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Evening Primrose Dosage Resources

Below are top resources on SparkPeople for Evening Primrose Dosage.

Homemade Beauty Recipes for Spring

Tulips and daffodils are pushing up through the thawing ground, buds are exploding from once-lonely tree branches, and I’ve got mashed carrot and avocado all over my face. No, I’m not spoon-feeding a baby, but I am babying my skin with a...  Read more

Nutrition Tips and Supplements for Insomnia

Is a good night’s sleep eluding you? Tossing and turning the whole night through, Drowsiness, fatigue, a lack of sleep, There is more help than just counting sheep. There are many factors that can cause sleep problems, and even more...  Read more

Types of Depression & Available Treatments

Although people with depression may exhibit many of the same symptoms, thoughts and feelings, there are actually several different types of depression. Your doctor can evaluate your symptoms to make a proper diagnosis. Each type of depression has dif...  Read more

Members Share Tips on Saving Money

Gas prices are rising as we speak, food gets more expensive with each trip to the market, and the dollar is weakening. Meanwhile, paychecks don't seem to be getting much bigger. Are you looking for new ways to pinch pennies--and see real results? Try...  Read more

Antidepressants & Weight Gain

For many people, depression and weight problems go hand in hand. Depression itself is highly associated with changes in weight. In fact, significant weight loss or gain is one of the symptoms used to diagnose depression. And research has shown that u...  Read more

Is it even worth the fight?
Updated 4/21/2014 11:42:16 AM

Hi All, In need of a little support I think, I don't have anyone in my life I feel comfortable sharing these concerns with. I started my weight loss journey 3 years ago and in the first two years lost 30 lbs then held steady at my low for a...  Read more

Evening munchies....and treats at work...
Updated 4/4/2014 5:12:32 PM

I'd love to know more ideas that have been found to be successful from those of you who have been at this for awhile. My nights are my absolute WORST times. I work in a VA clinic where co-workers and patients are always bringing in yummy treats;...  Read more

Help in the evening
Updated 4/7/2014 10:29:19 AM

I am doing great sticking to my plan at breakfast and lunch. I take both to work and eat them at intervals during the day. At home though, it is a different story. I have gone over my limit every evening. Any tips to help with that?...  Read more

I Don't Even Know How This Happened!
Updated 3/10/2014 5:33:06 PM

So, I've been doing good, but I didn't realize I was doing 18 pounds in 5 weeks good! I'm so proud of myself....  Read more

Good Evening....
Updated 3/6/2014 1:18:30 AM

Hi - my name is Jeff, and I live in upstate NY. I've always been a "big guy"....I'm 6ft4, and usually weigh, plus or minus, about 300 pounds. I used to work in mental health, where size was often a factor in dealing with patients. And I've always...  Read more

Check your prescriptions

Check your prescriptions! Is it your name? Is the refill the same ! Is the dosage what your doctor told you? Recently a pharmacy filled the correct Med. but the wrong person, and the same pharmacy misread the doctor's writing and filled the medi...  Read more

Headaches? Migraines?

Severe headaches can be triggered by certain foods however a magnesium deficiency could be the cause.Magnesium migraines treatment is becoming more and more popular with migraine sufferers. If you suffer from migraines, you might be deficient in magn...  Read more


Dancers: ballroom, latin, swing, ballet, belly dance, hip hop, or even just dancing in the kitchen, it's all good! Don't dance? No problem! Come visit!...  Read more

Have Healthy Breasts at Every Age

Good-for-You GuideYou've supported them in hundreds of bras, figured out what shirts make them look bigger (or smaller)—maybe nourished your kids with them. You want to give your breasts the respect they deserve. As they change with time, t...  Read more

Alternative Treatments for Hot Flashes

Editor's Note: Cathy Cram, M.S., is the resident maternal fitness expert on our sister site, By Cathy Cram, M.S. This second blog in a three-part series on treatments for menopausal hot flashes focuses on alternative options....  Read more