We Ate It: Food Should Taste Good Chips

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When the 3 p.m. snack craving hits, I fight the urge to reach for something salty and grab something healthy, like a banana or a hard-boiled egg. Sometimes though, you need chips. And when I want chips, I want good chips. Not greasy, plain-old potato chips. And usually I want to dip them in something tasty, which only adds on calories.

We recently tried the full range of Food Should Taste Good Chips. This review could be just one sentence long: These corn-based chips are aptly named.

What they say:
"With a brand name that says it all, FoodShouldTasteGood chips are made from the highest quality, all-natural ingredients baked into the chips. All chip varieties are gluten free, cholesterol free, have no trans fats and do not use genetically modified ingredients (GMOs). They are also certified Kosher, lower in sodium and are a good source of dietary fiber. The chips combine the crunchiness of a chip, the crispiness of a cracker, and the dippability of a tortilla chip."

What we say:
They come in seven flavors: Multigrain, Olive, The Works, Buffalo, Sweet Potato, Jalapeno and Chocolate. The flavor is in the chip, so they're great on their own or with a healthy dip.

Here's what we thought of the individual flavors.

These are almost more like crackers than chips. I feel less guilty eating these than I would if I were eating another flavored chip. They are really good--and they have flax, sunflower and sesame seeds in them. I definitely taste the sesame seeds. I'm buying some of these soon.

These smell like olives--fresh, clean and briny. Their taste is not overpowering, but the olive flavor comes through. I would definitely eat these again!

The Works
These chips taste like an everything bagel--my favorite! I really like them. I can taste the poppy seeds and the caraway seeds, and they're really crunchy like the outside of a bagel.

I ate these chips alongside a bowl of chili for lunch. I couldn't resist dipping them in the Greek yogurt I swirled into the chili. They were spicy but not really hot, which I liked. They would be great with some blue cheese dip or on their own.

Sweet Potato
Sweet potatoes don't have much of a taste, but these were pretty good. They were slightly sweet. I looked at the ingredients, and they're still mostly corn. Sweet potato is an ingredient, but it's mostly for flavor, I think. I don't think these are any better for you than regular chips.

I tried the Jalapeno, and they're REALLY good! I guess they're nutritionally not much better than "normal" chips, but they sure do taste great. They are just a touch spicy, not too much so. I thought (and kinda hoped) they'd be spicier. They'd be great with some guacamole or light salsa.

My first thought was that this gives new meaning to the term "chocolate chips." Although the bag said these chips were like a dessert, I disagree. They were not sweet at all, and they were barely even chocolatey. If I really wanted something sweet like chocolate, I'd rather eat 140 calories worth of the good stuff to really be satisfied. These sure didn't hit the spot. However, I think it's a fun idea and could be an interesting "party food" that sure would spark conversation. They weren't good but they weren't gross. They were sort of like standard chips, with a little bit of extra flavor that I wouldn't have known was chocolate if I wasn't told. The after taste is a bit chocolatey though.

Nutrition info:
140 calories, 6 g fat, 3 g fiber for 10-14 chips depending on the flavor
Chocolate: 140 calories, 7 g fat, 3 g fiber for 10 chips

$3.59-$4.69 for 12-ounce bag (find a $1 off coupon on the website)

Available online and in stores.

Have you tried these chips? Would you?

