We Ate It: Chobani Greek Yogurt

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Frozen, fruity or fat-free, yogurt is a tasty and popular snack. Full of calcium and often low in calories and fat, it's no wonder yogurt comes in almost every flavor imaginable. It's good stuff!

A stroll down the yogurt aisle in any grocery store yields a multitude of choices. There's fruit on the bottom, custard style, Swiss style, European style and Greek style, among other types of yogurt. (For more info on what to look for in a yogurt, read this story by Dietitian Becky.)

Recently, we decided to sample a Greek style yogurt that we've read about on other food blogs: Chobani Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt is typically thicker and creamier than other yogurts. Our friend Shauna Reid, aka Dietgirl, is a huge fan of the stuff. "Go Greek," she told us. "If you’re a cream or sour cream fiend, 0% or 2% Greek yogurt is an excellent substitute. It's low in fat, protein-rich and incredibly creamy. Dollop into meringue nests and top with fresh fruit. Splodge onto a bowl of chilli. Swirl into butternut squash soup.”

In addition to being tasty and creamy--even when fat-free--Greek yogurt is higher in protein than regular yogurt. Here's why:

According to the folks at Chobani Greek yogurt, it's because of the straining process.

"We are taking the water and the whey out of the milk when we process it, making Chobani more concentrated than a traditional yogurt. If you think about our product compared to any other brand, we are using about three times more milk to get the same 6oz container that (other) yogurt would use (a ratio of about 3lbs of milk gets turned into 1lb of yogurt). Since we use more milk, we are now getting more protein."

However, because the whey is drained off, there is slightly less calcium in Greek yogurt.
Comparison of standard 6-ounce servings:
Standard yogurt (plain, fat-free)
80 calories
0 g fat
9 g protein
30% Daily Value calcium

Chobani Greek yogurt (plain, fat-free)
100 calories
0 g fat
18 g protein
20% Daily Value calcium

OK, enough talk. Let's eat some yogurt!

What they say:
  • All Natural
  • Live & Active Cultures
  • Great source of protein
  • Perfect way to increase energy
  • Rich smooth creamy texture
  • A great mid day snack
  • Helps prevent the risk of Osteoporosis
  • Includes 3 active probiotics
  • Gluten free

    What we say:
  • I liked Chobani yogurt. I tried the plain and the peach varieties. I usually eat plain yogurt and add my own fruit, so the peach seemed really sweet to me. It seemed more like dessert to me, but people who like sweet yogurt will like this.

    There were real pieces of fruit in the yogurt and no artificial sweeteners or corn syrup, unlike most supermarket yogurts. I don't like corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, so I am happy to find products that are sweetened with sugar. The fruit tasted fresh and delicious!

    The plain yogurt was everything I want in a yogurt: tangy, creamy and rich. The nonfat variety didn't have that weird chalky taste that many nonfat yogurts have. In fact, I couldn't tell it was nonfat!
  • This was my first time every trying Greek yogurt (I had the nonfat strawberry), so I wasn't sure what to expect or how it'd be different. I did not like this yogurt. While I appreciate that it has 14 grams of protein and it has a surprisingly thick texture for something that's fat-free, I did not enjoy the taste or the strange aftertaste I experienced after each bite. If you like Greek yogurt, maybe you'll like this, but if you're used to regular yogurt, it might take some getting used to. I think I'd like it better with added dried or fresh fruit and/or granola.
  • I tried the blueberry nonfat yogurt. Creamy and rich, I didn't even know it was nonfat. It was thick, and the blueberries tasted like real blueberries! (And for good reason--the yogurt contains real fruit and real sugar.)

    Chobani is available in three sizes; 6 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz., with suggested retail prices of $1.59, $3.99, and $6.59.
    Find out where to buy Chobani, and get coupons for your next purchase.

    What kind of yogurt do you typically buy? Do you like Greek yogurt? Have you tried Chobani?

