CONTEST CLOSED: Win a Copy of Leslie Sansone's Newest Walking DVD!

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This contest is officially closed. The winners are:



We're big fans of Leslie Sansone. Her approachable, safety-focused workout DVDs completely align with SparkPeople's philosophy that fitness should be an enjoyable, attainable part of life—without making drastic sacrifices or falling for gimmicks. Leslie is the real deal, and she's helped millions of people around the world lose weight, get fit and feel great about themselves through her fitness DVDs.

A few years ago, Coach Nicole reviewed one of Leslie's DVDs and really enjoyed it. So, when we found out that Leslie has a new DVD coming out, we couldn't wait to get the scoop! Walk It Off in 30 Days is a month-long program that combines walking and strength training to get you results in 30 minutes a day. Here's what the most recent press release has to say about the program: 

''Walking is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise for reducing disease and improving quality of life.  With Leslie Sansone, you can walk inside your home so weather is never an obstacle. In addition, her moves don’t take up much space.  With two complete workouts, both cardio and strength, in one DVD there’s no guesswork.  Both workouts feature a large class setting and allow for the use of weights, if desired.  Each workout includes a warm up and cool down stretch for maximum safety.  The programs are designed to build lean muscle, drive the metabolism up and burn calories in a way that’s fun, supportive and so very do-able.''

Check out the video below for a quick preview. (If you have trouble viewing the video, please click here to view it on YouTube.)

Sound like something you'd like to try? You're in luck; we're giving away FIVE copies of Leslie's newest title! Simply enter below for a chance to win.

Additionally, we will be doing an interview with Leslie herself in the coming weeks! If you have any questions for Leslie, please let us know in the comments section. (You can check out our last interview with Leslie here!)

To enter, click here! Don't forget to read the rules. This contest will end one week from today.

Are you a Leslie Sansone fan? What questions do you have for Leslie? We will do our best to get them answered for you in our interview! 

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I have a whole shelf just dedicated to Leslie DVDs!!! I just counted 32 DVDs, although I probably have more... the ones I use often never make it back to the shelf!!! Report
Question / Request for Leslie: Can you please include an audio-only track with your DVDs? It's so nice to be able to do your workouts anywhere, and once I've seen them enough times I don't need the video, so I'd love to load the audio on my ipod and do your workout in the park!!! Report
i'd love to win this dvd but live in the U.K. Good luck to everyone who enters. x Report
I have never tried her DVDs but I have heard great things about them. I would LOVE to win this, since I am unemployed and looking for work right now so I just can't afford to buy it. Crossing my fingers! Thanks, Sparkpeople, for having this contest! Report
I too LOVE Lesile. I have been collecting/doing her workouts for years. Years ago I lost30 lbs. after I quit smoking with the help of her videos. I would love this new video because the weather will be getting cold soon and I am doing a 60 min/day 5-7 days a week cardio challenge through December. Report
I love Leslie Sansone's workout DVD's. They are one of the few that don't move at a pace that loses me, and have moves that I can follow. I also love that she provides suggestions for modifying the moves to either less or more intensity. She is amazing. Report
OH!!!! She motivates me so...I would love--love--love winning one!!!!! Report
I would love to win 1 of Leslie new dvd's I just was given her walking book and I know from others here on SP and in my life she is 1 of the best (with walking and indoor) workouts Thank you for this chance Questions I would like to ask Leslie, how she got started (with this type of exercising) she ever have a weight problem and how does she find people for her dvd's? Report
I would love the oppportunity to do a new Linda DVD. Being out out work and searching has dulled my senses for exercising at the moment. This could be a turning event to go back to some of her dvd's Report
I love Leslie Sansone and her WATP DVDs. They take away all excuses related to exercising. I have recommended them to many people over the past few years, and everybody has raved about them. I can't wait to check out the new DVD Report
This would be a great way to get going all over again. I would relaly like to win this video! Report
Ahhh...I hope I win this! I have been doing a couple of her DVDs for a while now and I love them! They are such a help! Report
I would love to win this! I've been a member of Spark for 4 years - haven't won anything yet! Plus my name is Leslie also! Report
I would love to win this giveaway. Report
Leslie's "Miracle Mile" was my first DVD. I did it every morning before leaving for work, and credit that with starting me on the road to a 75# weight loss. I have about six of her DVDs and they are my "go to" videos. Her instructions are clear, and her upbeat attitude makes the time fly. I am struggling to lose 20# right now, and I'd love to win this DVD. If I don't, I might buy it!!!

I, too, would love to see more of Leslie's workouts in the Fitness tracker, partly because I think there are varying levels of effort and energy expenditure.

BTW, I have a Leslie Christmas album that is great. Think, Rockin' Around the Christmas Trees and Jingle Bell Rock, among other tunes. I'm not sure, but I think you can buy it on iTunes. Report
I love her videos! Report
Leslie is the best!!!!!!!!! Report
I definitely another dvd for working out of Leslie's. Report
Always love her DVDs. I would ask her if she would ever market her cute sleeveless tops she has worn in her DVDs. Also, does she do any other act titles to stay fit? Cannot wait to get a copy and start. Report
this looks great i would love it as i know this would help me alot Report
Leslie DVD's are theeeeee reason I'm fit, and 50 lbs lighter. Such a doable progam (even if obese).

She's just a normal person teaching all of us to be fit in a sensible manner, working and toning your body efficiently.