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We got samples of these Food Should Taste Good chips years ago maybe even a few years before I joined SparkPeople - they were being displayed at the local health food stores (we see them in other stores nowadays, not just "health food stores". The "Chocolate" one is subtle - but works good if you have like a fruity yogurt to use as a dip - then more of the chocolate flavor comes through. I still eat too many of any chips, so I don't buy them very often. Report
I found some interesting new chips at Trader Joe's. They are called Root Vegetable Chips and are made from different root vegetables: parsnip, sweet potatoes, taro, etc... The good news is Calories 160 for 16 chips, bad sat fat .5g, good fats poly 3g and mono 6g, sodium 35mg, carb 16g, fiber 3g, sugar 1g, and protein 2g. If you like Root Vegetables than it's worth trying. Report
The Olive, Multigrain and The Works are all AMAZING!! I get them at The Fresh Market and enjoy with guacamole, hummus, edamame hummus or salsa...the key with salty/crunchy snacks (my personal Waterloo) is to portion IMMEDIATELY when you bring them home from store! I would definitely love to try the Buffalo and Jalapeno as well... Report
Glad I read this blog. I had never heard of these chips but will certainly look for them. The olive and jalapeno would probably be my favorites. Report
I love the multigrain! Sooo good!!! Report
These are awesome. Olive is my favorite! Report
I have tried the sweet potato and the jalepeno and enjoyed them both. It is a nice option to have and while the price is hefty they are a reasonable alternative to chips. Report
From one foodie to another these are good! We live in a rural area and our Local Kroger has these in their small "Health Food" section of the store--I also ADORE "GARDEN OF Eating" BLUE CORN Chips" More of a tortilla but ahhh heaven!~ dipped in my new fave low cal salsa from FROG Ranch Salsa company its 10 calories per 2 TBSP & 0 fat natural taste makes for a good day....salsa good with celery to dip in also! Luv the"have you tried this" Feature ....new member and always looking for something to mix up the rut of tried and true foods...hope this helps to SPARK the healthy lifestyle! Report
I had the multigrain one day when I was in a pinch for necessary carbs and thought the taste was indeed great, but unfortunately won't be having them again as they are made with both flour and evaporated cane juice, neither of which is allowed on my foodplan. I was disappointed to discover that. And oil is the 2nd ingredient, so I'd mirror the comments that while these taste good, probably not the healthiest choice. Report
I have only tried the Sweet Pootato ones but loved them. Go to their website and print out as many $1 off coupons as you can. I might head out at lunch today and get a bag of the Multigrain and the Works. Report
These are SO good! They are delicious, satisfying and much healthier than regular fried, greasy, salty snack chips. Although I am watching my carbs, just a few of these curb my cravings. Yes, they are pricey. I look for sales and coupons for these. Highly Recommended! Report
These chips are nothing short of amazing, I love them so much I could eat a whole bag. But they don't love me, every time I eat these chips I get a terrible stomach ache and then diarrhea, its happened a few times and always after eating these chips and nothing else. So I cant eat them anymore which makes me very sad. I dont know which ingredient is making me sick but I suspect it may be the soy, I try to stay away from soy, I know its not good for me and this proves it, my body severely rejects it. Report
These are SOOO yummo. And if you go to their website or friend them on Twitter etc. you can get coupons for them. The only downside is that the health food store is just a little too far away to drive for an "impulse buy"... ;-) Report
i LOVE the jalepeno ones and i don't even usually enjoy spicy food. they're perfect. Report
The only ones that i've tried are the multi-grain ones and they are like heaven in a bag- love the taste and love the fact that there aren't so many unhealthy processed ingredients in them as are in other chips. Report
I love these chips!! I live in Iowa, and they have just become available in my supermarket in the last month. Before that, I bought them from health food stores. I've tried the Multi-grain, The Works, Olive and Sweet Potato. I liked them all except the Olive. The Multi-grain are the ones I keep buying over and over, though. Love them! Report
Not a big chip person. I might try them. Report
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE JALEPENO CHIPS!!! They used to carry some of the flavors at our local grocery store and recently have been impossible to find, hopefully more people will catch on and they'll be everywhere! Report
I have tried the sweet potato and would not try again, too sweet. I also tried the multi-grain and really liked them. They do seem like crackers. Report
We tried the jalapeno chips and LOVED them! Just don't eat too much because they're made with high olelic sunflower oil and may cause tummy aches. Report
I haven't heard of these or seen then in my store, but will have to keep looking. I'd like to try the works. Report
multigrain and jalapeno are the two I have tried....love them both and can't wait to try the rest! Report
I LOVE the Jalapeno flavor. I dip them in Jalapeno hummus. Report
The sweet potato ones are my favorite! I have them sometimes along side a salad with laughing cow cheese. Yum! Report
These sound great! Would like to try them, I was pleased to see that Costco has them. Will buy next shopping trip. Report
I've tried the Multi Grain and they are great! They are good as a chip or a cracker. They have replaced any other chip that I used to buy. I have also tried the Jalapeno, but didn't like them. I thought they would be spicier, but didn't have much flavor at all in my opinion. Report
I love the olive and the jalapeno.. they are wonderful.. Report
I've seen these on sale at Fresh Market and Whole Foods for 2/$4.00. And for $2.99 at our local Co-Op.

