We Tried It: 3 Reasons We Like the Perfect Pushup

By , SparkPeople Blogger
The Perfect Pushup is one of the most popular fitness tools around right now. For about $40 you can snag these specially designed pushup handles that rotate. But pushups are a pretty simple exercise, and they're great because they work so many muscle groups at once (chest, shoulders, arms and abs) and you can do them anywhere without equipment. That said, why would you want to spend money on a piece of equipment to do something you can already do for free? It wasn't hard for us to come up with a few reasons.

  1. They're ergonomic. One good thing about Perfect Pushup is that it neutralizes your wrists. When your hands are flat on the floor, your wrists are in a position that can be painful and tiring. If you suffer from weak wrists (due to injury, for example) or carpal tunnel, then putting your weight on your hands without neutralizing your wrist is a bad idea. We like that Perfect Pushup makes pushups more comfortable because you grip the handles with your fingers and keep your wrists straight and in line with your forearm. This translates to many different exercises that involve placing your hands on the floor (like plank, bridges, or triceps dips, for example), which means you can find ways to use Perfect Pushups for exercises other than pushups. According to one tester, "They were more comfortable than regular pushups." However, you could also do this without spending $40 by making fists and placing your knuckles onto the floor (instead of your palms) or by gripping around the handles of a pair of dumbbells, which does the same thing.

  2. They're challenging. Pushups are difficult enough for most people. But for fitness buffs who want a greater challenge, the Perfect Pushup is an affordable option. Because they elevate you off the floor, you are able to lower yourself even more than on a standard pushup. And the rotational aspect of the handles adds variety and challenge that wouldn't be there if you hands were fixed on the floor. Here's what another tester had to say. "The range of motion they allow creates an addition layer of variety and challenge. I’m a big fan of dumbbell presses and I feel like this replicates the motion of that exercise. I think this range of motion allows you to engage more muscles in the arms and chest than a normal pushup." Another tester agreed that the Perfect Pushup was more challenging, but suggested using a stack of books of a couple of chairs to get the same "extra" range of motion for free.

  3. They're a visual reminder to exercise. All of our testers agreed that simply having the Perfect Pushup around reminded and encouraged them to exercise more. "I find that they get me more excited about doing pushups regularly throughout the day," said one tester. Others agreed: "Just having them sitting on the floor in a conspicuous place is a reminder to do the pushups. And since they don't take up much room, I think that's a positive thing."

Overall, we found Perfect Pushup to be fun, challenging and motivating—not bad for a mere $40. A couple of our testers liked them so much that they used Perfect Pushup (and the workout plans that accompany them) for several weeks. "I did use the routines that came with Perfect Pushup and found them to be challenging and helpful," said one person. "I definitely would say that I increased both strength and definition while using them, though admittedly, part of that is probably just from sticking to a consistent routine that gets increasingly difficult."

Would you try the Perfect Pushup? Do you think ergonomics, challenge and visual motivation is worth the $40 price tag?

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And what is the red "panic" button on the side of the handle (in the photo)? I got some cheaper versions of these and I probably should go actually use them. Report
Sorry but have you even tried KNUCKLE pushups?? They are NOT easier than normal push ups. Report
I had never heard of these and they sound like a great idea because I have one weak wrist. THANKS SO MUCH for bringing this product to my attention. I'm off to Wal-Mart! Report
I'm going to look into these. They would be good to have right there ready when I rise and retire, but also when watching TV or reading (a break for 20 pushups would be a good way to prolong the reading time).
misspattym Report
No... I wouldn't pay money for them. Push ups aren't my thing. Report
A little pricey, I will stick to the dumbbells. Thanks for the review. Report
I bought these because I was having wrist issues doing pushups, however I only spent $19.99 on them. I found it was a worth the money spent. Report
Ergonomics makes me want to try them. I will be much more likely to be using them a year from now if they are kind to my joints. However, I am very wary of losing interest and having them stare at me from the corner of the garage! Have others lost interest in these? Report
Push ups dont put that much stress on your wrists so long as you dont have a pre-existing injury.
There are SO many variations of push ups that i would NEVER spend 40$ for a piece of equip just for push ups

You can do elevated push ups, diamond push ups, close arm push ups, one arm push ups,.. too many to have a need for this.

