We Ate It: Bear Naked Granolas

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We love granola around here. Coach Nicole and I even make our own--and we've got a friendly rivalry going to see whose is best. (It's a tie for now!)

With extensive experience making and eating granola, we've become granola snobs (er, connoisseurs). We recently tried a few of the Bear Naked granolas to see if they lived up to our standards.
They did! We'll be stocking up on more flavors the next time we go grocery shopping.

We love these granolas. According to the company, the company name "reflects our passion and dedication to using ingredients that are all-natural and “bearly” processed." We can pronounce every ingredient used in the granola, and we learned about new fruits and grains, too.

Appalachian Trail Mix:

"Of course, this was naturally delicious. I actually feel healthier having eaten it, haha. It was the perfect blend of nuts, seeds, dried fruit and granola, with a great texture and flavor overall."

"I had to eat twice the recommended 1/4-cup serving size to feel like I really ate something and feel a little more full. But it's a great snack in general and I'd eat this again."

Heavenly Chocolate:

"This tastes like a crunchy no-bake cookie. For someone who has a peanut allergy, this granola satisfies the craving for the verboten treat. I’d like it with a big glass of milk."

"If this was the last chocolate I'd ever eat in my life, I'd die happy. Heavenly Chocolate is aptly named."

Bear Naked has added a new Native line. We tried them:

Yumberry Goji Currant granola:
Bear Naked says:
A surprising blend of everything from dried Goji berries and sweetened currants to brown rice syrup and Yumberry juice. It's easy to bring a touch of Asia home with these fruits native to the region. (A Yumberry is a fruit native to Asia. Read more about it here.

We say:
"This was delicious! It had a great texture and a surprising amount of dried fruits. The dried fruits were flavorful, but very chewy, which is how I like dried fruit. It tasted great both plain and with fruit/milk. I would definitely eat this again! It was filling, tasty, and healthy."

(No one else got to taste this bag. This tester ate the whole bag over a few days. She loved it that much!)

Mango Agave Almond granola:
Bear Naked says:
Go South of the Border with Mexico's own agave nectar and mangos. When mixed with ground flax seed, this granola provides protection against heart disease.

We say:
"I love the cinnamon-spiced granola. It’s crispy, crunchy and delicious. The mango bits are super chewy—they’re sweet and natural-tasting. The agave almonds have a smoky, salty sweetness. They’re really intense and delicious. I love the whole almonds and large, dense bits of mango."

"Confession: The almonds were so delicious that I picked them all out and ate them. They were THAT good! (Bear Naked, if you're listening, package those almonds separately!) The rest of my co-workers were stuck with (delicious) almond-less granola."

"I ate the granola but didn't get any almonds (ahem). The granola was delicious, full of cinnamon and subtle sweetness. I wish I could have tried some of those irresistible almonds…"

Bear Naked Granola (12 oz. Bag) - Original, Fit, and Protein lines $4.99
Bear Naked Granola (12 oz. Bag) - Native line $4.89
Bear Naked Trail Mix (5 oz. Bag) - $2.99
Have you tried Bear Naked granola? Which flavor do you like best?
Photos: taken by me of our Bear Naked granola

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I love this granola. I've tried a few different flavors, but the chocolate is by far my favorite and goes very well in my yogurt.I mix it with Chobani coffee and chocolate bites for when I first get up in the morning and with my Oikos cafe latte yogurt for an afternoon snack or desert after dinner!

I have to hide it or my grown son will eat the whole bag when he comes over to use the xbox!!
Like Nurse708 below, I add Bear Naked Fit to my Chobani yogurt and have a yummy lunch! Report
Love the Bear Naked flax granola with oats and dried blueberries. It is pricey, but when you only use 1/4 cup at a time it lasts forever. I put it in vanilla greek yogurt and let it sit for about 5 minutes so it's not quite so crunchy. It's my favorite breakfast! Report
Tried it, so not impressed. Still looking for a delicious pre-made granola, this wasn't it. Report
I'm with PT Cakes a little too yummy! Report
I never tried the other cello-packaged granolas after trying BN b'cse I thought it was way too sweet and tasted kind'a nasty perhaps due to the wrapping. Bitter lesson, expensively lerned. Best to buy ingredients and prepare on one's own. Also, takes up calories just to acquire, assemble, stow away Report
I have only tried the Banana Nut and enjoyed it. But my new favorite granola is Nature Path's Organic Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola. Report
I love the Bare naked granolas! They are great to sprinkle in my shakes and on yogurt! Report
I keep eyeing the Chocolate one in the grocery store.... I think I would eat it plain, but on top of yogurt (or frozen yogurt) would be amazing! Report
Why do they use agave and sugar? Whats the point of two sweetners? Try again please. Report
I put the Bear Naked Fit in my Chobani yogurt. I keep a bag of it in my locker at work. Report
I love granola -- too much. I have regained more weight by convincing myself that I can eat as much as I want because it if full of foods that are good for me. It is a definitely love hate thing. Report
the banana nut in yogurt with either blueberries or strawberries is a great breakfast treat. Report
I am a great fan of Bear Naked Fit Vanilla Almond Crunch. I love it in yogurt for a snack. Report
My new favorite granola is Kashi Cocoa Beach granola. It has coconut, almonds and chocolate infused granola clusters - so good!!!!!!!! Report
I love the vanilla almond crunch. I have 1/4 cup in my yogurt in the morning for breakfast. Yummy!! Report
I love these granolas! my favorite is the fruit and nut one. It smells like a sticky bun. mmmmmmm. They live up to their hype for sure. Report
I prefer the Lean w/ Protein & the Berry Blend for taste & over all nutrition values. Report
I Bought evey one of their products to try. we love each one of them!!! like 3figleaves, we love the chocolate with some milk and also use them in our yogurts. The combinations can be endless. Definitely going to place another order. The taste is the freshest I have ever tried in all the granolas that have passed thru my door!!! 10 thumbs up Bare Naked!!! Report
I love the Bear Naked line, I especially like to mix it with yogart or cottage cheese. The chocolates one taste decadent with a little splash of milk! Report
Love the Bear Nakeds but they ARE a bit pricey. Report
I personally like the Fit Vanilla Almond Crunch, but I recently bought the heavenly chocolate and got my husband hooked. They are both good. Report
i LOVE the bear naked fit - vanilla almond. I used to put 1/4 cup in 3/4 cup vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries and flax seed. absolutely delicious! Report
I prefer to make my own granola. I can control the fat and sugar. I really is easy and inexpensive. Report
And to everyone saying its too high in calories? Most granolas are. Whats awesome about this, other than the taste, is that all the calories are clean and natural! No artifical ingredients, preservatives, nada, zip, zero! Way better than buying a "granola" mix filled with M&Ms and what-not. Report
I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE Bear Naked Granola!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite it the Fruit and Nut, and I'm so sad that none of my local stores carry the Native lines!!!!! I have to measure out my serving size and then put the bag away, because I could totally eat it all in one sitting...its that awesome.