The regular price is only $3.29. I've never seen them higher than that. Wonder where they are buying them at that price. Report
I've tried the olive ones! They were great!!! What I had of them. My teenager discovered them and ate the whole bag and all the hummus in the house. So I'd say they are a hit. Quality and taste are well worth the price! Report
Bought these at Costco with a coupon because they were giving out samples and my son loved them(multigrain), then brought them home and my daughter and husband loved them...would like to buy again but are pricey...they taste almost like a frito corn chip....very, very good! Report
'All chip varieties are gluten free' OMG I am in heaven!!! I will have to go check them out.. I so need snacks like these and they are hard to find!! Report
My mom keeps the multigrain in her house at all times and I love them. I don't even dip them...they taste great by themselves! If they were less expensive, they'd be a staple in my house as well. Report
I never even heard of them; however, you make them sound so good. I would try them. Report
I tried some TERRA Mediterenian chips the other day and they are AMAZING! I honestly thought they were some sort of exotic potatoe chips with really cool flavors all mixed in one bag, so I only had a couple. I then looked at the back label and was shocked to have learned that these are made from a variety of root vegatables (no potatoes), so there are barely any carbs. They are low fat, crunchy, and very satisfying. Report
I saw these at Target and was intrigued, but not enough to shell out the price!!! I'd like to try them someday but I can't foresee them becoming a regular in our house due to the price. Report
My daughter has had to go gluten free so this product caught my eye. I will have to try these chips out for her!:) Report
haven't trie them but would really like to try the everything and the olive...they sound yummy!!! Thanks for the info! Report
I just bought the Jalapeno ones and they are pretty good. Multi grain is great! Report
I have only tried the Multi Grain. Loved them but have a hard time stopping at one serving. Report
I bought bags of the jalapeno and olive flavors. Didn't get to try the olive because my picky friend ate the entire bag with salsa. My husband and I loved the jalapeno with green chili humus and used the rest of them to make nachos. Report
I have tried the multigrain and like them....haven't tried the others.....will have to do that soon. Report
I love chips so I will definitely have to look for these thanks for the info. Report
They are one of my favorite chips. The best part being you can buy them not just in a health food store, but also at Costco and any good supermarket! Report
Will give them a try but have not seen them in my store Report
I love the olive ones but I like olives. I have found some of the flavors at Costco and also at Wegmans. Report
I love crackers and dip, but like many others have said, it's easy to get carried away! Me + bag of chips + empty house = empty bag! Maybe next time I have a get together I'll spring for the multigrain and some healthier dip. Thanks for the review! Report
I love the buffalo ones! They are delicious and flavorful, and, unlike regular potato chips, these have some substance to them and last longer! I absolutely love this line of chips and cannot wait to try more flavors. Report
I tried the olive and jalepeno. Both I could barely taste the flavor. My husband agreed they tasted like any other chip and he wouldn't have known the were special if he hadn't seen the bag. Not worth the extra price per bag. Report
Doesn't interest me much. Report
YES!!! Love Them!!! I can not eat gluten, potatoes or dairy...finding something that is filling and taste great is tough...but not with these babies!! Yes Yes Yes.
In case you did understand my flooding of goo...I do like them very much. Simply good food that taste good and is good for me. Good Carbs Report
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