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Elliptical Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Elliptical.

How to use the Elliptical Trainer

This standard piece of exercise equipment is one of the most popular in many gyms. Ellipticals are a unique hybrid of a treadmill, stepper, bike and cross-country skier, that move your legs in an elongated oval pattern (hence the name elliptical). Th...  Read more

Are You Cheating Yourself at the Gym? Part 1

With the hectic pace of our society today, most people don't have hours to spend in the gym. That's why it's so important to make the most of the workout time you have available. Are you cheating yourself out of the best cardio workout po...  Read more

Spark Your Way to a 10K

Ready to walk or run a 10K but not sure where to begin? We've designed two training programs to help you get started. The first program is for individuals who want to complete a 10K by both walking and jogging the event. The second program is for...  Read more

6 Swaps for More Efficient Workouts

Life is busy for most of us, and finding time for a workout can be challenging. When you do find that time, you want to make sure you're getting the most ''bang for your buck,'' meaning you're being as efficient as possible wi...  Read more

9 Cross-Training Activities for Runners

The only way to become a better runner is to run, but the more running replaces other exercises in your fitness program, the more likely you are to become injured, suffer from burnout, or develop muscular imbalances. So what's a runner to do (bes...  Read more

My elliptical shows a different calorie amount bur
Updated 7/22/2016 1:51:49 PM

My elliptical shows a different calorie amount burned then Spark..?...  Read more

Question- for those of you that do the elliptical
Updated 7/21/2016 7:55:11 PM

Question- for those of you that do the elliptical have you noticed a toning in your bum?...  Read more

2.5 mile walk and gym elliptical and weights today
Updated 7/21/2016 4:54:01 PM

2.5 mile walk and gym elliptical and weights today! I love this app so much it is really helping me hold myself accountable!...  Read more

Bought an elliptical two days ago and am so glad I
Updated 7/11/2016 6:16:33 AM

Bought an elliptical two days ago and am so glad I did! I have asthma and have found it hard to get my lungs to keep up with my legs when running outside, but when I use the elliptical I can feel my whole body pushing it before my lungs give!...  Read more

Got a new elliptical, super pumped. Just started s
Updated 7/8/2016 8:51:07 AM

Got a new elliptical, super pumped. Just started spark app....  Read more

Combine Strength and Cardio

I have found it hard to stay focused for 40 minutes on the Elliptical Machine. So, I started to add strength training to my cardio by doing 10 min on the Elliptical, then a few sets of strength training, 10 more min on the Elliptical, a few more set...  Read more

Rewarding myself with the next episode

I usually watch an episode from Netflix of one of my favorite TV shows while on the Elliptical each day. I told myself that I can't watch another episode unless I'm on the Elliptical. It's the only TV I watch all day, and I really look forward to the...  Read more

Treadmill, Runners, Walkers & Etc.

WELCOME to all who use the treadmill, elliptical machine, climb, run or walk to get your cardio done on a daily routine and love it!...  Read more

30-Minute Interval Workout for the Elliptical

I know plenty of people who love their elliptical trainers—and there is plenty of reason to. The elliptical mimics the motion of walking or running but with very little impact on the joints. That means it's more comfortable for you to get y...  Read more

You Asked: ''Why Do My Feet and Toes Go Numb While Using the Elliptical Machine?''

Many people experience numbness or "pins and needles" in their feet (often in just one foot) when using an elliptical machine. For some, this sensation is a minor problem that only happens near the end of a long workout, but others may begi...  Read more

My Elliptical vs. Gym Elliptical

I went to the gym today and got on their elliptical. I had to find out how far I was was driving me crazy! (not a far trip for me Now, I'm glad I did!!! My calculations from yesterday were grossly wrong!!!! THANK GOD!! LOL ...  Read more

Back to the elliptical

This morning I weighed less than I did before I hurt my knee in March. In early August, my older son is getting married. My first goal is to weigh under 210 by the 4th of July. I have worked up to doing the elliptical for 25 minutes without pain....  Read more