We Ate It: Frozen Yogurt Treats with Probiotics from Blue Bunny

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The weather at SparkPeople headquarters is finally getting warm. We're saying sayonara to winter with lunch-time pickup basketball games, open windows in the office--and ice cream taste-tests.

Blue Bunny recently unveiled some new ice cream treats that feature probiotics and granola. They come in flavors like double chocolate and double strawberry, so we were excited when Blue Bunny sent us some to try. If it's cold, sweet and creamy, chances are we'll like it--or at least try it.

What they say:
Aspen Snack Bar and Sedona Sandwich: frozen novelties that combine creamy probiotic frozen yogurt and honey oat granola:

Aspen Snack Bars These snack bars combine creamy, probiotic frozen yogurt with a layer of fruit filling topped with crunchy granola crumbles and enrobed in a yogurt coating. This better-for-you snack will be available in two flavors:
  • Raspberry Vanilla: Raspberry low fat frozen yogurt with a layer of raspberry fruit filling topped with crunchy granola crumbles and enrobed in a vanilla-flavored coating.
  • Double Strawberry: Strawberry low fat frozen yogurt with a layer of strawberry fruit filling topped with crunchy granola crumbles and enrobed in a vanilla-flavored coating.

Sedona Sandwiches These healthier ice cream sandwiches feature creamy, probiotic frozen yogurt with thick swirls of fruit or fudge, sandwiched between two chewy honey oat granola wafers. Sedona Sandwiches will be available in two flavors:
  • Double Strawberry: Strawberry low fat frozen yogurt with a thick swirl of strawberry fruit flavor, sandwiched between two honey oat granola wafers.
  • Double Chocolate:
Chocolate low fat frozen yogurt with a thick swirl of fudge, sandwiched between two honey oat granola wafers.

What we say:
I ate the Double Chocolate Sedona sandwich with granola outside....I was really pretty indifferent toward this. The chocolate tasted OK--not great and not bad. I didn't care for the texture of the outside. I think I didn't like the coldness of the granola.

I had the double strawberry yogurt Sedona sandwich. I thought it was tasty, and the strawberry taste was authentic--not fake. I would eat this again. I liked the crunchy exterior! The granola on the outside was sweet and crunchy.

MMM! Raspberry ice cream is one of my favorites (OK, technically black raspberry chip), and this low-fat, low-cal option didn't disappoint--even without the chocolate! But be careful...it will leave you wanting more! (I ate the Aspen raspberry bar.)

Yummy! One word describes this bar. I had mine as an afternoon snack, around the time when I usually crave something sweet. It was delicious.
The granola added a great crunch, and the yogurt had a strong sweet strawberry taste that took care of my sweet tooth craving. I would definitely buy these for sweet treats or even desert.

The raspberry yogurt frozen Aspen bar was REALLY good. I like all three parts, the inside raspberry, the outside yogurt, and the bit of granola. This would be something I would buy to quell an ice cream craving.

I tried an Aspen bar (strawberry) and thought it was really good! I really enjoyed the taste. It is definitely as good as some of the other low-cal options I've tried.

(No one who ate these treats thought that the probiotics made a difference, but they did appreciate the taste, portion size and nutrition info of the Blue Bunny treats. These aren't as "low-calorie" as some other ice cream treats, but we enjoyed them and thought they were a great, premium sweet.)

(for the chocolate Sedona sandwich)

(Aspen bars have 150 calories and 8 g fat)

Aspen bars: $4.29
Sedona: $4.99

Where to buy?
Find a Blue Bunny retailer near you.

Would you try this? Have you?

