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Bowflex Home Gym Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Bowflex Home Gym.

10 Signs a Fitness Gadget is a Gimmick

Fitness infomercials promise a lot: dramatic weight-loss, big results, a six pack in 30 days! But unfortunately, most of them do not deliver on those promises. When those ads are so intriguing and believable, how do you know which new products delive...  Read more

Get Fit Without Leaving the House

Imagine a gym you can commute to in seconds. It’s open 24-hours, so you can come and go as you please—on your time. It’s comfortable, and you feel completely at ease when you work out there. Oh, and membership is...  Read more

7 Places Germs Hide at Your Gym

You hit the gym to improve your fitness, not to pick up sickness. But with the combination of sweat, humidity, shared equipment and confined spaces, health clubs can be hotbeds for germs. From the common cold to hepatitis A to Novovirus, there c...  Read more

Easy Vacation Exercises

We love them, we look forward to them, we talk about them for weeks before and weeks after – vacations. Those 1-2 weeks of the year when we get away from it all – work, responsibilities, car pools. Unfortunately, there is something el...  Read more

How to Overcome Any Excuse Not to Exercise

Most people begin a new fitness program with great intentions and lots of motivation--only to find both waning within a few weeks. The realities of work, school, social and family demands overwhelm the desire to get fit, and exercise gets puts on the...  Read more

Going swimming, hiking and to the gym later whoo h
Updated 7/23/2016 9:35:46 AM

Going swimming, hiking and to the gym later whoo hoo! Weekend warriors!...  Read more

Hot weather is the best for swimming in the gym
Updated 7/22/2016 9:36:51 PM

Hot weather is the best for swimming in the gym...  Read more

I am a huge gym goer but i've had 2 physio session
Updated 7/22/2016 6:15:56 PM

I am a huge gym goer but i've had 2 physio sessions in 2 days on my neck and another in a couple of days. the morning after the 1st physio i went the gym and have worsened the whole neck and shoulders ive been told to not do my usual. 😢#fitness...  Read more

Gym nemesis #trainHarder
Updated 7/22/2016 5:12:59 PM

Gym nemesis #trainHarder...  Read more

I like being anonymous at the gym and not be bothe
Updated 7/22/2016 6:00:39 PM

I like being anonymous at the gym and not be bothered when I work out. How do people who don't like the social aspect of working out in a gym make this work for them?...  Read more

Keep Your Gym Bag With You!

Getting to the gym is an issue I have. Once I'm home - the couch is tooo comfy and TV is tooo entertaining. Lately I've found that having my gym bag with me at all times with a change of clothes in it really helps. There's no reason to go home and ge...  Read more

Kids Club

I'm a stay at home mom (6 year old and 8 month old) and sometimes get overwhelmed. Thankfully, my gym has a kids club. It's really motivating to go to the gym so I can have an hour or so of "me time" where it doesn't revolve around everyone else in...  Read more

Stay at Home Moms

A fantastic group for Stay at Home Moms. Find support from others like you. We have lot's of topics and weekly challenges....  Read more

Habits of Fit People: Keep Fitness Equipment at Home

You want to be a fit person, right? That's why I'm sharing my own habits for keeping fit and staying healthy in the ongoing Habits of Fit People series. Here's one that works for me: Keeping exercise equipment around the house. So why does something...  Read more

Poll: In Tough Economic Times, Do You Keep Your Gym Membership?

When economic times are tough, consumers have to find ways to tighten their wallets and trim spending. Although gym memberships and fancy home equipment are nice to have, often they become something we can no longer afford. According to new researc...  Read more