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Dark Chocolate Antioxidants Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Dark Chocolate Antioxidants.

The Buzz on Honey

The results of recent research on honey have the nutrition world a-buzzing. Honey has joined the ranks of foods like chocolate, coffee, and eggs—foods once considered sinful that have recently been proven healthy (in moderation, of course). The...  Read more

Smarter Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

If you’re watching your calorie intake, the most problematic part of your anatomy may be your sweet tooth. Our bodies are hard-wired for an attraction to sweet foods since sweetness signals that we’re taking in the calories (energy) neede...  Read more

12 Heart-Smart Tips You Haven't Heard

When I flip my calendar to February, two things usually come to my mind. One, I’m getting tired of the cold and snowy winter, and two, Valentine’s Day is coming. Now, I don’t know how you feel about this “holiday," but I...  Read more

The Benefits of Berries

Isn’t it wonderful when something that tastes so yummy is also good for you? That’s what you get when you enjoy the delicious, sweet flavor of berries. The pigments that give berries their deep red, blue, black and purple hues are powerfu...  Read more

Be Choosy about Chocolate

A dessert. An antidepressant. A favorite indulgence. Since its discovery thousands of years ago, chocolate has become many things to many people. The Mayan people crushed the seeds of the chocolate (cacao) tree and mixed them with spices to make a fr...  Read more

One square of chocolate, melted & spread onto frui

One square of chocolate, melted & spread onto fruit (berries, tangerine segments)? That way you can pop a dozen pieces of chocolate into your mouth, but with more vitamins. And no killing people. Or hot cocoa. Love it with coconut milk....  Read more

trying something new Dark chocolate pomegranate f
Updated 9/30/2015 10:12:33 AM

trying something new Dark chocolate pomegranate flavored Brookshire pretty good...  Read more

I love special k chocolate protein drink. 10g pro

I love special k chocolate protein drink. 10g protein 190 calories. Not the most protein but I have it as a dessert and having protein in desserts be beat. It's also very filling....  Read more

I came so close to eating a chocolate chip cookie.
Updated 9/25/2015 4:49:24 PM

I came so close to eating a chocolate chip cookie. my sister gave me a box of them. lol I had controle though and gave um to my boyfriend....  Read more

Also , im one of the people who crave chocolate bu
Updated 9/25/2015 3:17:56 PM

Also , im one of the people who crave chocolate but i dont like breaking my diet. what do yall substitute when you crave?...  Read more

Dark Chocolate lowers Blood Pressure

Hooray for dark chocolate! Eating about 30 calories a day of dark chocolate that's about half an ounce was shown to help lower blood pressure without weight gain or other adverse effects, according to a study published in the Journal of the Ameri...  Read more

Chocolate Fix - I eat Peppermint Patties to get my chocolate fix.

Dark Chocolate = DeliciousLow Fat = Yay!Minty = Fresh Breath...  Read more


Are you PASSIONATE about chocolate? Do you see it as a food group?! Join other Chocoholics for discussions, recipe-swapping, & help in keeping this important food group alive!...  Read more

Healthy, Homemade Gifts: Chocolate Spoons

You might say that chocolate isn't a "healthy" gift. We disagree. Everything is fine in moderation, and dark chocolate (at least 70%) contains antioxidants. Studies have found that dark chocolate helps prevent heart disease and cancer, and has also b...  Read more

Chocolate: A Little Goes a Long Way to Help Prevent Heart Disease

Chocolate--just saying the word can trigger a craving like nothing else. However, I must confess, for the past two years that hasn't been a big issue for me because every night I have what I like to call my anti-oxidant cocktail. This cocktail consis...  Read more