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Back Muscle Exercise Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Back Muscle Exercise.

Exercises to Improve Your Posture

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then posture is a lens to our health. Sit and stand with proper posture and you will physically look 10 years younger—and 10 pounds lighter. Psychologically, good posture conveys confidence, poise and le...  Read more

Exercising with Lower Back Pain

It’s a common problem for many who exercise. It makes everyday activity difficult, and scares a lot of people away from any physical activity. It’s lower back pain. For those of you who suffer from it, there is hope.  While there...  Read more

6 Exercises to Rebuild Your Core after Pregnancy

After pregnancy, you're probably eager to get your post-baby body back in shape. But before you jump in to your usual ab workouts, there are some special considerations that new moms need to take into account. Some postpartum women may notic...  Read more

How to Get Six Pack Abs

Whether you're just starting an exercise program, or you've been at it for years, there is one thing on everyone's wish list: a toned stomach. Well-defined abdominal muscles are glorified as being sexy, healthy and youthful. You may have...  Read more

Easing Back into Exercise after a Hysterectomy

Julia Nichols, an active mother of three from Cincinnati, Ohio, was just 37 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily, it was detected and treated early, but because her cancer had tested positive for estrogen, Julia was at a higher risk of...  Read more

#techsupport I'm back trying to track again. Can'
Updated 5/26/2016 1:51:56 PM

#techsupport I'm back trying to track again. Can't log in 1/2 serving (for a gyro) Where are the symbols?...  Read more

I should exercise but I feel like napping. #firstp
Updated 5/26/2016 12:56:16 PM

I should exercise but I feel like napping. #firstpost...  Read more

quit my diet and exercise for a few days, but now
Updated 5/26/2016 12:55:50 PM

quit my diet and exercise for a few days, but now i'm back and ready as ever!...  Read more

I am back to logging my food intake again. I am ho
Updated 5/26/2016 12:06:52 PM

I am back to logging my food intake again. I am horrible at doing this but I need to make myself so I can really see what I am doing to myself. Have a good day everyone!...  Read more

Well looking back in disgust. I saw I haven't done
Updated 5/26/2016 11:34:21 AM

Well looking back in disgust. I saw I haven't done to bad afterall. 5 lbs in a little over a month. Not as fast as I'd like but slow and sready, go me! #looseit...  Read more

Lifting Safely To Avoid Injury (continued)

Take a painkiller and take it easy. Aspirin or ibuprofen, gentle massage and bed rest may be the best thing for the first couple of days after you hurt your back. No aerobics, jogging, or tennis until the pain goes away. Just lie in bed on your ba...  Read more

Can Exercise Control Back Pain?

Can Exercise Control Back Pain?10 Rules for Exercising When You're SickMost people know regular exercise will improve their appearance and general health, but few realize the positive effects that good physical conditioning can have on their low back...  Read more

Moms And Dads At Home Getting Healthy Together

Hello moms and dads! Huddle the children, your furry friends and let's get out for some exercise and away from the temptations of that beast called the fridge! See you soon!...  Read more

8 Exercises for Strengthening Your Back

Your back muscles may be one of the most neglected areas when it comes to strength training. And it isn't too surprising since we do not have a daily view of these muscles like we do our abs, chest, even our leg muscles. By focusing just a few mi...  Read more

For Men Only: Are You a Mirror-Muscle Guy, or the Real Deal?

If you spend much time in the gym, you’re probably familiar with the “mirror muscle” crowd. They’re the guys who spend most of their time doing exercises that work the upper body muscles you can see while looking in the mirror...  Read more