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Cantaloupe Uses Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Cantaloupe Uses.

Healthy Ways to Deal with Dry Skin

It’s easy to ignore your skin when it’s doing its job right. For most people, basic washing and a little sunscreen is all they need. But when you have a problem with your skin, it can be all-consuming. Acne can break your self-confidence,...  Read more

18 Low-Calorie Snacks That Satisfy

Even though a snack, particularly a packaged one, only has 100 calories doesn't mean it's a healthy choice that will keep you satisfied until your next meal. Instead of reaching for a tiny bag of processed treats, go for real food with real f...  Read more

More Than 100 Superfoods for a Super You

Faster than a speeding bullet… More powerful than a locomotive… Nutrient-packed with health enhancing properties… Here come the SUPERFOODS! These foods benefit your body in so many ways. They power your brain, and c...  Read more

Smoothie Smarts

Dig out the blender! (Don’t worry, nothing high-tech.) Throw in a few simple, nutritious ingredients, give it a whirl and you’ve got a super-quick breakfast, snack, or mini-meal. Who can resist these icy cold, frothy concoctions, fondly k...  Read more

Foods That Fight Osteoarthritis

Unlike other forms of forms of arthritis, your risk of developing osteoarthritis is largely related to lifestyle factors like diet, weight, exercise, and previous injury. In fact, dietary and lifestyle changes can have a huge affect on the prevention...  Read more

Just go back to your meal plans that you are using

Just go back to your meal plans that you are using for weight loss. Most of the weight you gained is undoubtedly water weight. Stress eating sometimes happens. Don't beat yourself up about it. Think about strategies for not stress eating the next...  Read more

#fatburner #all anyone using a fat burner
Updated 5/25/2016 1:00:01 PM

#fatburner #all anyone using a fat burner...  Read more

I just started using Spark and have my fingers cro
Updated 5/25/2016 12:23:13 PM

I just started using Spark and have my fingers crossed!!! I play darts so I spend a lot of time in a bat so most of my calories come from drinking. My plan is to cut it down and stay on a healthy path....  Read more

Managed to do a strength training workout using 30
Updated 5/25/2016 8:14:30 AM

Managed to do a strength training workout using 30# total weight up until the very last set of reps...had to lesson to 20# total...feels good to complete it though :)...  Read more

Okay day three using this app...I know I'm only su
Updated 5/25/2016 7:48:14 AM

Okay day three using this app...I know I'm only suppose to weigh in after a week but I couldn't help it!!!! I'm already down 3lbs!!!!!! Should I freak out or nah? #fitlife...  Read more

Frozen Treats

Instead of ice cream, freeze grapes, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe pieces, mango pieces, etc and eat those instead of ice cream....  Read more

Cantaloupe milkshakes

I've been making cantaloupe milkshakes for almost 40 years and thought someone else might enjoy them, too!Take one half very ripe cantaloupe, chop into pieces and put into blender, add one half cup of cold skim milk, tad of vanilla and 4-8 ice cubes....  Read more

GoodLife Go-ers!

For those of you using GoodLife Fitness Centres as your tool to get fit! It's a good day!!...  Read more

10 Healthy, Low-Calorie Summer Snacks

Summertime is here and the snacking is easy. This is the season when the fruits and vegetables are just rolling into markets so healthy choices are both cost effective and delicious.The best snacks for summer are simple: watermelon, peaches, strawber...  Read more

Speedy Suppers: Burgers for Under 250 Calories

Fire up the grill--it's dinner time! Tonight, let's celebrate summer with burgers, grilled corn, a salad and cantaloupe. Warm night, juicy burger, fresh melon… that's the life! Burgers have earned a bad rep. When made with lean meat and kept a modera...  Read more