a big fan of sauces, but I love the convenience factor of frozen veggies. The combinations sound good, but honestly, my family prefers their veggies just steams with maybe a little salt or garlic powder. Who needs the butter? Report
I have tried several of these, and really like them. They are convenient and great flavor - plus, because they are colorful they really dress up a plate with grilled chicken or other lean meat. Report
The immunity boost is my favorite. I buy all three of them all the time. Report
I love them all. It's a quick add on to any lunch or dinner. Report
I love these! Haven't tried the edamame one yet, but I just bought a box. Hubby and I have had immunity blend with a steak, chicken breast, or pork chop; a starchy veggie; and some bread for a very satisfying dinner, and I've added the drained veggies to pasta for lunch with a bit of fancy cheese (mmm, Boursin). The sauce is very light, so they're a great complement to more full-flavored or salted dishes. It also lets you season with your own salts (I adore my garlic/sea salt/red pepper flake grinder on these). We also like the Simply Steamers from Green Giant, especially the potato/red pepper/snap pea/rosemary one. The portions are great if you're cooking for just one or two people. So convenient in a small kitchen to throw the veggies in the microwave. Report
I love the Healthy Weight, the other two are so-so Report
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