We Ate It: Fiber One 50-Calorie Yogurts

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We recently chatted with Hungry Girl, aka Lisa Lillien, the queen of guilt-free food. (Read the interview here.) One of the perks of her job is seeing her animated likeness on various food products that she endorses.

She and Fiber One have a long history. She has pulverized their breakfast cereal and used it to fake fry everything but the kitchen sink, and she's a big fan of other Fiber One products, too. Fiber One offered us some samples of their newly reformulated and lower-calorie yogurt. They sent us the strawberry and key lime pie flavors, and with Lisa's assurance that we'd like them, we asked some SparkPeople employees to try them. (Learn how to buy the best yogurt!)

What They Say:
Fiber One: "Introducing the creamy Fiber One yogurt you already love, but now at 50 calories. This high-fiber, low-calorie, strawberry yogurt is packed with real fruit and taste, making your day a bit sweeter. Plus, adding more fiber to your diet helps you feel more satisfied. So celebrate getting a lot for just a little and you'll get 20 percent of the Daily Value of fiber. Hungry Girl approves and we think you will, too! Dig in!"

Hungry Girl: "A brand-new version of the delicious Fiber One Yogurt is debuting next month. Same amazing flavors (and taste!), but with only 50 calories, zero grams of fat, and a whopping five grams of fiber per 4-oz. cup (POINTS® value 0*)! We've tried these and love them so much that they'll now feature Hungry Girl and our seal of approval ALL OVER the pack."

What We Say:
"I tried one of each flavor of the new yogurts. I really liked the Fiber One yogurts. I could not tell a big difference between it and regular yogurt and it has the extra health benefits."

"The key lime pie is really good--it's super sweet but doesn't have that weird artificial aftertaste. I can really taste the lime. I wanted to dip graham crackers in it for a snack."

"I can't believe these are 50 calories. They were really filling--I guess that's the fiber? I had one in the afternoon and it kept me full until dinner. The strawberry one was really good, and I couldn't tell that it had fiber in it. It was really creamy."

"Even though I don't like artificially sweetened foods, I liked this yogurt. I tried the lime. I thought it was tasty and filling… however, the added fiber (in the form of inulin) doesn't sit well in my stomach. I had a gurgly, upset stomach all night, which happens every time I eat a fiber-fortified food. I can't eat inulin! It tasted good, but I already get more than enough fiber from vegetables and whole grains, so I think I'll have to pass on eating this again."

Nutrition and pricing info:
$2.49 for a pack of four 4-ounce cups Click here for a $1 off coupon!

Have you tried the new Fiber One yogurt? Will you? Do you like foods with added fiber? Which flavor is your favorite?

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While this article is a few years old I still have to agree with the comment about not being able to eat "fiber fortified" packaged foods. Trust me, the hours after eating one of them is not kind to my gut....at all....they are horrible. Taste great but my body just doesn't appreciate them! Report
I'd have to do the math, and compare them to the cost of Yoplait light (x4)...