Just my opinion
I use my dumb-bells when I do push-ups, or make a fist. It just KILLS my wrists. These are great idea, but a little expensive. Report
I love these! I use them regularly, and have seen a big increase in my upper body strength.
They are much more comfy than doing them on the floor or on the knucks. Report
I bought the Perfect Pushups for my husband after my father highly recommended them. He loves them and says they're very challenging! Report
I think they're a waste of money. If you want to really push the limit on your push-ups do them one-armed, or clap your hands when you're "up" - military style. Save your $40 for something important or even better - donate it to charity. Report
It looks like a great bargain. Should I be able to afford a bargain in the future this would be one of the top ten pieces of exercise equipment I'ld purchase. Report
I received the Perfect Pushup for a birthday gift. I love using them. Target usually has these on sale and I'd say they are definitely worth it. My wrists are no longer sore after doing a couple sets of pushups. Report
I've just started back to exercising. I have a torn rotator cuff and I just don't think I can handle push ups at this time. It was good to see everyones comments. Report
I have wanted a pair of these for years. Instead, Ive been doing pushups on my knuckles - no not painful; your hand is in a fist and you rest on the finger part of the hand (btwn the hand knuckles and next knuckle down on the fingers). We also used to have to do fingertip pushups...lol. I like the idea of rotating the arms/shoulders as I go up/down, that would totally work the entire shoulder area!
*I cant wait to have that cartoon fem fatal muscle bustin bod!* Report
I wouldn't mind giving them a try; afterall; I will improve my body by using them. The price is right for the results I can achieve. Report
I like the review but 40 is a bit much for something like that, and I have an ablounge in the same room as my computer and cant get motivated to use just by looknig at it, so I doubt the push up things would be any different. Report
I like the idea of using dumbbells to stabilize my wrists. I have had problems with my weight/wrist so using dumbbells should do the trick. Thanks for the blog-article. Report
I bought them for my boyfriend and I ended up using them more...lol. They are great for beginners as well as a challenge for workout vets! Report
Once again an item to place on my "luxury" list that will have to wait until I get cash to spend on Luxuries... Report
My 7 yr old granddaughter has been watching way too much TV! She came over to spend Thanksgiving with me, took my dumbbells from my desk, set them on the floor and commenced her demonstration of the Perfect Push-up! *LOL*

