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Carpal Tunnel Splint Or Brace Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Carpal Tunnel Splint Or Brace.

Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

You don’t want to complain, but lately you have felt a little tingling or numbness in your hand and wrist. Sometimes, the pain is sharp. Other times it seems to travel from your wrist up through your arm. You try to shake it off but it just won...  Read more

How Yoga Helps Relieve Pain

My mom used to love aerobics. Back in the '80s, she had an electric blue workout outfit that I liked to wear when I played dress up. She did Jane Fonda's toning tapes in front of the TV, walked (with her Walkman) in the mornings with a fr...  Read more

Tips and Hints to Deal with Shin Splints

The phrase "shin splint" is a generic term that describes pain in the lower leg, either on the medial (inside) or lateral (outside) side of the shin bone. This pain usually begins as a dull ache that can't be pinpointed; it can be felt...  Read more

VIDEO: Calf and Ankle Stretching Routine

(Scroll down to push 'play' on the video player.) For more information about this video, please scroll down to read the text below the video player. About This Video This video will help you stretch your calves and ankles wi...  Read more

5 Common Running and Walking Injuries

Both running and walking are simple ways to get a great cardiovascular workout with no equipment beyond a sturdy pair of athletic shoes. But these common activities can lead to pain and injury if you're not careful. Here are five of the most comm...  Read more

vitamins, shin splints and sweet tooth, oh my!
Updated 4/5/2014 11:53:48 PM

I have been on and off this site for years, I give the link to my patients who want to lose weight and get healthy (I am a nurse practitioner), but I repeatedly fall off the wagon of using these tools for my own life! My goal is to fit into my size 8...  Read more

Shin Splints & Heart Rate
Updated 3/8/2014 2:24:26 AM

Okay so this is going to be a bit long but bare with me... ...So I've run into a small road block in my fitness and I want to know if anyone has any advice or has experience this. First off, Shin Splints. I can't walk more than 6 minutes o...  Read more

Shin Splints
Updated 12/28/2013 3:56:31 PM

So I myself suffer from shin splints; I have suffered from them ever since middle school. They are extremely painful and make it hard to keep up on a exercise routine. Especially when it comes to running/walking for long periods of time. My ques...  Read more

Shin Splint Advice
Updated 12/25/2013 3:02:51 PM

Okay fellow Sparkers, I am in desperate need for advice! Every time I try to begin a running routine I ALWAYS without fail get a shin splint. I make sure I warm up, I stretch, and I only run in shoes specifically made for running. I can walk all day...  Read more

Shin Splints and Plantar Fasciitis!
Updated 10/2/2013 12:50:02 PM

What's your favorite trick for battling shin splints and plantar fasciitis? I've had to up my walking mileage- I have to walk to work (2 miles) every day now, so I've about doubled my mileage this week. I've dropped my other walk/runs to try and...  Read more

Spending too much time at the computer?

I find that I can get lost in time when on the computer playing with my friends on message boards, on facebook, reading e-mail, etc. I set the timer on my stove once an hour to force myself to get up and do something. It may be something like sweep...  Read more


If you have a bad back, wear a back brace when walking long disances....  Read more

carpal tunnel

Any one who either has or had this condition, or knows a bit about it ?...  Read more

You Asked: ''Should I Wear Gloves While Strength Training?''

Many people do fine without gloves, especially for body weight or machine exercises, but if you work out regularly with iron barbells and dumbbells or train with heavier weights, gloves can help you avoid several potential problems. Any kind of padde...  Read more

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