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Does Protein Make You Feel Full Resources

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Bored with Your Healthy Breakfast?

You know starting the morning with breakfast sets you up for healthy eating all day long, but when the same packet of microwaved oatmeal just isn't cutting it anymore, it may be time to change up your a.m. routine. Here are eight common breakfast...  Read more

9 Real-Food High-Protein Snacks

Protein is one of those “magic” nutrients—the kind that can help you stay full and satisfied, even when you’re watching calories and portion sizes. If you’re struggling to meet your daily protein goals, adding real-food,...  Read more

11 Healthy Party Appetizers

Did you know that overindulging on the weekends can lead to a weight gain of nine pounds a year? To stay on track and still have fun with friends and family, serve some of these healthier party foods. (Click on each appetizer for a wide selection of...  Read more

25 Cheap Foods that are Good for You!

Watching your wallet and your waistline can be tricky. Eating right is easy when money is no object, but a trip to the supermarket often yields frustration for healthy eaters on a budget (which is most of us!). Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and le...  Read more

19 Portable Protein-Packed Snacks

When you need some protein in a pinch, these grab-and-go snacks will do the trick! All of these filling options are easily transportable for a quick energy boost, anytime and anywhere. Whether you prefer sweet, savory, light or hearty, there's a...  Read more

My recumbent bike arrived today. I made it 20 mi
Updated 8/20/2015 9:55:58 PM

My recumbent bike arrived today. I made it 20 minutes. My feet feel prickly, but that is better than the all out hurting that happens when I walk. I am hopeful that this will work....  Read more

im new at doing this. ive tried dieting and exerci
Updated 8/21/2015 1:04:21 AM

im new at doing this. ive tried dieting and exercising. but two weeks in i cave in to all the unhealthy food and never stay motivated in working out. have to careful with my back problem. any helpful hints...  Read more

I have been feeling bloated all week. I dont know
Updated 8/20/2015 7:41:48 PM

I have been feeling bloated all week. I dont know why I have been exercising and eating right I even drink alot of water and green tea I dont know whats going on have any of you exerienced this ( its not the time of month yet either)...  Read more

it has been three weeks now. I feel better.but I h
Updated 8/20/2015 7:24:06 PM

it has been three weeks now. I feel better.but I have a long way to go. sometimes it is difficult but I am up for the challenge. peace...  Read more

Round 2: Making big changes for the second time
Updated 8/20/2015 9:18:03 PM

In 2003, I reached 186 pounds and had enough. I went full force and lost about 60 pounds. I was working out 3 hours/ 6days a week and only eating 1200 calories. Since then it has crept back up until I am now 178 pounds. I didn't even realize I we...  Read more

fill er up build er up

add 1 scoop protein powder to ensure drink followed by 8 oz water 30 minutes before meals....  Read more

Eat Protein with snacks

I have found that eating a protein with my snacks helps me feel full and satisfied longer....  Read more

Calling All Vegetarians & Vegans

If you're a vegetarian, vegan, or just interested in a cruelty-free lifestyle, join us here! Get tips for making the transition, dining out, cooking and more....  Read more

Time Your Health Right

Have Better DaysFeel like all of the advice you hear tells you to do more? Eat more salad. Drink more water. But it's not just about doing more, it's about doing what you already do—like taking a walk or drinking coffee—...  Read more

Celebrity Diet Lowdown: Britney Nixes Fruit

Britney Spears is looking good. Not only has her hair grown back, but she has slimmed down, too. (I don't think Britney was overweight, but you have to admit she did look pretty unhealthy during her series of personal crises over the last couple of y...  Read more