The product is way too pricey for me at this point in time. I haven't worked up the strength necessary to do push-ups anyway, so that pushes it much much farther down my list of fitness equipment to buy. Now come September 2009, I may be thinking about it for my granddaughter... Report
After first reading this entry last week I went I did a lot of research. There are demonstrations in YOUTUBE and even a comparison between this one and the cheaper model that also rotates and is lower in height.
I was looking for something that had rotation as an option. Theses products all rotate and I wasn't sure I could handle this. Of all the demonstrations I saw I couldn' t see any difference in the position and the pressure on the heal of the hand and the wrist, they all had a right angle and it seemed as painful as the floor without aid. I had keyhole surgery for De Quervain's tenosynovitis in my right thumb many yeras ago and it has never been the same and push ups are hard for me.
I then went to the sports shop and bought some Nike push up bars and they were very high put a lot of strain on the back and didn't make any difference to the comfort of the wrist. In the end the best solution was my short dumbbell bars with 1.5 kg weights on each side, they are lower (very important)don't rotate and are steady on my yoga mat. I put some foam around the bar grip although it wasn't essential. All good now and the bars can also be used for one arm rows and curls etc.
hmm, like the concept of being easier on the wrist and visible but for the price, I think I'll get some padded brightly colored heavier dumbbells - be cheaper two-fer! Report
I have incorporated push-ups to my workout but did find that it was harder to do only because my wrists started to hurt. This sounds like a good option to help out. Personally, I can't afford wasting more money on fitness equipment, especially one that only targets one specific exercise, so I think I'll try using the dumbbells as an alternative to start out with. This was a good article with some very good advice. Report
I have not tried the perfect push up yet and I really have no excuse. My husband purchased it months ago. I will have to give it a try because I cannot do a regular push up for nothing no matter how hard I try. Report
I would likw to try them but 40.00 is what is stopping me.
I use my stability ball to do pushups. I am 63 so doing any is a challenge. Report
I have a set of these and use them regularly. The work out that comes with them is set for your strength level. You do a test to see your "max" and the "2 minute drill" work outs are staged around the number you can do to push you just a little bit, so they will work for any fitness level. I did feel like I was going to fall the first few times but I think that was more mental then anything. Worth the $40. If anyone has any questions about them I would be happy to answer..... Report
Got them for x-mas for son and husband but i think i may give them a try Report
I have tendinitis in my wrists, and don't do pushups because of it. I've been thinking about trying these out to see if they'd work for me, if not, I know hubby will use them! Report
My husband uses it often. He said it puts less pressure on his wrist and he feels the difference between a regular push up and using the perfect up bars. Report
I use the dumbbells or do pushups off my kitchen counter or aerobic step to reduce wrist stress. :o)
´¨¨)) -:¦:-
¸.•´ .•´¨¨))
((¸¸.•´ ..•´ -:¦:- Terri
-:¦:- ((¸¸.•´*

I've been curious about them. I wonder if they would help me since I am getting over rotator cuff surgery. I am ready to get back into the action!

Good review. Report
My husband has these and he likes them....uses them every day:) Report
I think for now I would use the ideas of dumbbells or stacks of books. Report
Nicer review, and great options for those of us that have wrist problems.

Thanks Report
I can barely do 5 push ups so would it really be worth it??? Report
Gimmick! How about just investing in a pair of dumbbells??? You'll get the same range and wrist comfort benefits and then you can use the weights for other exercises. As far as the reminder to do pushups, you don't need a tool for that, just stick a post it note in a prominent spot. I rarely ever purchase single-purpose items like this since it just seems like a waste of money. Report
I found these for $20 at Walmart. I do like that they take a lot of pressure off of my wrists, but I am still not comfortable with the rotation. When I am doing full push-ups, I feel like I am going to slip, but that is probably just because I don't have a lot of strength. Modified push-ups are a lot better, but it is a matter of pride for me to do "real" ones. lol Report
I'd attach them to the wall for WALL push-ups. LOL Report
Thanks for the review...I'd like to try them before I shell out $40 Report
Just got them for Christmas so I will give them a try on my next ST day. I thought they might reduce my wrist pain. Thanks for the review! Report
thanks for the review. Report
wal mart has the real deal for MUCH cheaper Report
I do bootcamp, 4 days a week and we do lots of push-ups. I have wrist problems and traditional push-ups are difficult (and painful). I may look for these after the holidays - maybe a good sale price. Any recommendations to strengthen your wrists? Report
I got these for my husband last Christmas and he LOVES them! Report
thanks for the review. i think i will get them for my husband. Report
I own a set of these. Yes, they are worth the price tag. I recommend purchasing the actual product not a knock off. The Perfect Pushup is much sturdier in design than the knock offs.

One thing that is not mentioned in the ergonomic portion of this review is that you turn the the Perfect Pushup as you go up and down keeping your wrist in a truly neutral position, something you do not get from being up on your knuckles or using dumbbells. I do not know about you, but ouch, that sounds painful to me to do push ups on my knuckles. Another added benefit of this equipment is it strengthens little, stabilizer, muscles around the elbows.

Yes, it can be tough to start off, but you can do the knee push ups with this as well. It is a spark goal waiting to happen! Report
These are on my list. I have wrist problems and traditional push-ups are difficult. I have a different style which is rigid and does not rotate (I bought the pair several years ago). The original set i have is better than no support but these will be even better! Report
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