We Ate It: Amy's Single Serve Pizzas

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The day we decided to test Amy's single-serve pizzas, a long line for the microwave and toaster oven formed in the office kitchen. Luckily, these pizzas were such a hit that we didn't mind waiting our turn! Update: Read on to find out where and how to buy Amy's products!

Amy's Single-Serve Margherita Pizza $4.59 - $5.29
Serving size: 1 pizza
Calories: 360
Fat: 17 g (5 g saturated)
Fiber: 3 g
Carbs: 47 g
Protein: 16 g
Sodium: 720 mg
It was so good! I was a little skeptical because the chunks of mozzarella don't flatten out as much as I expected, but it had a great flavor. I really tasted the basil and the crust had a nice flavor and texture--chewy and slightly crispy. I cooked it with the quick-cook toaster oven method on the box (30 seconds in the microwave and 7 minutes in the toaster oven), and it turned out very well (unlike microwaved frozen pizza). I was skeptical that this tiny pizza would be very filling, but it was more filling than I expected.
Amy's Non-Dairy Rice Crust Cheeze Pizza $5.29 - $6.29 (vegan)
Serving size: 1 pizza
Calories: 460
Fat: 28 g (3 g saturated)
Fiber: 4 g
Carbs: 46 g
Protein: 10 g
Sodium: 680 mg
I can pass by most junk foods and comfort foods, but pizza is my Achilles heel, my Kryptonite. I melt at the site of melted cheese and crispy crust! Microwave pizza and frozen pizza in general tend to be soggy in the middle. Not so with the Amy's pizza. The rice crust stayed crispier than a traditional crust, and it was quite flavorful. The cheese melts well, and it's vegan! (I barely noticed it wasn't real cheese.) The sauce is quite sweet and delicious. I was definitely full, but I didn't feel guilty (or bloated) as I usually do when I eat pizza. I'm stocking up on these for the times I'm tempted to order (and eat) a whole pizza!
Amy's Light in Sodium Spinach Pizza $3.79 - $4.39
Serving size: 1 pizza
Calories: 440
Fat: 18 g (6 g saturated)
Fiber: 3 g
Carbs: 54 g
Protein: 19 g
Sodium: 390 mg
I really enjoyed this pizza. The basil, spinach, and feta taste fresh, and the single serving was more than enough for lunch. I recommend using the toaster-oven preparation directions. When toasted, the crust is crispy and little chewy (in a good way), while the mozzarella on top gets golden brown. I'll have this one again! I didn't even notice it was light in sodium!

Find out how to buy Amy's via their online store and store locator.

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have been eating amy's for as long as its been stocked, cant find one i like better. have turned on those at physical therapy who agree with me. i buy the med,, and large size though so i can continue to graze. Report
As far as I am concerned, the only yummy and healthy pizza worth it is Pizza Free. It has no fat and only 250 calories. I can't say enough good things about it. Best calories spent ever. You owe it to yourself as a pizza lover to definitely check out their website. If I had to chose one "diet" food, this would win by a million miles. Report
There is NO pizza, low enough in calories that I would eat. I stick to under 200 calories for my mini meals, and these are all just too much for me. BTW, I am a BIG FAN of pizza, and it is hard not to eat a HUGE amt. Too much salt, too much fat for me, thus, I cherish the memories but abstain! Report
I have goten them and there good yum !!! Report
Amy's vegan pizza is outstanding. I love the rice crust and it's deliciously "cheesy" without involving cows. ;) I also like the vegan spinach pizza on rice crust. Mmm. Report
I have had the Spinich one several times. I really enjoyed it. Report
Same with me - simply cannot resist pizza! Top on my favorites list ~ always got frozen in my freezer- ready to be whipped out when the craving hits although, best pizza is the one that NY style pizzerias carry and sell by the slice:) Oh, my mouth has started to water already...should never have come to read this blog;-) Report
I love Amy's products! Their Veggie Loaf dinner is yummy!! I have never tried the pizza, but now just may. Hopefully I can get them when on sale. Report
I pray the demand for these high quality ingredient items will keep going up so the prices can come down, because it is still more cost effective to make this kind of pizza homemade. Report
I love everything Amy's. Report
I tried the Amy's Margarita pizza and it was so yummy! I got it at a local big chain grocery store called Giant Eagle. I agree with others who have noted that the larger cheeseless Amy's pizza is also quite yummy. Report
I've never really been a fan of Amy's frozen foods--they just leave something to be desired. Thanks for testing this out for us! Report
While I do enjoy most Amy's products (I had rice mac n cheese for dinner tonight) I don't care for the rice crust pizza and I really didn't like the non-dairy version. I don't like the consistency or taste of the crust. I much prefer the Glutino brand pizza or I make my own with Against the Grain GF pizza shell. My husband really liked the Margherita singe serve though. He's not gluten free, the bum! Report
I LOVE Amy's! Everything of theirs that I have tried has been awesome. I have also used the diet plan they have on their website a few times to "get back on track" I find I need the structure every once in a while. Report
Thanks for the review! Amy's vegetable lasagna is my FAVORITE, haven't tried the pizzas yet - I definitely will now! Report
I may have to try these sometime. (I was surprised to see that they're carried at my neighborhood grocery chain!) Pizza is one of my biggest weaknesses as well. In the meantime, I agree with the suggestion to make your own with english muffins. I used to do that all the time when I was a teenager, I'm not sure why I don't anymore. Report
Amy's makes the BEST chili too! Report
I used to get Amy's all the time when I had a job, but now that I've only got $100 a month for food, it's just not a sensible choice anymore.