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We tried these at my house and thought they were just OK. We like the berry/cream bars & all fruit bars (comparable to WW Brands)from ALDI better...and they are less expensive too. Report
I tried these they were good and I plan to buy again, thanks for the review. Report
seriously, the raspberry vanilla aspen bar might be one of the two best frozen treats i've ever tasted! i LOVE it! Report
these were on sale at walmart, and i had a coupon, so i gave them a whirl...for 1.50 why no,t right? i bought the sedona (granola with chocolate ice cream)...i have to say, i am not very impressed. they arent exactly bad, but i much prefer the skinny cow sandwiches, and they have less calories & fat...and taste great! wouldnt buy these again. Report
I tried the chocolate one and loved it. I'd purchase them again. Report
I have to disagree with the review on the Double Chocolate Sedona bar. I just ran across it yesterday at Wal-Mart, picked it up and tried it. I absolutely LOVED it. I thought the chocolate was very good and the granola was sweet! It was the perfect ice cream sandwich, to me. Report
I'll probably just stick to the other sugar-free low calorie treats that Blue Bunny sells. Report
Not at that price. Food has gotten expensive enough, I only get $30 a week for groceries. I'll buy the frozen juice pops because they are only 50 calories per ice pop and youo can get a dozen of them for about $4-6. Report
Nope, wouldn't try them- too pricey & high in sugar Report
Blue Bunny makes a 100 calorie Butter Pecan ice cream that is very good. Report
I love ice cream and granola. I've ate ice cream since I was a little girl and my Dad worked at a Dairy for 20 years. He brought it home and every Sun. night we would have ice cream and potato chips and pop which is probably why I got my bad habits from the family eating that. Report
I will try them, sounds yummy Report
Has anyone tried the new Skinny cow Chocolate Truffle Bar? It is only a 100 calories and very good. It is a bit pricey but at least it isn't tiny like some 100 calorie treats. Report
I think freezing probiotics kills them, but I could be mistaken. I'm going to do some research, but I can't imagine that would be good for the One Billion little germies I try to eat daily. Report
I don't use a whole lot of grannola because it's high in calories. I don't usually have more than 2 tbsp at a time and I add it to a cup of low fat plain yougurt. I add a tsp of spenda brown sugar. I love it. Report
They sound OK, but I probably won't buy them. I'll stick to Skinny Cow. Report
I agree with others, I'll skip these. I'd rather have a small serving of REAL, very good quality ice cream when the craving hit. If I "have to have it", I hit the Graeter's down the street for a child's cup. Report
Nothing satisfies an ice cream craving like real ice cream. I would rather skip these and go for a small portion of the real stuff. I'm also quite happy with fat-free cheesecake frozen yogurt at Zacks. Report
not interested! Report
If anyone has ever watched Alton Brown's Food Network show "Good Eats", they'd know that the probiotics in yogurt are killed when frozen. So there would be no benefits from that aspect. He gives all the science behind the probiotics in yogurt and it must be between certain temperatures even to become yogurt. Interesting stuff... Report
I just went out and bought these, really exspensive but, what healthy food isn't right? I thought they were really sweet but, so good. I paid 4.48 for the sandwich and 4.18 for the raspberry vanilla granola bar. I probably wont buy them again because of the sweetness but, I just had to try them. I haven't tried the granola bar yet, maybe tomorrow. Report
Including the ingredients list might be helpful to find out just where those 16g of sugar come from. If they are the natural milk sugars, then that's not such a big deal. But if they're from added sugars , especially the dreaded "high fructose corn syrup" then that's baaadd. Report
Nope, don't think so. Sugar 16g..too high
Fats..now c'mon...total fat 4g....saturated fat....2g....the OTHER two are most likely transfat..below the level that has to be notated on a label, but still transfat.
Carbs 34g and not enough protein or fiber to count, but enough calories at 180 that they must be counted.
Nope...I'd rather "spend" my fats, sugars, carbs on something a little bit healthier. Report
I love Blue Bunny products. Their sugar free fudgesicles are great. They have a website where you can join their taste testing club & they send you coupons for their products about every three months. I have heard of these products, but I haven't tried them yet & yes, I have a coupon for them. Report
I love granola and I love strawberries, so this sounds like a no brainer. Report
I think they sound good. I would try them. Report
I will definitely be looking them up at the store! Report
The Aspen bars look really good... I would definitely try them. Almost $5.00 for six seems kinda steep, though... definitely a coupon item. Report
I have always liked Blue Bunny items and also am one to try new things if I have a coupon for it. We do buy a lot of Blue Bunny ice cream though, regular and low fat. Report
Give me a coupon and I will try them. Report
I would not try them. They are to high in sugars. Report
These treats sound yummy. I just don't think I'm ready to stock my freezer with such indulgences. Maybe I could leave them at my son's house and have him give me one when I've been good :-) Report
I just might try one of these sometime!! Report
I might give it a try sometime Report
As a post-op gastric bypass patient, 16g of sugar per serving is too high for me. They sound delicious, though! Report
These sound good and I will try them, for an occasional treat. I like ice cream in the summer months. Report
I love the Blue Bunny Sugar Free Fudge Bars that are not listed in this article. They are delicious and are 35 calories each. You can actually have two of them for 1 WW point. Report
I agree ... I really love the skinny cow ice cream. Report
I think I will skip it. sounds good but no self control yet (to not eat the entire box in one sitting) Report
I love ice cream and frozen yogurt!! YUMMY! Is there HFCS in these? Report
This is wonderful news! I will give it a try. Report
I happened upon the Aspen raspberry bar at Wal-Mart last night and truly enjoyed it! Report
Although I make a point not to shop at Wal*Mart, there is another retailer close to me and I'm definitely going to try these! They're a low-cal dessert option, IMHO and if they're good they might be a regular staple in my freezer.

They also have less sugar than a cup of low-fat yogurt. =) Report
I will give them a try but what until i find a sale or a coupon Report
I have never been able to find frozen yogurt products in my area. The store locator said that local Walmarts should have this so I'll look more thoroughly. I would be willing to try the berry flavors in both the Aspen and Sedona. Can't eat chocolate as it aggravates my GERD. :((. Report
Well, they look delicious but what's IN THEM? Report
Oops. That should have read "They do SOUND yummy tho'." Report
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