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Diet Motivation Tips Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Diet Motivation Tips.

5 Mind Games You Need to Stop Playing

Motivation is like cold hard cash: You can never have too much! And when you’re trying to lose weight (for the umpteenth time for many of us) you know that you need a wealth of motivational strategies you can count on. But, with so many motivat...  Read more

Mastering the Mysteries of Motivation

Do you often find yourself wondering where your motivation went? Do you suddenly revert back to your “old ways” without really understanding why? If this sounds familiar, you may have some basic misconceptions about motivation: what...  Read more

The Before-During-After Journal

Do you often have trouble finding the motivation to stick to your exercise and nutrition goals? If so, then you might not be looking in the right place. Experts who study motivation have long recognized two basic types of motivation: ...  Read more

How to Maintain Your Workout Motivation All Year Long

When you first start a new fitness routine, you are energized and your motivation levels are at an all-time high. But over time, that motivation begins to wane and what used to seem easy to do (popping in that workout DVD, heading out for a walk or g...  Read more

Become Your Own Best Motivator

There are several kinds of motivation problems that people run into, and each requires a different set of strategies. Let's start here with a little quiz to find out which motivational problems you might be dealing with. Get out a small piec...  Read more

No motivation
Updated 2/5/2016 5:17:27 PM

I have hit the biggest roadblock and I just can't kick it out of the way like all the others. I've been doing this since the end of September, and I've had my falls, but they were relatively easy compared to this one. I cannot find any motivation. An...  Read more

I don't really need much help with motivation. I a
Updated 2/3/2016 5:36:27 AM

I don't really need much help with motivation. I am however willing to buddy up with anyone who needs or wants it....  Read more

Hi i'm new! Does anyone do the atkins diet?? I was
Updated 2/3/2016 9:44:53 AM

Hi i'm new! Does anyone do the atkins diet?? I was supposed to start at a weight loss clinic tomorrow but realized I was only getting 1/4 of the protien that I need and was eating little but carby foods everyday. I started the atkins diet last night....  Read more

No more diet pills! I'm worried.
Updated 2/3/2016 9:07:03 AM

No more diet pills! I'm worried....  Read more

I find that the key to keeping a healthy diet is s
Updated 2/2/2016 11:05:28 PM

I find that the key to keeping a healthy diet is staying busy! I never get the temptation to snack if I am engaged in either work, activites, or volunteering. Cutting out snacking between meals adds up big time when it comes to calories....  Read more

Sticking With It

I’m not a big fan of “dieting” — a word that conjures up images of hunger and chewing on celery or doing some kind of fad diet — but I do believe in trying to eat a healthier diet.Don’t diet, but do stick to a healthy diet, in other words.But that’s...  Read more

Pinterest Motivation

Whenever I'm lacking motivation to exercise, I log onto Pinterest & browse the fitness section. The pins on there are so very helpful: you can find workout routines, diet tips & inspirational quotes. I usually can't let myself pig out on sweets while...  Read more

Calling All Vegetarians & Vegans

If you're a vegetarian, vegan, or just interested in a cruelty-free lifestyle, join us here! Get tips for making the transition, dining out, cooking and more....  Read more

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10 Ways to Find Your Motivation to Work Out After Work from Fit Bottomed GirlsToo Good To Be True? A History Of Dubious Fitness Products from Huffington PostFor Better Sleep, Do These 3 Things 20 Minutes Before Bed from Fit SugarOur Favorite Healthy...  Read more

8 Diet Motivation Tips for Success from the web MD

If you've dropped and regained so many pounds it would take a Harvard PhD to do the math, then here are some diet motivation tips that can help. Sure, you've tried to diet before. You've gotten rid of the cookies in the cupboard, and virtuously...  Read more

8 Diet Motivation Tips for Success

I got this from one of my teams and I thought it was worth sharing 8 Diet Motivation Tips for Success Can't lose weight? Try these diet motivation tips for success. If you've dropped and regained so many pounds it would take a Harvar...  Read more