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Body Solid Leg Extension Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Body Solid Leg Extension.

4 Fun Butt Exercises

The American Council on Exercise (ACE) recently published research that determined the most effective gluteal exercises. The study compared specific gluteal exercises to a traditional squat to see which exercises targeted the butt muscles most effect...  Read more

The Mix 'N Match Workout

People love routine. There’s comfort in doing the same things and knowing exactly what to expect—no surprises, no fear, no thinking required. And sometimes, routine can be a very good thing.   But when it co...  Read more

Strength Training with a Disability

Whether you have a disability or a chronic condition that limits your mobility, exercise doesn't have to be out of reach or even painful. In fact, depending on your condition, your health care provider has probably recommended that you increase y...  Read more

6 Exercises to Rebuild Your Core after Pregnancy

After pregnancy, you're probably eager to get your post-baby body back in shape. But before you jump in to your usual ab workouts, there are some special considerations that new moms need to take into account. Some postpartum women may notic...  Read more

11 Strengthening Exercises that Help Decrease Knee Pain

If your knees are giving you problems, and you feel like the Tin Man from "The Wizard of Oz" when getting out of bed, you’re not alone. Nearly 50 million Americans feel the same way. Knees are the most commonly injured joints in...  Read more

My body deserves healthy. #motivation
Updated 5/22/2016 9:28:28 PM

My body deserves healthy. #motivation...  Read more

850 is incredibly low, your body is not getting en

850 is incredibly low, your body is not getting enough fuel so there's a good chance it's gone into starvation mode. This lindora sounds like a fad diet, you'll notice SP will never recommend anything less than 1200....  Read more

It seems my body has maintained its weight now and
Updated 5/22/2016 6:26:14 PM

It seems my body has maintained its weight now and even with going low carb now to switch up my diet and doing intervals during cardio and weight training, i cant seem to get below 183 😔 any suggestions??...  Read more

I haven't started it yet but I read body brushing

I haven't started it yet but I read body brushing helps with cellulite. I just bought my body brush and hope to start this week. There's videos on Youtube on how to do so I figured along w good food and exercise I'd give it a shot....  Read more

Legs are wonderful things. Even after a hard worko

Legs are wonderful things. Even after a hard workout the day before, they're still there, ready to support you through tomorrow and the next day and the day after. You may find your legs feel a little better if you do some light exercise the next day...  Read more

work out while you work

I do leg extensions, wall push ups, calf raises, standing hip abductions, downward dog, etc while at work....  Read more

Don't Just Sit

While sitting at my computer reading I do sidebends, twists, dumbbell bicep curls or overhead tricep extensions.I do this while watching tv too but then there is room to add seated leg extensions. You can get in a lot of exercise just sitting on your...  Read more

Actresses/Actors and Other Theatre Enthusiasts!

This is for every actress/actor or anyone connected to theater out there dealing with the struggles and triumphs of a thankless but wonderful business! It's hard being in a group of perfect bodies!...  Read more

Fitness Defined: Open and Closed Chain Exercises

Most of you probably havent heard of open and closed chain exercises. But chances are, you do them all the time without even knowing it. Its important to understand the difference between the two because one type is safer while the other can increa...  Read more

10 Full Body Gym Exercises for the Beginner

Last week's fitness blog featured strength training exercises a beginner could do at home. This week's blog features those exercises that allow you to do a full-body workout routine in the gym. If you feel you do not have time to incorporate al...  Read more