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I know this story is a little old, but it pulled up when I was searching on-line for Chobani's website. I recently tried this and OMG, I love it! My first was the 2% pineapple. It was rich and creamy and thick and very satisfying. Many yogurts leave you hungry after eating it. This one does the trick! I highly recommend it! Report
Chobani sounds yummy!! I never had greek yogurt. I will see if I could find in my area.
thank you for information. Report
I just tried this stuff and was AMAZED by how rich and creamy it is. I'm a new fan. Report
Can't wait to make some with my low fat goat's milk. I make super-fatted goat milk soaps. After straining off the cream for the soap, this recipe will give me a chance to enjoy some lowfat GREEK GOAT yogurt! Report
Love love love this yogurt I think it makes a great dessert Report
I recently tried the pomegranate non fat yogurt and it was fabulous. This is a product that I would buy again. It tasted fresh. I am looking forward to trying the other flavors, like the plain and the vanilla. Report
I used to live in Budapest, and ate greek yogurt and kefir all the time, usually plain or with fruit on top. I tried a few other brands once I came home to the US, but none ever matched the taste. Tried Chobani a few days ago, and just stocked up because it was on sale. I love this stuff! It reminds me of the kinds I got in Europe - creamy, tangy, and with fruit flavor that tastes fruity and not super sweet (as long as you spend some time mixing the flavoring in) I also love the extra protein content and can't believe that most of it is nonfat. Report
0 fat FAGE brand with some crushed walnuts and a drizzle of honey....divine...my favorite dessert!
I also use this yogurt anywhere I used to use sour cream... thick, creamy, tangy...Yum! Report
Skyr is better than Greek yoghurt, but I do like Greek yoghurt better than regular yoghurt. However, neither of those is available where I live, so I enjoy plain nonfat yoghurt and add fruit. I might try making some Greek yoghurt, though. Report
I love how satisfying the super thick greek yogurts are - but I don't love spending so much on it, so I make my own. All you need is a piece of cloth, like cheesecloth or muslin, a strainer and something to strain over. In a few hours it's thicker - but if you strain it over night in the fridge you can get something as thick as cream cheese - and can be used to substitute for cream cheese too.

I mix it with honey, maple or agave syrup depending on my mood. Or If I need something savory I mix in a little salt, chives and herbs.

If you decide to strain your own, avoid the yogurts with a bunch of additives and stabilizers like gelatin - they are engineered not to separate properly. I like Nancy's. Report
You won't believe me but I have been looking for greek yogurt around my area for approx. a year. No luck. Then today when I read this it has a link and the closest place that I can by this greek yogurt is 73.3 miles away. Well I guess I can't drive that far for just yogurt. LOL This really puts the damper on things for some people that live in little secluded areas. I really want to try some. :( Report
I eat yogurt more for the calcium than the protein, but I don't eat HFCS or artificial sweeteners (which give me migraines), which really limits my choices. The Chobani is very good, but it's more expensive. Archer Farms Low-Fat (20% calcium) and Publix Low-Fat Fruit-on-the-Bottom (35% calcium) varieties have real sugar but well over 100 calories a serving. None of the national brands seem to have low-fat or fat-free yogurt without artificial sweeteners. I need to learn to make my own! Report
I've tried Chobani but I'm a BIG fan of Fage. I buy the plain and add my own flavorings.....YUMMY!!!! Report
I live in the UK and have never heard of Chobani. I absolutely love good Greek yoghourt and have always found it hard to find. Most of what I buy is thin and sharp despite being called Greek. If anyone knows of any REAL Greek yoghourt I could get here I would be delighted. Report
Might be great if I could try it... however, according to the web site, its not located even within 100 miles of my home!! Report
I have not tried Chobani yet but plan to purchase a container today. I think I will most likely get peach or blueberry. I didn't know about Greek yogurt and learned enough from this blog to want to try it. If I like it I will most likely add it to my Spark diet as another source of nutrition. Report
We don't carry Greek yogurt unless its in a store that carries unusual foods. I usually eat Activia because its keeps my acid reflux away. Report
I don't understand why yogurt is considered a "Diet" friendly food. That seems like a lot of calories for little nutrients. Report
I love Fage brand Greek Yogurt. It is like eating cool whip but not as sweet at all. Very healthy. I tried Chobani brand and didn't like it at all. Maybe I got a bad one, not sure but it tasted more sour than I was used to. My store only carries Greek Yogurt in plain so maybe the taste factor is better with the flavored ones shown here. But I will say the texture wasn't as fluffy as Fage. It was more like regular yogurt instead of that cool whip texture I had come to expect from Greek Yogurt. Report
I just bought the only variety of Greek yogurt at the only grocery store in town - I was surprised there was ANY Greek yogurt. It is more flavorful and tart than the other plain yogurt I've tried, but tastes better than any other fat-free I've tried. Still working on ways to use it...

