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Cramp Cures Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Cramp Cures.

How to Crush a Workout Cramp

You're killing your workout, feeling strong and confident. Maybe you're three miles into a brisk walk, a few meters into your swim routine or in the home stretch of a 5K run. Your heart and lungs are cooperating, your form is on point and you...  Read more

Eat to Beat PMS

PMS. Three little letters that spell dread and discomfort for millions of women every month. It is reported that more than half and perhaps as many as 85 percent of all women experience discomfort related to menstruation, common referred to as Premen...  Read more

Guide to Herbal Supplements

An estimated 18 million adults use herbs in some form, and the sale of these products continues to increase.   Herbal supplements, which come from plants that have medicinal properties, claim to cure, treat, or prevent disease.&n...  Read more

Smart Ways to Soothe Sore Muscles

Pain is a real, well, pain! How many times have you been gung-ho to start a new workout routine only to feel like you've been hit by a ton of bricks on day two? Something as simple as walking down the stairs can feel like torture. Most of us have...  Read more

Exercise and Your Period

For two years I was a sex-ed teacher. One of my favorite subjects to teach was puberty, which required me to ever-so-gingerly reveal the story of the birds and the bees to a room full of red-faced fourth graders. Over the course of three days, I&rsqu...  Read more

Cramping bad 😭 but still won't stop me 💪 #ke
Updated 6/21/2016 4:13:17 PM

Cramping bad 😭 but still won't stop me 💪 #keepgoing...  Read more

Is this "cured" and/or "processed"?
Updated 6/17/2016 8:38:10 AM

I was told that turkey which is cooked on a rotisserie at the grocery store contains less sodium and other additives and is the healthiest deli choice. I've been eating 3 oz. for lunch daily for years & still struggle to lose weight. Is this t...  Read more

Stretching is definitely key to cramps, it may not

Stretching is definitely key to cramps, it may not seem like it but after a few weeks of constant stretching, youll end up asking yourself where all the cramps went hahaha...  Read more

I need help with some ideas on how to cure a sweet
Updated 7/3/2016 10:56:20 AM

I need help with some ideas on how to cure a sweet tooth when on a low carb diet. I'm currently in phase 1 of the Atkins diet and am dying for something sweet but can only have 20 net carbs a day. #lowcarb...  Read more

Omg I am so sore!!! Leg cramps are not my friend..
Updated 5/11/2016 9:03:16 AM

Omg I am so sore!!! Leg cramps are not my friend..that's what I get for not stretching before kickball yesterday 😭...  Read more

Help with leg cramps

Cramps can be a real nightmare, especially when they wake you at night. Leg cramps most commonly hit your calves and hamstrings, though they can show up in just about any muscle. Sometimes they seem to come out of nowhere, but they can also be clearl...  Read more

Mustard for leg cramps

I know it sounds crazy, but eating some plain old yellow mustard when you get a leg cramp will relieve that cramp in a matter of seconds. Don't ask me how it work but dip a teaspoon in the jar and eat about a half-inch worth from what sticks to the...  Read more

Plantar Fasciitis

Fighting with Plantar Fasciitis - cures - remedies...  Read more

How Your Food Choices Affect Your Health

When you're constantly plowing through mile-long to-do lists and putting out family fires (the kids are fighting...again; the dog left you a "present" in the living room; you're out of OJ), it's easy to blame stress for whatever...  Read more

Choose You Commitment: Commit to Putting Yourself First

Heart disease remains the leading cause of mortality here in the United States with all cancers following a close second. For women, breast cancer ranks just behind skin cancer as the leading cause of cancer diagnosis. According to recent statistics...  Read more