Ok, so they're a little less! Assuming Hannaford sells them at $2.49 too. That, plus lower calories, yummy flavors, and 5g of fiber is enough for me to pick up a pack next time I food shop! Report
The aspertame and the inulin make my tummy so sick. So I just buy plain Greek yogurt and add real fruit and a bit of granola...okay, so it isn't as much fiber as in these, but at least it doesn't make me feel sick! Report
Unfortunately the Fiber in Fiber One Bars upset the stomachs of most people in my house (painful gas.) how ironic that we eat beans and legumes without problem. I think I will have to stick to real food. Report
My husband and I love these. I didn't realize they could cause gas. Oops we kept blaming the broccoli & cauliflower. I still love them. Yesterday I blended a strawberry fiber one with some frozen berries, added a little skim milk. Just like ice cream. Also they can be hard to find where I live. Kroeger seems to be the only store here that carries it. Report
I'm going to have to try them. Report
I'm having trouble getting enough fiber, so I bought a package of Strawberry Fiber One. It's ok. Hard to believe it's only 50 calories. It is way too sweet for me, though, and does leave an artificial aftertaste. I may try the Key Lime ones. I think I'll use up the Strawberry in smoothies. Report
I LOVE these,,,especially the Key Lime one! Report
Fiber one is great it is my morning snack goodieeeeee Report
I LOVE the fiber one yogarts! I have been eating them since they came out. I do like how the new version contains actual fruit as opposed to just the yogart like the old version. Report
I tried the strawberry yogurt the other day. Not a huge fan of the aftertaste, too fake tasting to me. However, the added fiber was a definite bonus. :) Report
omg i tried this weeks ago and fell in love. and yes it is filling. just wish they had more flavors.. Report
This product soumds like it would be worth a try. The flavors sound great, especially with a graham cracker! Report
I tried the Strawberry. Some people may like it, but it's very artificial tasting. It leaves an unpleasant after taste. You can really taste the artificial sweeteners. Like I said, for some this may be right up their ally. But not me. I'll keep my regular Yoplait. I don't eat yogurt often, so regular yoplait isn't bad every once in a while. Report
I think I will be giving this a try.Like the idea of mixing it with cereal. Report
i won't be trying this. i find that i get a migraine when i eat things with fake sugars in them. Report
That yougart might taste great but my dietian thinks yougart needs to have 13 g. of protein instead of the 3 this one has. Report
I loved this yogurt---I like how it was smooth and creamy (not a fan of fruit chunks in yogurt). It's also great that it has extra fiber since I usually have a hard time getting in at least 25g each day. Report
These are really tasty and low cal! Kept me away from the candy jar :)

