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Allergies Remedies Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Allergies Remedies.

Alternative Cold Remedies That Really Work

Let’s face it: No one has time for a cold. In addition to making us feel miserable, colds destroy our schedules. Work, family, errands—they all have to wait while we get better. Or even worse, we have to carry on despite our achy muscles,...  Read more

Bad Mood Busters: 35 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Mood

We all feel down sometimes. Whether your issue is a symptom of chronic depression or just a short-term bad mood, finding ways to lift your spirits is key to feeling better and living healthier. There are a variety of options that can help improve you...  Read more

The Causes of Allergies

While scientists don’t completely understand why allergies develop, they do believe that a combination of things create the immune system confusion, from genetic predisposition to environmental factors. There are two main categories of ris...  Read more

8 Reasons Why Your Workout Isn't Working

We all know how fantastic working out is for your health. But what happens when your workouts aren't delivering the results you want? Or you're not getting the results you think you should be getting? While any kind of physical activity is go...  Read more

Exercising with Seasonal Allergies

For some people, exercise itself is an uncomfortable activity, with all the sweating, huffing and puffing, and challenge that comes with elevating your heart rate for an extended period of time. But for people with seasonal allergies, the discomforts...  Read more

Allergy issue/question
Updated 11/17/2015 9:44:03 AM

I have a question related to health but not weight loss (don't get me wrong I do use spark regularly for helpful info on weight loss). Please forgive me if this topic is a bit inappropriate but I really need some advice. Main question is: coul...  Read more

Seem to have an ear ache. Wonder what home remedy
Updated 11/7/2015 4:33:41 PM

Seem to have an ear ache. Wonder what home remedy might help...take 500mg naprosyn 2/d anyway...  Read more

Darn cat allergies... my eyes are on fire and floo
Updated 11/5/2015 1:23:46 AM

Darn cat allergies... my eyes are on fire and flooding tears......  Read more

Anyone have any tips/remedies for chronic migraine
Updated 10/25/2015 1:57:33 PM

Anyone have any tips/remedies for chronic migraines? I get them at least 3 times a week. I make sure to stay hydrated and I take excedrine but its just not cutting it....  Read more

Trying to get over being sick/allergy ridden. I bo
Updated 10/16/2015 2:45:22 PM

Trying to get over being sick/allergy ridden. I bought the "real" version of Sudafed, the kind that you have to show your drivers license to buy, so now I'm on some sort of watch list for the state of Texas. If it makes me better, it's worth it!...  Read more

Seasonal Allergies

If you have problems with spring allergies, take a shower before bed - that way you,re not sleeping with pollen all over your pillow....  Read more

Drink Apple Cider Vinegar for numerous health benefits

Add a Tbsp of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to 2 cups of warm water in the morning. It helps to regulate your blood-sugar, decrease your appetite, and keep you regular. It's a good replacement for coffee as a diuretic....  Read more

People with Allergies

This group is for anyone with allergies to learn from each other and share how to deal with them....  Read more

This Week's Healthy Headlines

A Warning on Overuse Injuries for Youths from The New York Times Tofu Love from Peas & Thank You Best Superfoods for Weight Loss from Creamy Tomato Basil Soup (made with Greek yogurt!) from fANNEtastic food 10 All-Natural Allergy R...  Read more

Is it a Cold or Just Allergies? How Do You Know the Difference?

Yesterday, my co-worker woke up with a full-on case of the sniffles. Red eyes, a runny nose, and a sore throat plagued her all day. Today my throat is scratchy and my head hurts. She says hers is allergies. I'm worried mine is a cold. This time a yea...  Read more