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About Knee Pain Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for About Knee Pain.

Ouch! Avoiding the Aches and Pains

Exercise beginners usually try to make up for lost time by going all out their first week. The result? Injury or intense soreness. Pain does not necessarily mean gain. Many injuries occur at joints, where bones meet and provide motion. An enormo...  Read more

Dietary Supplements for Osteoarthritis

When cartilage that cushions your joints begins to breakdown faster than your body can replace it, you develop osteoarthritis. Without this protective tissue, the bones in your joints rub together, causing pain, tenderness, swelling and stiffness. Lo...  Read more

The Healing Power of Touch

It's common sense that a hug at a stressful time, a handshake after an important meeting or just cuddling at the end of the day help us relax, leaving behind negativity and worry. Now researchers are investigating whether this feel-good energ...  Read more

Protecting Your Joints During Exercise

Exercise is good for your heart, helps with weight loss and provides a variety of health-related benefits. At the same time, exercise comes with a certain degree of injury risk, and depending on the activity, it can also put a lot of stress on your j...  Read more

6 Exercises Everyone Over 40 Should Be Doing

After hitting the big 4-0, a lot starts to change in your body, and the theme is decline: At that age, the surgeon general's office has said that women's bone density is "in jeopardy." Men's testosterone levels drop by one...  Read more

Was hoping for some tips for exercises on a knee i
Updated 5/30/2016 12:10:38 PM

Was hoping for some tips for exercises on a knee injury. Torn MCL November 2014 and it still hurts me. #firstpost #fitnessinspiration #helpme #friendfinder...  Read more

New goal hit today...3 years ago, post knee surger
Updated 5/29/2016 9:33:40 PM

New goal hit today...3 years ago, post knee surgery, I said I would workout for the duration of the indy 500...that happened today....  Read more

Anyone else get leg pain from flip flops? I don't
Updated 5/30/2016 9:12:16 AM

Anyone else get leg pain from flip flops? I don't normally wear them but went to a beach party. What is a better choice beach wise that isn't pricey?...  Read more

Need help for more very knee friendly workouts..I
Updated 5/28/2016 5:08:38 PM

Need help for more very knee friendly workouts..I had surgery back it december and my knees keep getting worse my knee cap on my right is sand paper on sand paper. I need some new ideas I'm not able to really squat, do bent knee lunges, and/or jumpin...  Read more

Had PT today - I was served pain realness. If pain
Updated 5/27/2016 1:40:10 PM

Had PT today - I was served pain realness. If pain is weakness leaving the body, I was just exorcized! #bellbookandcandle #ms...  Read more

Bad Knees?

Vitamin D is associated with bone health. Low levels of vitamin D may cause joint pain. Get a Vitamin D test if you suffer from knee pain. Losing just a few pounds can take pressure off your knees. Chronic pain is associated with dwelling on your pa...  Read more

Walking, Running or Working Out, Make Sure You Wear the Right Shoes

Getting the correct fitting shoes is part of my sucess. I have very flat feet. Not only that, I severely over pronate. That's part of the reason I was nick named Ducky when I was in the Marine Corps. You would think that I would need Motion Control...  Read more

Chronic Pain Warriors: We Will Win the Weight War

We will not let disease destroy all that is us! Pain/illness isolates but together we can meet goals of health and wellness despite complex physical/mental challenges, fears, and limitations....  Read more

Kneehab: 5 Yoga-Inspired Moves to Tune Up Your Knees

Knee pain can come on suddenly: a sideways blow in athletics or a nasty fall while stepping off a curb. But many knee issues creep up after years of poor alignment, which results in wear and tear and arthritis. No matter the cause, knee issues d...  Read more

85% of Us Are Wearing the Wrong Workout Shoes--Are You Among Them?

Although I'm able to give people advice about finding the best fit for a running or workout shoe, I have to be honest. When it came to workout shoes, I always chose style over support. In the store, I'd ignore things like cushioning, stability, and f...  Read more

Knee Pain Bring on the Research

I am a Google person I like to research stuff. About the last week maybe two my left knee has been bothering me. If I trace it back most intently I think it was when I tried to, rather not gracefully get out of a low beach chair on a mini vaca...  Read more

Day 3 -Inner knee pain

Anyone who has had knee pain knows that it's a very painful. While doing laundry today, I decided to go for a walk with my daughter in her stroller. As I got out of the parking lot of our building, I noticed pain on the inner part of my left me knee...  Read more