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5k Race Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for 5k Race.

''Running Helped Me Lose Almost 100 Pounds!''

Mike (MKKAYA) started running in 2008. Since joining SparkPeople, he has continued to work toward his weight-loss goals (losing nearly 100 pounds so far), completed three half marathons, and has his sights set on participating in a triathlon. ...  Read more

8 Lessons from My First 5K Race

I never considered myself a runner. I ran maybe once a week for 30 or 40 minutes, and then I wouldn’t feel like doing it again for a few days. Needless to say, I never really “get better” at running—I pretty much stayed the sa...  Read more

Should You Hire a Running Coach?

Whether you are contemplating training for your first 5K race or are a seasoned runner looking to improve your performance, working with a running coach may help you reach your true potential. The Benefits of Training with a Running Coach A ru...  Read more

''I Beat Diabetes with SparkPeople!''

When Ann (AGILLASPIE60) was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in July, 2010, she knew she had to change her lifestyle and get her health under control. A few months later, she was struggling with motivation when she found Since then, An...  Read more

5 Fitness Feats that are Worth the Training

We all know how important goal setting is to reaching our dreams. From walking four times a week to eating more fruits and veggies, declaring your healthy intentions is an awesome way to make positive changes in your life. But if you’re lo...  Read more

Decided to do a 5K this morning in the neighboring
Updated 2/14/2015 6:33:03 PM

Decided to do a 5K this morning in the neighboring town. Don't think I did too bad on time but the fact that I did it is pretty cool!...  Read more

I'm trying to get from couch to 5k with my DD in 4
Updated 2/19/2015 2:56:49 AM

I'm trying to get from couch to 5k with my DD in 4 months, and I have 30 pounds to lose. Today was day 2 in couch-to-5k, and I'm determined! I DO NOT RUN is being replaced with I CAN DO THIS. Trying not to be embarrassed by "real" runners I pass....  Read more

has anyone used the couch to 5k program? And how d
Updated 2/11/2015 8:45:06 AM

has anyone used the couch to 5k program? And how did it work for you?...  Read more

im worried I'm not going to be ready to do the 5K
Updated 2/11/2015 10:29:05 AM

im worried I'm not going to be ready to do the 5K I signed up for at the end of March. I want to be able to jog some of it but when I walk for any length of time I get a terrible shin splint in my right leg. I've been using the elliptical instead...  Read more

Entering virtual race time
Updated 2/8/2015 10:27:50 PM

Hello. I entered a virtual race for this week, but I don't see where to enter the time. I don't recall having this problem in the past. I click on where my time should go, but nothing happens. Thanks....  Read more

Keep Your Goals Moving Forward

Take time to review your medium- and short-range goals. Keep them fresh and exciting. If you're close to a goal weight, or you're tired of focusing on the scale, set an unusual or challenging fitness goal -- train for a 5K race, take up a new sport...  Read more

Thinking of Others

Whenever I am running and think I can't possibly go another step I think about my friend who was in a motorcycle accident about four years ago. He has devoted himself to his recovery and finished a 5k race last summer. He walked over the finish lin...  Read more

Road Runners

This is for anyone currently running road races or wanting to as one of your goals....  Read more

6 Races So Fun, You'll Forget You're Exercising!

Perhaps you’ve considered training for a 5K, but the idea of running or walking a traditional race just isn’t motivating enough to get you off the couch and out the door.  These days, there are a wide variety of races to participate...  Read more

Start Training Now for SparkPeople's Fall 5K

Fall is almost here, but Halloween candy and décor is already appearing. While everyone's favorite candy-and-costumes holiday can be a real deterrent for your diet, you can vow to stay on track—at least when it comes to your fitness&...  Read more

5K Race Done and I'm Back!

Friday night I completed my first 5K race since my foot injury and I finish strong with a 14 minute mile, which I thought was pretty darn good seeming how I was in a cast / boot in July! I am excited! My last 5K before the injury was a 10.39 min mile...  Read more

I finished my first 5K race

Hello Again, I finished the race today. I didn't run the whole thing, there was quite a bit of walking done, and that's okay. This was in Kona, Hawaii, and I didn't get out of the starting gate until almost 9 am. It was already in the 90s at...  Read more