I love Leslie DVD's and I hope to win this one too! Report
How AWESOME is that! I never thought I would follow a WALKING workout DVD but I really enjoy Leslie's work! Report
I love Leslie's DVDs. I started using them when I had back problems, her videos plus a Yoga for Healing were the only two that did not aggravate my back, and may have helped them get better. I also liked that the routine was not complicate with awkward moves and very frequent changes. It works out the muscles more and is more relaxing to not focus on getting the footwork right. She also doesn't have the mistakes I've seen in some other famous fitness workouts. Suggestion: could some of her DVD's be put into Sparkpeople's fitness so you could select them and know your calorie count? Like broken down to chapters? You wouldn't have to do all the DVDs, probably the most popular. Report
I love Leslie Sansone. Her Walk away the pounds is so easy. And it is low impact and easy on my knees. Report
Yay..a new DVD..I love Leslie's Sansone..I have all her DvD's hopefully I can add this one to my collection..if you never tried her collection(you are missing out)..she is good and it really works..go on buy one! Report
I love her DVD's. She friendly, encouraging and easy to follow. I have lost 95 lbs. I did it slow and steady over the last 3 years, but I did it and plan on keeping it off. 25 lbs more to go. Leslie and SparkPeople are gonna be the ones to get me there. Report
I've never tried a walk dvd, would love to try. Report
I'd love to try this! Report
My question for Leslie would be : Will you ever bring back the "Ramp Workout & DVD's back out on the market to buy ?
Then tell her how much I love here 5-mile Fat Burning DVD : )
Thanks Leslie for all your awesome Workouts they are so easy and made so anyone can do them . Thanks so much ! Leslie Report
I have several of Leslie's DVDs and use them when the weather is not conducive to being outside. It's fun to mix and match her routines to get a good workout. I can spend as little as 15 minutes or more than an hour depending upon my time constraints and how I'm feeling that day. I'm always looking for new DVDs that an obese senior citizen to can use (some day I'll be able to do Coach Nicole's DVDs, but I'm not there yet). Report
I want to say THANK YOU to Leslie. Her DVDs changed my life. Finally, a form of exercise I could do that didn't make my fibromyalgia worse! I have lost 58 pounds and my family says I've got my sparkle back. I now do run/walk intervals because walking alone doesn't get my heart rate up as high anymore. I'm doing my first 10k race in two weeks!

My question for Leslie is this: how can veteran walkers like me make your DVDs even more challenging? Report
I have arthritis in my knee and I'm wondering how Leslie's walking programs will work for me. (I would really enjoy being able to go for a walk right in my living room!) I would also be interested in any other tips for exercising (especially strength training) with arthritis. Thank you! Report
I have a question for Leslie and a comment. My question is, are you the same woman that is featured singing and working out on one of Jane Fondas workout videos? I believe it's called, "Jane Fondas New Workout". Her name is Leslie also and you look a lot like her. And, my comment is I have two of your DVD's that I've been working out to and they have helped me drop 10 pounds. The Silver Walk and The Womans Walk. Thank you so much for these fun, inspiring and innovative workouts! Report
I have 2 questions for Leslie:

Leslie mentioned in one of her 3 mile dvd's that she should make a "Walk Away the Blues" dvd..............Is she going to do this?

That would be fun!

Also, is she thinking of making a holiday music dvd? I'd love to walk to Christmas music during the holidays while being shut indoors Report
I've done a lot of her workouts and I love them. After I had my daughter I did this as a main workout because it was low impact but still a great workout. Then I worked up from one mile to five miles and added in jogging. Now I'm 85 pounds down mostly from walking. Report
I use one of her older 30 minute walking DVD's and love it! Report
Leslie Sansone's DVDs are the best! Report
I LOVE Leslie Sansone. I own over 15 of her DVDs and belong to 2 of her Spark Teams. Each of her walks change things up. Combing both cardio and toning in one DVD looks GREAT! Report
Entered! Leslie is my go-to during winter months if I get snowed in and can't hit the gym. :-) Report
After a Thyroidectomy, these dvd 's have really helped me to get back on track.
No weight loss yet, but feeling more energetic and starting to rebuild muscle.
I have the Walk it off 30 day plan and I am in the second week. I also have spark people dvd's that I will alternate after the 30 days. Report
Yes, I have a question for Leslie: how did you get started on walking, and how do you keep walking throughout your busy schedule? Report
One of my absolute favorite workouts! Leslie is awesome! Report
Love her DVDs. They have been great for while I'm recovering from two shoulder surgeries. I can still do all the walking parts of the DVDs even if I can't do all the arm movements yet. Such a blessing.

I'd love to see all of her workout DVDs (particularly this new one) listed in the fitness tracker so I can track efficiently. Report
I wonder how my knee will respond? I'm trying to find workouts that don't bother my knee but still get my heart rate up. Report
How many times can you enter? Luv Leslie's workouts!! Report
great options for when you can't get outside Report
Leslie is awesome, been walking with her for 10 years! I recommend her to everyone. I even got my Dad to join me on one her 2 mile DVD's when he isn't as active outside in the winter. My husband and kids will join in sometimes, just love love love Leslie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am like a lot of folks, I will buy it if I don't win it. It is good to keep a variety so you don't get bored with the same DVD day in and day out. It will be a great addition to my Leslie Library. Report
Ive been doing her videos for several years and absolutely love them. They are easy to follow and anybody can do them no matter age, weight, or if one has a disability. She's very motivating and uplifting. Would love to add this one to my collection, if I don't win, I will definitely be buying it. Thanks Sparkpeople!!!!! You guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!
I do one of her videos everyday! So excited for the new one! If I don't win it, I will be buying it. I am almost 60 pounds down thanks to her!!

Woo HOO!! Report
I've lost 75 lbs with Leslie and walking/jogging outside Report
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