I tried this yogurt recently and was so pleasantly surprised! I find most other yogurts to be too soupy and sweet. I am so happy I tried this and that nutritionally, it is a good choice! I usually have it with 1/4 cup of Kashi Island Vanilla cereal for dipping. Delicious! Report
I like Icelandic-style strained yoghurt too. It's called "skyr." It's even creamier and smoother than my favorite Greek yoghurt (FAGE).

Siggi's makes a nice skyr in a variety of flavors. Report
I tried a different brand of Greek Vanilla (given to me) but I didn't care for it. It tasted just like sour cream which would make a lot of people very happy - but I don't care for sour cream.

I bet this would be a great substitute for sour cream though! Report
I like the FAGE brand especially the one with honey. The sweetness of the honey takes the tartness down. Great combination! Report
I love it as well. I normally mix in my own fruit to plain but I have also added frozen blueberries to the blueberry yogurt for another layer of texture. So good! Report
Someone asked if this yogurt can be used as a substitute for sour cream. YOU BET! I used it everywhere and on anything sour cream can be used and it works perfect. I even gave some to my mom and told her it was sour cream and she gobbled it up without questioning it once.
I have been eating that stuff every single day for the past couple of months and absolutely love it. I'm not a big fan of a regular yogurt, especially the one that is sweet because I can always taste corn starch and artificial sweeteners. yuk.
This taste very similar to sour cream which I LOVE, but without all the fat and the calories.
I actually tried this brand just recently after I saw it in my local grocery store and noticed that it was way cheaper than FAGE Greek yougurt with the same ingredients. I'm sold. Report
This si the best stuff. I reminded me of the very first time I hs yogurt way back when, when Dannon was the only one on the market and it came in a cardboard container!! I used to love theirs' cause it wasn't too sweet. But they have canged their recipe over the years to keep up with the newer brands that came out and their product wasn't the best one anymore. Well, this Greek one is. The bluberry one is so good. I froze it, the stirred it up and ate it like an icecream! AWESOME! I'll never buy regular yogurt again. I think the plain is also the best ever. Report
LOVE this stuff!!! I only eat this yogurt with the exception of stoneyfield organic yogurt. SO good w/ granola mixed in. Report
For those who said they didn't like this yogurt I would suggest giving another brand of Greek yogurt a try before swearing off Greek yogurt entirely. It is possible you won't like other brands either but I do like Greek yogurt but am not a fan of this brand. Report
I also tried this yogurt recently, and my reaction was exactly the same as your second reviewer. It was my first time trying Greek yogurt, and I think that I am NOT a fan. I didn't care for the thick texture, it was as though somebody mixed paste in with my normal yogurt. I can see how some people might prefer the thicker texture, but I am not a Greek yogurt convert. Report
I make my own Greek yogurt. I buy the big tubs of plain nonfat yogurt and line a strainer with cheese cloth then stick a pie dish underneath to catch the water. Its the best stuff ever and much, much cheaper. I eat it as a parfait, sweetened with Splenda, blueberries, strawberries and Fiber One cereal. Report
I love Greek yogurt, but this brand isn't available locally. I usually end up going with the Greek Gods brand. Greek yogurt is a tad more expensive, but it is so tasty that once I tried it, I could never go back. I like to swirl plain non-fat Greek yogurt with a little honey and add my own fruit. So yummy, rich, and filling! Report
This is by far my favorite yogurt. I love that it's so creamy despite being fat-free, and I like that it is not too sweet. The best part for me, however, is the low sodium content. It contains the least amount of sodium of any yogurt I've tried, and for a yogurt-loving person with elevated blood pressure, this is great news! Report
This is absolutely the BEST YOGURT EVER! Being vegetarian, I'm always looking for ways to up my protein intake, and for an extra 20 calories, there's double the protein in this yogurt. But forget that, it's just SO MUCH BETTER! I can occasionally get it on sale for $1.00 a container. It's worth it! Report