I am giving a Fiber One yogurt giftpack away on my site

I buy Walmart brand yogurt it comes in 6 oz container and the lite is just enough for a snack. The mixed berries has 90 calories compaired to yogurt sweeten with sugar which has 150 calories. no fat, 5mg cholest, sodium 120mg, total carbs ONLY 14gms, protein 8gms. It tastes the same as any of the name brands that are 6oz and lite. You might want to give it aq chance. OH YEAH, it only costs 38cents here in TN Report
Love Fiber One Key Lime Pie yogurt! I eat it nearly every morning for breakfast with 1/4 c of Fiber One cereal mixed in. It's like eating Key Lime Pie with the crust! Yum! Report
I have ment to try them, so with the help of the coupon will definitely try.....JazziesMOM1 Report
I have always been a huge fan of yoplait yogurts, when I saw these, I grabbed them! I can't believe they are so low calorie and they are more filling than the ones with 170 calories!!! They are awesome and I will keep buying them. I don't like the taste of aspartame, but I've never had an issue of tasting it in yoplait yogurts. Report
hmmm... I usually eat Dannon Light & Fit, but if Fiber One is as good, and has less sugar, maybe I will switch. I am not a huge fan of aspartme either... why don't people just use non-chemical sweeteners? Seriously, how can using a chemical to sweeten your food be better for you can actual sugar? Yeah, I get that people want to lower their sugar intake because it isn't healthy, but eating REAL sugar, has to be healthier than eating something that was produced in a chemical factory to taste like sugar... I use an organic calorie free sugar--real sugar. tastes the same, no calories. Report
I've tried most of FiberOne's line of products and the yogurts didn't seem to have the same "gassy" effect on me as the bars, and toaster pastry tarts do. So....I do like these and will continue to buy them. Report
I was thrilled when I found the fiber one yogurt last year, but after trying one (and not finishing it) I gave the rest to my bf. There was way too much of an aspertame taste to them. I really didn't enjoy it. If they changed it, I'd be willing to give it another go... if not, I'll stick to the cereal, the snack bars and the pancake mix!! Report
I would love to try these! I looked for them at the grocery store the other day and couldn't find them. I will keep looking for them because I want to try them. I eat a lot of fiber.......for the feeling of fullness it helps me to have, plus it also helps with a healthy digestive tract. Report
I bought some yesterday since I found them on sale. Had the Key Lime Pie for dessert last night and it was the best Key Lime yogurt I've tried. Then I had Vanilla this morning with my cereal. Strawberry was depleted off the shelves, must be good. Very good and so flavorful. Hope they come out with additional flavors. Report
I love the flavor of most fiber one foods and love the concept of getting extra fiber in unexpected places but unfortunately, like others have mentioned, they make me very gassy! I just can't eat them, especially if I have to be in public later in the day! Report
It has Aspartame in it so I would not even consider trying it! Report
worth a TRY Report
We don't have these in Australia...shame cause I would definately buy them! Report
I like them, but I wish they would make things with Splenda and not Aspartame. My system does not handle Aspartame well, but I can do Splenda. :( More Splenda!!! Report
I'm with KarmaSMC; I lack the enzyme necessary to break down NutraSweet and other forms of phenylalanine or aspartame. I desperately need to find an alternative that doesn't pack on the pounds! I wish I could try this yogurt -- it sounds yummy! Report
I live by fiber one products. I think the taste has changed a little since they teamed with Hungry Girl. There is more of an after taste present that wasn't there before. I still love the vanilla. It taste more like pudding than yogurt. I like to add some flaxseed to it. I also love their honey cluster cereal. Report
great blog, however, aspartame and I are not good friends, it does horrible things to my stomach, system, etc., I cannot even eat splenda..., I am trying to find something I can tolerate that sweetens, so far no chemically enhanced flavored surgar works, swell up as well, together with the fact that I have to try really hard to lighten the sodium load in the diet. Any suggestions anyone!!! Report
I buy Psyllium Husks in a large container and take it daily, so I woudn't waste the extra money they charge for this type of yogurt, as I'm much to frugal. Report
I like FiberOne products and especially enjoyed the yogurts till I noticed they are artificially sweetened with that horrible ASPARTAME which to me, if we're trying to eat healthy and clean, should be completely taken off the shelves. It is so horrible for you. And if you are a migraine sufferer, it is not good either. Why don't they sweeten with stevia or something of that sort? Report
I don't do Aspartame, or any artificial sweeteners, so I will have to pass. The aftertaste is too much for me... I can always pick it out. Report
I don't like yogurt, but my kids do, so I'm always on the lookout for new products. I don't think I'll be bringing this one home, because of the Aspartame (I prefer products with Splenda, if there has to be chemically-treated sugar), and because of the other chemicals. I'm trying really hard to stay as close to the Real Thing as possible. My hubby likes Fage with a tsp of jam, jelly, or marmalade stirred in, or with a tsp of Splenda and some fresh strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries. Report
I can not eat the fiber one bars or the fiber one yogurt. Horrible stomach pain and gassy. The yogurt was a little more tolerable than the bars. The bars are yummy but the after effects are awful. Report
Great article - I will look for it next time I am at the store. Report
yes, i would try this new yogurt. generally, i'm like SHADOWPUP below and have become a yogurt-purist as i've gotten older. i have fallen in love with some of the greek yogurts i've discovered in the supermarkets....stoneyfield makes oikos and there's another great, all natural, nonfat, greek, strained yogurt by a company called fage (pronounced fah-YEH) that's a 6 oz. serving for 90 calories with 15 grams of protein....awesome! Report
I cannot eat dairy, so have to stick to Soy yoghurts, here in England UK, there is a yogurt called Alpro which is creamy and is about 79 to 80 calories per pot, there is also a vanilla one which is a large pot and that is really nice. There are so many nice low calorie yogurts out there and I am sure this one is ok too. Report
I am not familiar with Fibre One yogurt but am very particular about the type of yogurt I eat. Not all yogurt is the same and here in central Canada we are lucky to have a brand called "Astro" which actually is what I call "real" yogurt i.e. it naturally has all the ingredients in it to naturally make it yogurt and no additives. The taste and texture reflects this, too. I have been eating Astro yogurt since the 70's and will not change! Report
I prefer Yoplait Light Vanilla. Yes it has more calories, but I add blueberries and rasberries for my red and blues, and rasberries are loaded with fiber. It sticks with me longer and sometimes I add a tablespoon of granola for an added treat. Sometimes low cal does not get it. Report
I loved the Strawberry, I have not tried the Key Lime yet. I hate yogurt but decided to try this and it was great. It also helps when you are having a junk food craving. Report
Love those, esp. lime, close to a real KEY LIME PIE. I know there are artificial ingredients, but overall, this is an amazing taste to also get fiber. Report
I will try, I do like yogurt. I make my own yogurt Ice cream . Report
Why does it have to be full of artificial colors, preservatives & artificial sweetners? I wish companies would work with REAL FOOD instead of all the chemicals.... Report
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