But I do love them, and if I get an actual income again, I'll probably be trying the pizzas. Report
I haven't tried it yet, but just the comments make me want to. Thanks another tasteful alternative. Report
As a vegetarian I try to be very aware of what I put into my body.... when I don't have time to cook, Amy's organics have been a saving grace! My fiance and I eat these pizza's about once a week! They are SO good. Report
hmmmm, might have to look into this Report
Nothing like this is available at the rural grocery stores near where I live so I cooked up a homemade alternative that is similar in calories.

I cut 1 english muffin in half and place it open faced on a plate. I put 1 tbsp of pizza sauce on each, apply 4 slices of hormel pillow pack turkey pepperoni and top with low fat cheese. I have microwaved them but think they are better broiled until cheese browns in the toaster oven. They are excellent, filling and have about 300 calories combined. Report
Amy's products are really good and being vegetarian with vegan tendencies I applaud your venture in trying them. Also try the sauceless vegetable Amy's pizza. Very yummy! Report
My favorite is the spinach feta pocket from Amy's. Their enchiladas are great but they have too many calories :( Report
Grammap, do you have a fred meyer near you? They sell them at the fred meyer here, in a special foods type freezer/fridge (it holds organic foods and other health foods) Report
It looks wonderful, but it says that there are no stores in our zip code that handles
Amy's. Will keep my eyes open for it. Report
Sorry for typo -- I ATE a third of it per meal.
High integrity company, but these products have too much sodium AND too much fat. The Amy's (larger) cheeseless pizza is A*W*E*S*O*M*E -- seriously!!! I believe I at a third of it per meal.
It sounds yummy. It is so difficult to cook for one person, so I eat frozen foods all the time. I tried Amy's Indian food and it was really good. I will definetly have to try this one too. The fat is what scares me. Any other alternatives so that I keep the fat low? Report
I *LOVE* the Amy's Pizzas! Report
Something to think about for sure! Report
This sounds great and I love pizza Report
love their pizza great taste and very healthy Report
I noticed that my grocery store recently started carrying these... I will have to pick one up next time I am there! Report
I've heard a lot about Amy's products....I think I'll give this a try this weekend. Report
This is a great pizza Report
I had heard Amy's was good but never got around to trying anything. Pizza sounds like a good suggestion. Thanks Report
Those of us with more than "allergies" really appreciate Amy's choices - the "vegan" rice pizza is also gluten-free for those of us with celiac disease and gluten sensitivities.

I've left messages with their organization for more low-sodium offerings - also, low-carb. They've done such a great service, I hope they keep up the great work! Report
Amy's is a great company, with natural foods. I love their pizzas. The lasagna is good. I know the carbs can scare some people away, but it is better to eat foods with good ingredients. Watch for sales, because I know organic food is not cheap. Report
Tried the Rice Pizza, I found it a little bit dry but ok. I also feel the price is to high, I found them in the organic section of Krogers but will most likely no buy again. Report
These sound SO good! I realy want to try it! Report
I love pizza and from what I know of Amy's they are a company I would love to support. I'll be adding these to my grocery list next week and can't wait to try them. Report
They do look wonderful and will try them. Think it's so very helpful to show a pic. of the actual food product so people aren't confused by the prof. pic. on the box.
Gives us all a better idea of just what we are getting. Way to go! Report
I think obsessing focusing on food can make us all fat!!! Report
I'm sure these are tasty and I suppose they are organic, but my goodness, the sodium count is outrageous! I would guess that folks on an eating plan or with high blood pressure could make their own yummy pizzas on flat bread with healthier ingredients. Report
I love Amy's meals, all of them. Our local "Super" store has them for a much better price and they are slowly getting a better selection. Go ahead, Spark Guy add all of Amy's meals so we don't have to keep manually entering them!! Report
w00t!! I hope I can find these at a local store. I LOVE Amy's Pizzas--the no cheese roasted veggie is my fave, but it's definitely a trigger food--I can eat the whole thing in one sitting! Report
I love Amy's! I haven't tried the pizza's yet... maybe I'll pick them up on my next trip to the grocery store. Report
I also love pizza and because of my IBS I have had to stop eating it. I might have to try the Non-dairy Amy's pizza. My day has been made and I can't wait to try it. Report
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