I haven't tried it, but since I see that BJ's carries it, I think I'll have to try it one of these days. I keep reading one string where those who have tried it love it and then another string where people are comparing it to lower priced yogurts and saying they wouldn't pay the price. Let's compare this to chocolates; yeah a Hershey's chocolate bar is cheaper than a Godiva chocolate bar, but which one is better quality chocolate...? I know in these tough economic times we have to eat Hershey's, but we would much rather eat Godiva. Report
The Chobani brand isn't sold around here. I have had the Fage 0 fat and found it too thick and more like sour cream for my taste. I like the 2 % better. Also I liked the Stoneyfield greek yogurt with honey. I do have to agree about the price though! Way too expensive for a little container. Report
I absolutely love this yogurt, as far as a snack goes. one cup is a filler and you honestly feel full. Has anyone ever used it as a substitue for sour cream? Just wonder what others might have done with it. Report
I absolutely love this yogurt, as far as a snack goes. one cup is a filler and you honestly feel full. Has anyone ever used it as a substitue for sour cream? Just wonder what others might have done with it. Report
I am OBSESSED with Chobani! I found it about 6 months ago at Stop & Shop on sale and decided to give it a try...it was love at first bite.
I will never go back to that aspertame taste again.
Besides, it's ALWAYS on sale.
:) Report
I have never seen this brand(in article) but I adore Fage Greek yogurt! I buy the 0% fat plain version and add my own toppings. I love putting banana baby food(it's puree and no sugar added) on top for only an extra 70 calories. I also add a few packets of splenda to the yogurt first. It is the yum! Report
I love about a quarter cup of Fage 0 % on my hot oatmeal in the morning with a sprinkling of cinammon and sugar. The protein with the complex carbs help me to last longer in the morning! Report
I just discovered "Fage" greek yogurt a few weeks ago and converted a friend who isn't trying to lose weight and now we both LOVE it! Report
I am going to go out and buy some!!!! To see if I like it.
I heard about this yogurt about a month and was interested in it. While at the supermarket this weekend, I found it and purchased one of every flavor. I have had two so far and both have been delish! I put fresh raspberries in the plain one today for a snack and it was yummy. I prefer to have my yogurt thicker than normal, so I feel this is a perfect match for me. I would say, "try it, you'll like it"! Report
I found Chobani several months ago at Whole Foods (and since then have found it on special several times at Publix!!). I love its thickness and the fact that it has no HFCs or artificial sweetners. My favorite is the strawberry (I don't find an aftertaste), followed by blueberry, and vanilla (the vanilla is a bit yogurt tarty but still good). I just finished a strawberry with a Kashi TLC Honey Roasted 7 grain bar pack for lunch! It will hold me til a late supper.

LindaLee Report
I haven't seen Chobani locally yet, but I did try Stonyfield Farms organic Greek yogurt .. I like the honey flavor. There are 5 live active cultures in Stonyfield Farms Greek Yogurt, and that's a good thing. The calcium is at 20%. No corn sweeteners either! yeah! Report
I've tried Chobani and it's good but my favorite is Greek Gods Greek Yogurt. The best!! Report
I'm not a fan of the artificial sweeteners and that's one reason why I stopped buying popular brand name yogurts. Because Chobani is all natural, I couldn't wait to find it and give it a try. Well, let me tell you the vanilla and plain are awesome! rich, thick and smooth in texture and no after taste. I can't wait to try the blueberry. The price is up there a bit but it is worth it. I found it to be very filling too. Report
I think it's a bit costly especially since I never have a coupon for it. My hubby likes it but I'll stick to my Yoplait or Breyers. Report
Fage is my favorite yogurt. I love the non-fat plain. I add fruit and/or granola and it's very filling for breakfast. I'll have to try this one, but it will have to be really good to beat out Fage!! Report
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