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Creatine And Alcohol Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Creatine And Alcohol.

The Truth about Alcohol and Heart Health

The idea that alcohol may be good for your heart has been around for a while. While moderate drinking may offer health benefits, drinking more can cause a host of health problems. So should you turn to alcohol to protect your heart? Here's what y...  Read more

Alcohol and Weight Loss

Alcohol and weight loss are enemies, but an occasional drink can have a place in a healthy lifestyle. In fact, many experts note the potential health benefits of consuming a single drink per day, including a reduced risk for high blood pressure If, h...  Read more

Eating with Diabetes: Alcoholic Beverages

Since you've been diagnosed with diabetes, you have hopefully started learning how various foods and beverages affect your blood sugar. But what about alcohol? How does it affect your blood sugar and how do you account for it when planning meals...  Read more

Diet-Friendly Alcohol Choices

A key to any successful lifestyle change is moderation. While you may be sticking to a healthier eating plan on most days, certain occasions call for a bit of relaxation, oftentimes in the form of an alcoholic drink. While alcohol is fat-free and low...  Read more

6 Steps to Strengthen Your Immune System

Your immune system is important. Very much like your own personal army, it guards your body against attacks from invaders (like bacteria, fungi, and viruses), defending against infections and several kinds of cancer. And it’s smart, too, often...  Read more

Any women have good experiences with creatine??
Updated 8/7/2016 4:39:20 AM

Any women have good experiences with creatine??...  Read more

Alcohol annihilates my weight loss progress. The c
Updated 7/18/2016 7:09:36 PM

Alcohol annihilates my weight loss progress. The calories of the alcohol itself, the lowered inhibition about what I eat, and the next couple days of water imbalance. Even with just a 6-pack of 100-cal beer on Thurs, 3 glasses of wine on Sat....  Read more

Alcohol is packed with calories, aerated drinks ar
Updated 7/3/2016 7:02:13 PM

Alcohol is packed with calories, aerated drinks are unhealthy (even the diet ones) and most other beverages have caffeine. What can one drink after a long day at work which is easy to prepare/ easily accessible, is healthy and also tastes good?...  Read more

Just had alcohol for the first time in a month. OY
Updated 7/3/2016 2:32:26 AM

Just had alcohol for the first time in a month. OY. It makes me have to reaaaaaly work at willpower. Oh well...drink is drunk, food is eaten and both are tracked. Teeth are brushed and tomorrow's a new day....  Read more

I probably went over calories today due to alcohol
Updated 5/29/2016 10:02:46 PM

I probably went over calories today due to alcohol (I always drink when I go to my parents, it's like a requirement) plus they had a cookout for my mom's birthday/memorial day. I also went to the gym and tried a new workout, because balance....  Read more


No matter what my friends say "Alcohol" is not good while you're trying to loose weight, I drink EVERY WEEKEND." I'm finally saying "no more alcohol" at least while I try to loose weight, I went from 165 to 236 lbs in two years and part of it was th...  Read more

hot tub meditation

A great way to relax? floating in the hot tub. Don't turn it up all the way, just warm enough to feel like a warm bath, get in to one of the "seat" areas, and lay back, close your eyes, let your feet float and relax. The built in seat keeps you from...  Read more

Recovery Club

Any One is welcome here, but specificly those in recovery from smoking, drugs, alcohol ect....  Read more

You Asked: Is Muscle Milk Good for You?

Performance enhancing supplements have become big business. Many drinks, powders and bars promise a competitive edge through increased strength, development of an ultra lean body or increased recovery responses so you can work out harder and more eff...  Read more

Drink In Some Facts about Alcohol and Your Health

For me, one of the hardest things about "dieting" is giving up my beloved beer. While I am trying to watch my calorie intake, a typical beer just isn't worth the investment.   This past weekend I tried the Bud Select 55 after hear...  Read more