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Diet Plan Food Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Diet Plan Food.

Eating for a Healthy Heart

Looking for ways to kick start your heart-healthy lifestyle? Start by looking at your diet. Poor food choices can have a negative effect on your heart, weight and overall health; but making small, sustainable changes to improve your diet can have a l...  Read more

9 Superfood Swaps for a Healthier Diet

Deciding to change your diet can be an overwhelming idea. You’ll have to clean out the pantry, remove any and all treats, stock up on rabbit food and mentally prepare to feel hungry all the time. That’s the only way to improve your diet a...  Read more

84 Quick & Healthy Meals in Minutes!

Cooking for better nutrition and weight management doesn't have to mean hours in the kitchen or complicated culinary techniques. These meals and snacks, part of our 30-Day "Fit Food" Challenge, are quick, easy, and full of flavor!...  Read more

Staff Picks: Healthy Fast Food Lunches

Just like you, the people behind try to plan their meals ahead of time so that we're sure to make the healthiest choices possible. Whether we're short on time or just have a craving for our favorite burger joint, we still try...  Read more

Sensational Substitutions for Cooking and Baking

New Year’s Resolutions…always made and often broken. Is your motivation waning? Are you already feeling deprived because your favorite recipes are off limits? Making meals count is important. Meals should be satisfying, good tasting...  Read more

I'm in week 3 of this diet. It is so hard to be tr
Updated 9/20/2016 5:04:10 PM

I'm in week 3 of this diet. It is so hard to be true to it, when the company I work with brings unhealthy snacks all the time, and my coworkers egg me on to eat them because I deserve a cheat day. I wish they understood how seriously I'm taking this....  Read more

#food i just download the nutritional lookup and t
Updated 9/20/2016 3:57:50 PM

#food i just download the nutritional lookup and to me It Suck! Either they have some random person giving nutritional numbers or it comes up no result. Anyone else notice this???..UURGH!...  Read more

How do I remove the prepared meal plan from my scr
Updated 9/20/2016 2:52:50 PM

How do I remove the prepared meal plan from my screen?...  Read more

Today I starting to do the low carb diet this goin
Updated 9/20/2016 2:36:22 PM

Today I starting to do the low carb diet this going to be hard love carbs but what to lose this weight...  Read more

Am I the only one who takes a mini food scale 2 a
Updated 9/20/2016 4:35:07 PM

Am I the only one who takes a mini food scale 2 a restaurant? My mom makes fun of me weighing my chips when eating Mexican food.😕...  Read more

plan your menu the day before

using spark people .com as shown me you can eat any food in moderation the diet plan and food tracker gives me the confidence to plan what i can add to the menu and known that i will stay on track i have found that with spark diet plan the food is...  Read more

A Practical Look at Plant-Based Diets

A Practical Look at Plant-Based DietsAbout 16 million people—roughly 5% of the U.S. population—describe their diet plan as "vegetarian," and this number has been gradually increasing in recent years. In general, this term is shorthand for a diet wher...  Read more


Are you PASSIONATE about chocolate? Do you see it as a food group?! Join other Chocoholics for discussions, recipe-swapping, & help in keeping this important food group alive!...  Read more

New Study Reveals Possible Way to Lose Weight for Good

A small study recently published in The Journal of the American Medical Association reviewed the clinical responses of three popular diet regimens in people that had already achieved weight loss. The goal of the study was to not only look at energy e...  Read more

'Spark Solution' on the U.S. News 'Best Diets' List

Our latest book, "The Spark Solution: A Complete Two-Week Diet Program to Fast-Track Weight Loss and Total Body Health," has made the prestigious "Best Diets" list published by U.S. News & World Report.Out of 31 diets* on the...  Read more