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Acupuncture Clinic Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Acupuncture Clinic.

Acupressure for Pain Relief

Acupressure is a 5,000-year-old Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy involving the placement of physical pressure (using fingertips or other devices) on specific locations on the body.  The goal is to bring relief of problematic symptoms b...  Read more

Alternative Therapies for IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) causes uncomfortable and painful symptoms like cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. In the U.S., this condition affects between 10% and 30% of the population. Traditional treatment for IBS usu...  Read more

29 Proven Methods to Manage Aches & Pains

Many people struggle with pain. Whether it's short term from an injury or chronic due to disc issues, neuropathy or Fibromyalgia, we all want to find relief. Pain clinics and medical interventions are great places to begin, but some pain sufferer...  Read more

The Best Vet for Your Pet

As a pet owner, developing a trusting relationship with your veterinarian is an integral aspect of your dog or cat’s health. Just as we put a great deal of thought into choosing our own doctor, we want to have a competent and knowledgeable pers...  Read more

A Holistic Approach for Treating Depression

While talking with my client, Dana, as she walked on the treadmill in my home studio, I couldn't help feeling sad. Her usually upbeat and vibrant demeanor was missing—and had been for several weeks.  "I'm so depressed," s...  Read more

weight loss clinics
Updated 1/15/2014 9:18:37 PM

What does everybody think about going to a clinic and paying someone to help you with your weight loss journey 38...  Read more

Medi Clinic
Updated 7/9/2013 3:35:49 AM

I am about to start the Medi Clinic next month and I would like to have some people to talk to and keep in contact through email or even here on the board....  Read more

I'm back!!! Bariatrics clinic but no surgery.
Updated 5/29/2013 7:19:20 AM

After trying a few things along the way, I think I have found something interesting to share. I'm working with my doc to change the composition of my body. I had to promise not to weigh myself, follow her instructions by eating regular food and doing...  Read more

weight loss clinic?
Updated 5/13/2013 12:12:36 PM

Has anyone had any experience going to a professional weight loss clinic? I'm looking at one near where I live. It costs a lot of money but I am not having any luck losing weight by diet and exercise. This particular weight loss clinic does testin...  Read more

Experience with Acupuncture?
Updated 6/5/2013 9:21:51 PM

I recently began acupuncture treatment and would like to hear of others experiences with it. What you liked, or didn't... if you felt it benefited or not... What symptoms/side effects you experienced... Any info and stories would be very in...  Read more

staying motivated

i have chosen to participate in one fitness event per month. helps me focus on training; helps structure my workouts and decreases my cravings to indulge...  Read more

Earn TV time with exercise

I make myself 'earn' minutes to watch TV or play computer games by exercising. ie, to watch 30 minutes of TV, I need 30 minutes of activity. 'activity' includes household chores, so this gets me moving, limits how much junk I watch, and gives me a...  Read more

HMR Program Sparkers

Lose the Weight, Gain the Health! Here's support if you're loosing weight w/ HMR Weight Loss Porgrams, in-clinic or at-home. *Healthy Solutions Diet, Healthy Shakes Program or Maintaince Phase....  Read more

Pill-Free Ways to Erase Your Pain

Head hurts? Thankfully, there are a slew of tactics to try to feel better before you hit the pharmacy. From jamming to your favorite tunes to patching up the pain, these methods will work wonders.The psychologist says…Listen to your favorite m...  Read more

10 Things You Didnít Know About Headaches

By Sarah Jio via Woman's DayOh, the dreaded headache. The pounding. The tension. The pain. Whether you’re plagued with regular headaches or only get one every once in a while (let’s hope for the latter), we’ve rounded up the mos...  Read more