About it not being filling? I find that it is, as long as I don't eat it too fast. It has the perfect amount of chewy that is just really satisfying! I wish they would make one with cherries and walnuts... Report
I love Bare Naked!!! The Peak Protien granola is great, for a healthy treat I put it on whole grain cranberry nut bread with peanut butter and just a little maple syrup....healthy annnd oh so tastey!!! Report
They also make a FIT version that is lower in calories, one has almonds and it is EXCELLENT in yogurt. If you eat with FiberOne vanilla yogurt, it tastes like cheesecake! Report
love them all!!!!! Report
I am not a fan... I like my granola crunchy, not chewy Report
I love their Banana Nut variety. I don't eat granola w/ milk b/c I can't eat enough to be full and not load up on calories. But a 1/4c. on top of nonfat greek yogurt or fat-free/lowfat yogurt is plenty filling. Report
Granola is delicious but I steer clear of it. It's just too high in calories to be worth the splurge... Report
I love the Bearnaked Granolas. They are packed with nutrition. Because they contain nuts the calorie count goes up compared to some granola without nuts. I use 1/4 cup and sprinkle it over my yogurt. This gives me all the flavor but limits the calories I get. It's great with milk over it - like you'd do with any cereal, but like one of the reviewers noted - then I need 1/2 cup to feel satisfied.

Try the yogurt idea - it's the best of both worlds! Maizey Report
No I have not ever tried them but will be on the lookout for the chocolate one. I make my own low fat granola which my husband eats for breakfast on a daily basis..so I have to make lots of it, usually 4-6 quarts a week. Report
absolutely love all of them..... Report
I love the Bear Naked granola. I add ww. yogut, fruit, and granola it makes for a great filling breakfast, lunch, or snack. Report
I sent for the free sample in the mail, the fruit one, but I did find some at Krogers.. I purchased the blueberry crunch,, the flavor was delicious, but I found only about ten blueberries in the whole package!! I DID eat the whole bag in a week, so, yes, it is very good tasting,, but thought there would be more fruit..
I hope the chocolate flavor comes to our store.
I personally don't get any other brand! My kids love the "Heavenly Chocolate" and I personally like the Almond Vanilla (not mentionned in your article) Report
I saw a show on how this company got started and I was impressed... I see this at Jewels, I am going to probably buy some this weekend... I love to add this to my yogurt.
I have tried the Triple Berry Crunch also. It was wonderful stired into some yogurt with fresh berries. I also used some in a granola muffin recipe that I make occasionally. Report
I've had the Peak Protein a couple of times and I liked it a lot, but as others mentioned, it's a bit expensive. When I realized that a nearby co-op carried a variety of bulk low-fat granolas (at barely more than half the unit price of Bear Naked), I never went back! Report
Looks tasty, but they contain too much sugar and oil. There's no need to add sugar and fat to fruit and nuts. Report
Peak Protein is my favorite. It's a bit pricey, so I wait til it goes on sale. I also love the chocolate one. The company tries to be environmentally friendly as well. The empty bags are not recyclable, but if you turn them in for points to the company plus $5, you can get a cute t-shirt or a canvas bag for shopping (re-usable). They have also started a program to help with the safe disposal of the bags. Report
I heard about this product a while back. I researched in on the internet and even checked out their website before giving them a try. I think I have successfully tried all of the granola flavors. I purchase mine mostly from Kroger and I love them! I usually keep 2 or 3 bags on hand for my snacking needs. Love the product and the company. Report
I have purchased at Publix. It's a great product, albeit alittle pricey versus making your own from local ingredients.... Report
Will have to see if I can find it. Report
I tried the Triple Berry Crunch and really enjoyed it. I'm definitely going to try some of the other flavors after reading your review! Report
I will be looking for these at the market when I go, I love granola and these all sound yummy. Think I will start with the Chocolate and Mango ones. Report
Interesting. I may try the goii berries. Report
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