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Center For Obesity Surgery Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Center For Obesity Surgery.

The Weight-Loss Side Effect That No One Talks About

Studies show that the vast majority of people who lose 50 percent or more of their body weight (whether through surgery or lifestyle change) report being unhappy with their bodies later. Why? Because even after all the work and the weight loss, losin...  Read more

About SparkPeople's Recommendations provides free tools, resources and support for adults who want to improve their diets, establish a healthy lifestyle, get physically active, lose weight and/or manage their weight. We stand by our weight-loss, exercise and dietar...  Read more

Types of Arthritis

When you hear the term "arthritis," you probably imagine painful and stiff joints. While that is pretty accurate (arthritis literally means "joint inflammation"), there are actually over 100 different types of arthritis, which is...  Read more

A New Definition For ''Old''

According to Webster's Dictionary, the word “old” is defined as “having been in use for a long time,” “worn, dilapidated, ancient, or decayed by time.” After an experience as a volunteer at the 1995 St. Louis S...  Read more

Easing Back into Exercise after a Hysterectomy

Julia Nichols, an active mother of three from Cincinnati, Ohio, was just 37 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily, it was detected and treated early, but because her cancer had tested positive for estrogen, Julia was at a higher risk of...  Read more

I'm fixing to have shoulder surgery I have two art
Updated 9/29/2016 8:25:36 PM

I'm fixing to have shoulder surgery I have two artificial knees . Both wrist have screws in them and back had been broken civhow ti exercise their is no way right now...  Read more

Heading for a foot surgery soon. I'll have stitch
Updated 9/29/2016 8:18:17 PM

Heading for a foot surgery soon. I'll have stitches and be in a boot for 2 weeks. MD says I can walk on it, but I'm betting it hurts for even longer than expected How should I burn calories? #inactivity#surgery...  Read more

Obesity in youth
Updated 9/26/2016 6:37:15 PM

Why do parents let their children become obese? ...  Read more

Fear of gaining as recovering from surgery
Updated 9/26/2016 4:04:17 PM

I have 2 surgeries in 2 years and now facing another one.. When I had the first one (Which wasnt the first on feet,,, this upcoming one is 23 or 24 on them) in June of 15 I was NOT allowed to move than to the couch, bed, toilet and that was IT ! I l...  Read more

Has anyone ever had bariatric surgery? ? Would li
Updated 9/22/2016 7:23:16 PM

Has anyone ever had bariatric surgery? ? Would like to find something else that is having it or has had gastric sleeve to keep in touch with. I am scheduled for surgery on the 25th of October. Need to lose another 128 lbs and get my health back....  Read more

One of the keys to successful weight loss is to have realistic goals.

Obesity TreatmentOne of the keys to successful weight loss is to have realistic goals.The treatment for obesity is weight loss, and there are a number of ways to achieve that, including:Diet and lifestyle changesPrescription medicinesWeight-loss surg...  Read more

United States Obesity Epidemic Continues to Spread

United States Obesity Epidemic Continues to SpreadA new report outlining how obesity threatens America's future reveals that obesity rates climbed over the past year in 16 states, and not a single state reported a decline in the proportion of excessi...  Read more

Lap Banders

Gastric Banding Surgery...Have it, want it, need it, or love someone who has it, wants it or needs it! Welcome!...  Read more

Could Your Weight-Loss Expenses Be Tax Deductible?

Obesity and its medical complications are an expensive problem in the United States. Because the costs continue to rise, the government is offering tax incentives to entice people to lose weight. At this time of year when you're thinking about impr...  Read more

Quick Links: New Year News Roundup

Here's a quick roundup of the top health stories of the week. Some are serious, some are interesting, and some are just plain weird! Top Medical Breakthroughs of 2008Obama's SparkStreak Weight Loss Surgery Reverses Diabetes in TeensDrug Makers Volunt...  Read more